Wand Photon Arts
UIPAHeavyHammer.png Heavy Hammer


Originally there was no Photon Arts for Wands, but was implemented in the 2020/10/14 update.

Like the Wand's Normal Attack, it is a melee attack that scales off of Melee Power. Various skills that increases Melee Power can be utilized for this.

However, the (power increase) effect of Techter's skill "Wand Lovers" is not applicable.

The Wand PA does not cause a Tech Explosion.

The gauge of Fused Techniques can be accumulated even if the damage caused by the Wand PA is done.

Photon Arts

Heavy Hammer

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPAHeavyHammer.png Heavy Hammer Potency 5582 Wand Photon Art. Rushes forward and strikes at the enemy when not charged. Attacks foes with a mighty knockback swing when charged.
DEX Correction 100
Charging Time 2.0s / 4.0s
PP 15
  • There is no disc for this PA. Can be learned from completing Marlu's Client Order "Are You Interested in Some New Skills?". (Currently Lv1 only)
    • Does not exist as in item due to the PA being automatically learned the moment the Client Order is completed.
  • Has two stages to the charge, and PP is gradually consumed during the charge. When fully charged, PP consumption will stop and a visual effect will appear on the Wand.
    Charge time per stage is 2 seconds (4 seconds for full charge).
    • Fully charging will consume an additional 38 PP (for a total of 53 PP including the initial 15 PP consumption).
    • Can jump and move while charging, but the movement speed will be even slower than during Technique charging.
    • Power notation uncharged is 8%, 66% for first stage charge, and 100% for second stage charge.
  • Although the rush portion of the PA is common across all variations, the performance changes greatly between uncharge and 1st/2nd stage charge.
    • With uncharged, the user moves quickly over a long distance with Super Armor while swinging down the Wand and attacking.
      • Since Wand Lovers is not applicable, the power is the same as a Normal Attack without a Tech Explosion.
      • The movement distance and speed are almost the same as the uncharged 0 Safoie, but the PA can be interrupted with sidesteps and has the mobility to instantly switch the movement direction with input.
      • Super Armor is given not at the start of the movement but at the Wand attack.
      • The granted Super Armor lasts for about 5 seconds.
    • With charge, the user lets out a large upper swing with high power and knocks back any enemy caught in it.
      • Even if multiple enemies are caught in the same range, only one of them will be hit.
      • The movement distance is significantly shorter, of about one sidestep. After activation, the user will not be able to cancel out of the PA until the attack is released.
  • When used with Lavis Cannon's potential UIItemPotentialAbility.png Mysterious Wand, a shockwave is also emitted when the charged variations are activated.
    • Unlike the single hit of the PA, the shockwave can hit multiple enemies.
      • The power multiplier of the shockwave is 2160% for the 1st stage charge, 3240% for the 2nd stage charge, and has 10 PP recovery on hit.