Gunblade Photon Arts
UIPATriImpact.png Tri Impact / Zero UIPARageDance.png Rage Dance UIPARaybladeShot.png Rayblade Shot / Zero UIPAWrithingSerpent.png Writhing Serpent UIPAAimedFire.png Aimed Fire UIPABomberToss.png Bomber Toss
UIPASideswiperSlash.png Sideswiper Slash UIPAHailfireKick.png Hailfire Kick UIPABlitzfireBarrage.png Blitzfire Barrage UIPAKickdanceDash.png Kickdance Dash UIPAStrezwei.png Strezwei


Being a versatile choice for any class, their PAs can consist one of the following: Melee only, Ranged only, and a mix of both Melee and Ranged. Many of their PAs are suited for medium to close range attacks, but cannot be canceled during their animations. They also have a fast travelling PA, a PA with derivative attacks, and a PA that can be held down.

As a side note, some of the PA names are or were derived from German.

Photon Arts

Tri Impact

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPATriImpact.png Tri Impact Potency 930 1106 Use a single-edged sword to rapidly slash through enemies to the front in a short but broad area.
DEX Correction 100
PP 15
  • Deals 3 consecutive Melee hits. The third hit is stronger than the first two.
  • The reach of the blade attack itself is short, but is wider while moving forward on the ground.
    When used in the air, the user is stationary during the attack.
  • Can be canceled with a sidestep right before the third hit occurs.
  • Power notation is 25% x 2 for the first two hits and 50% for the third hit.

Tri Impact Zero

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPATriImpact.png Tri Impact Zero Potency - 1127 Use a single-edged sword to rapidly slash through enemies both close and far. Covers a wide range with minimal movement.
DEX Correction 100
PP 25

Custom Type 1: Power +0 ~ +112
Custom Type 2: PP Consumption -0 ~ -10

  • The PA is shortened, and a shockwave is made at the same time as the attacks.
    • The slash does not turn into a shockwave; the slash and shockwave damage occurs separately. In total a 6-hit attack.
      • Power notation is 7% for the first and second hits, and 11% for the third hit. All shockwaves are 25% each.
  • Perfect Attack window occurs for each slash, and can be canceled with a sidestep during those windows.

Rage Dance

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPARageDance.png Rage Dance Potency - 1644 Launch a series of repeated thrusts, then fire a follow-up shot. Inflicts major damage on a single target.
DEX Correction 100
PP 12
  • After making 5 thrusting attacks, finishes off with a shot.
    Can inflict a headshot if aimed accurately.
  • The final shot has the same specifications as the Rifle PA "Diffusion Round", and has slightly longer range.
  • Although it is described as "on a single target", the attacks for both the thrusts and the shots are wider than normal.
  • Has a larger endlag.
  • Has Super Armor during the PA.
  • Power notation per hit is 13% x 5 and 35% on the last hit.

Rayblade Shot

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPARaybladeShot.png Rayblade Shot Potency 1027 1829 Launch target, and then follow up with a series of shots while they're in mid-air.
DEX Correction 98
PP 20
  • A two-step attack that shoots upwards from a slashing launch. Separated by melee into ranged.
  • Has a wider range on the shooting portion, and often hits even if the launching attack is excluded.
  • Has frontal guard frames when initially activated.
  • Has Super Armor during the PA.
  • Power notation is 50% for the slash, and 50% for the shot.

Rayblade Shot Zero

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPARaybladeShot.png Rayblade Shot Zero Potency - 1921 Execute slash attacks with a low-speed photon blade. The blade will speed up with the addition of shooting attacks.
DEX Correction 98
PP 20

Custom Type 1: Power +0 ~ +113
Custom Type 2: PP Consumption +0 ~ +10

  • Perfect Attack windows occurs twice, after the slash and after the shot.
    • Since the PA is forcibly put into Sword mode during the PA, if a Normal Attack is performed at the Perfect Attack window of the slash, the melee attack will occur even in Gun mode.
      • If continued, it will return to ranged shots.
  • The shockwave made from the slash moves at an extremely slow speed and functions almost as a "placeholder" attack.
    • The shockwave hits 5 times at intervals.
    • Shockwave damage occurs separately from the slash.
    • By repeating only the slashing part with Perfect Attack, up to 3 shockwaves can be stacked with eachother.
  • The shockwave disappears as a penetrating bullet instead of disappearing when it is fired.
    • The power is equivalent to 5 shockwave hits.
    • Can inflict headshots.
    • The penetrating bullet does not affect the previously deployed shockwaves.
    • Even when locking onto an enemy in the air, the bullet will always travel horizontally.
    • The bullets have a certain amount of range to them, and can shoot all closeby enemies at once.
    • Has longer range than a Normal Attack.
  • No longer has launching effects.
  • Has frontal guard frames when initially activated.
  • Has Super Armor during the PA.
  • Power notation per hit is 25% for the slash (melee), 5% for the shockwave hits (melee), 70% for the penetrating bullet (ranged).

Writhing Serpent

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAWrithingSerpent.png Writhing Serpent Potency 1018 1210 Rise into the air as you let loose a flurry of spinning attacks, continuously slicing at your target.
DEX Correction 100
PP 15
  • A six-step hit of slashing and kicking in a forward fan shape in the area.
  • Can be used to elevate and stay in the air, and can continuously attack while elevating in altitude as long as there is available PP.
  • Although a bit slow, the attacks have smaller gaps than the actual animation in relative terms due to the lack of a hit stop despite being a full melee attack.
  • Has large upward range, but short reach. Can hit around the user including the back.
  • Can elevate to a certain height from continuous use from the jump.
  • Can move and change direction during the PA.
  • Power notation per hit is 16% x 5 and 20% on the last hit.

Aimed Fire

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAAimedFire.png Aimed Fire Potency 881 1033 Fire an aimed shot focused at a single point. Can be charged to increase its intensity.
DEX Correction 100
Charging Time 0.5s / 3.0s
PP 20
  • Difficult to use due to single shot, but considerably great power with Perfect Attack charging.
    • Has two stages of charging, first stage charge at 0.5 seconds and second stage charge at 3.0 seconds.
  • Slower bullet speed than normal, but faster than the Launcher's Normal Attack and has longer range.
  • Has pinpoint accuracy even when moving.
  • Power notation uncharged is 30% of the stated power, first stage charge is 100%, and second stage charge is 400%.

Bomber Toss

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPABomberToss.png Bomber Toss Potency 930 1309 Hurl a magazine and detonate it, dealing damage to surrounding targets.
DEX Correction 100
PP 15
  • After backflipping, throws and detonates a magazine with 6 hits on the explosion.
    The animation changes slightly in the air, but the attack remains the same.
    • Has invulnerability frames during the backflip.
    • Can also hit enemies that come into the range of the explosion after the detonation.
  • If locked onto a target, the user will turn to the target and backflips away from it. When not locking on, the user rolls in the opposite direction of where they're facing.
  • The damage is considered as ranged in all of the hits.
  • Can inflict headshots depending on the enemy.
  • Has wide upward range.
  • Power notation multiplier is equivalent to 5 hits, making the actual damage 120% of the stated power.

Sideswiper Slash

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPASideswiperSlash.png Sideswiper Slash Potency 2407 2870 Slice at a target, follow up with a flurry of blows, and then finish with a gunshot.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • A grapple type PA that hits the enemy against the ground with a blast after 5 consecutive slashes while stepping left and right. Invulnerable from beginning to the end.
  • Activates the rest of the PA when the initial slash connects, but has very short reach.
  • Even when used against an enemy that cannot be grappled, if the enemy is within range, the damage will still connect.
  • Power notation per hit is 9% x 5 for the slashes, 9% for the shot, and 46% for the fall.
  • When used in the air, the user elevates while attacking the enemy, the enemy also elevates.
  • Can change direction immediately after activation, but cannot move or change direction during the PA, and cannot be canceled halfway.
  • Stationary Fire is not applied for this PA.

Hailfire Kick

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAHailfireKick.png Hailfire Kick Potency - 1655 Kick a target away, and then follow up with a volley of three shots.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • After a frontal kick that has a knockback effect, 3 shots are fired at fast intervals.
  • Hits occur in the horizontal direction of the player regardless of whether or not there is a lock-on / over-the-shoulder viewpoint.
    • The frontal kick has more reach than it looks, and may knockback away unintended enemies.
    • The shooting portion is a cone-shaped range attack, and the hits are given priority to whoever is closest to the player.
  • Can easily hit weakpoints.
  • Has frontal guard frames when initially activated.
  • Power notation per hit is 25% for the frontal kick and 25% x 3 for the shots.

Blitzfire Barrage

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPABlitzfireBarrage.png Blitzfire Barrage Potency - 2745 Attack by utilizing the unique construction of the gunblade to unleash a simultaneous assault of slashes and gunshots.
DEX Correction 100
PP 28
  • Derived Name - Kreisenschlag
  • While spinning around, hit 5 times with a combination of slashes and shots.
    • Since the direction can be changed even during the attack, it is possible to shoot all 5 hits in the front by inputting the direction of front > right > left > back > front.
  • Even when activated on the ground, the user will float at a low altitude after the end of the PA.
  • Contrary to the explanation and the appearance of the range, movement, and the shots from the gunblade, the actual hits are classified as melee for the 1st to 3rd shots and ranged for the 4th to 5th shots.
    • Therefore, headshots can be inflicted only after the 4th shot.
  • Has high power, but has long animation and cannot be canceled by sidesteps.
  • Power notation per hit is 16% x 3 for the 1st to 3rd shots, and 26% x 2 for the 4th to 5th shots.
  • When activated on the ground, the user moves forward slightly, but when activated in the air, the user will remain stationary.

Kickdance Dash

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAKickdanceDash.png Kickdance Dash Potency 1180 2246 Charge at a target and then fire a shot at point-blank range.
DEX Correction 100
PP 15
  • Derived Name - Regenschlag
  • Rush forward with the gunblade, when the lunge hits, the user leaps backwards into the sky with a cleave that has a wider attack range, and shoots like the shooting portion of Hailfire kick.
    • If the PA hits, Perfect Attack windows will occur twice, immediately after the cleave and after the shots.
  • If the lunge does not hit an enemy, the animation ends afterwards, but will open a Perfect Attack window.
  • The shooting portion can be canceled with sidesteps.
  • Has Super Armor during the PA.
  • Power notation per hit is 10% for the lunge, 21% for the slash, and 23% x3 for the shots.
  • Best used for fast travelling.


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAStrezwei.png Strezwei Potency 1428 1842 Launch an attack which differs based on whether the weapon is in gun or sword mode. Performing a Weapon Action during the attack will swap between forms.
DEX Correction 100
PP 12
  • Has an unique property of producing different PAs in the Blade and Gun modes.
  • In Blade mode, the Gunblade is swung upwards and a shockwave is emitted.
    • The reach of the shockwave is about 1.5x longer than the Normal Attack of Wired Lances.
    • When the shockwave hits, the user quickly closes in the distances and follows up with attacks.
    • After the follow up, the user will float from the ground for a brief moment.
    • Has frontal guard frames on the initial slash.
  • In Gun mode, the user makes one spin and scatters bullets all around. When it hits, the knocks down the enemy.
    • The range is the same as or slightly longer than the Partisan's Normal Attack in the front, back, left and right.
    • Has low power, but performs very fast.
    • Has omnidirectional guard frames on initial activation.
  • Performing the Weapon Action during the PA will consume 5 PP and performs a derivative attack.
    • At this time, the Blade mode and Gun mode are switched.
    • The Perfect Attack will carry over to the derivative attack.
  • In Blade mode, the shockwave hits are 15% of the stated power, and the follow up hits are 20% x 3 and 25% x 1.
    In Gun mode, the single shot hit is 30% of the stated power.