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This page contains spoilers, you have been warned!

Dark Blast is a Skill that allows the player to unleash dark power and assume a Falspawn-like form, granting them exceeding combat prowess and insurmountable power.




In a moment of grave crisis, Schreger has possessed Melfonseana with the power of Ephemera and struck down both Gettemhult and the player. When Schreger moves in for the killing blow against the player, Gettemhult suddenly steps in and takes the hit, absorbing a critical wound from Melfonseana's Twin Daggers. Despite his grave injury, Gettemhult refuses to go down easily, and decides to use what is left of his power and transfer it to the player. Upon doing so, the player absorbs the record of Gettemhult from the Oracle universe, who recounts his past with the player before bestowing to them the power of Dark Falz [Elder]. Using their newfound strength, the player unleashes a power that transforms them into a Falspawn-like humanoid being, and proceeds to engage Schreger in combat with the support of Gettemhult and Melfonseana. Schreger, despite his overwhelming strength in his Omega Hyunal form, is quickly defeated by the player's Dark Blast, and dissipates from Melfonseana's body.


After resorting to an Ephemera Flower to shatter the Crimson Fellwyrm's protection, Luther's mind starts being corroded by the Ephemera's after effects. At first it seemed like simple exhaustion from employing so much strength in the deed, but one night Luther takes over and kidnaps Hariette, flying away on his new dark wings. After tracking down Luther to a hidden cave shown to the player via memories of Luther's past, it is revealed that Luther was attempting to use Hariette as a vessel to revive Xion. After being found, Luther becomes angry at the sight of the player, as ARKS foils his plans for a second time. Here, Luther remembers his identity fully and takes on the form of Omega Angel to deal with the player once and for all. The battle rages on as Luther summons Avian Falspawn to fight for him. As the player clashes with one of Luther's minions, Hariette resolves herself to vanquish Luther as an enemy of her kingdom. One last shred of Luther's past self surfaces to accept the killing blow. Now dying on the arms of Hariette, Luther pleads the player to protect his beloved sister and grants them the power of Dark Falz [Luther].


Having (sometimes awkwardly) defeated the Emissaries of Apprentice the Vernal, the player and their group finally reach the capital city of the Kingdom of Epyk. Escorting Margareta to her home temple, they are greeted by Margareta's high priest who, after being called out for his schemes, decides to drop the formalities and reveals himself as the mastermind behind the recent events: Elmir. Unimpressed, Margareta uses her power as Holy Queen to seemingly get rid of Elmir. During a moment of assumed safety, Elmir tricks Margareta into a trap, infusing her with Ephemera Energy. Apprentice takes over, but not before Margareta dismisses Euclyta and Aurora, who were tagging along with the player after being freed from Apprentice's control, back home from their summons. A rather humorous exchange between Margareta and Apprentice ensues within the former's conscience, conveniently visible on a nearby mirror's reflection, where she despairs at how slutty Apprentice's overall appearance is. Margareta then pleads the player to finish off Apprentice before she dies of embarrassment. Having enough of the tomfoolery, Apprentice assumes her Appregina Omega form to do battle against the player. Through the combined might of the player and Hariette, Apprentice is defeated. Just as she is, the Falspawn energy within her reaches critical mass, threatening to go out of control right there. Hariette thinks quickly and employs Luther's technique to siphon some of the energy off, giving the player an opening to close in and enter Margareta's conscience. There, the player finds Margareta further quarreling with Apprentice, now with her true aspect before she was made a Dark Falz host. After interrupting the two to remind them of the urgency of the situation, Margareta and Apprentice have a heartfelt moment before the former returns to the real world. After this, Apprentice herself exchanges a few more words with the player before they depart too, now bearing the power of Dark Falz [Apprentice]. At a later time, during an argument with Luther within the player's conscience, it is revealed that Apprentice's real name is in fact "Margareta".


Arriving at the Ys Artia Capital, the player, Xiera and Clarissa find a veritable ghost town, all the citizens having been killed and devoured by Gemini. As they enter the Capital's inner sanctum, they find Florent innocently playing in the center of the room. He welcomes the player and congratulates Clarissa in bringing him new playmates that won't break as easily, revealing that the "Clarissa" that accompanied them was just a copy made manifest by Gemini's power, the original already long dead and consumed. Florent exhibits his new powers by creating more copies of not only Clarissa but also of the townspeople he ate. Joyous at how he can now have all the playmates he wants, he assumes his Omega Dranble form to fight the player. Battling through seemingly endless waves of Falspawn, the player manages to get the upper hand against Gemini. But no matter how much he's attacked, Gemini shows no signs of stopping, appearing to have a seemingly endless supply of power. Delighted at the fun he's having, Gemini eggs on the player to fight more. The player asks Gemini to stop, as there is really no reason to fight. But from Gemini's perspective, there is no need of a reason to fight and have fun. He finally has what he craved most: freedom, company, friends. Always resenting the loneliness he was made to suffer through, he now wanted to make the most of all the happiness he was always denied. Somehow, Clarissa appears once more, donning her Photoner garb, apologizing to Florent for the heartless experiments she had put him through for the Photoner's curiosity of his powers and asks the player to save Florent. Cradled in Clarissa's motherly embrace, Florent allows himself to be slain by the player. Within Florent's conscience, Florent is saddened at how he was made to recall memories he'd rather stay forgotten. He reveals how his mind was split into two personalities: the boy Florent and the girl Fleur. Neither really knows who's the original, considering it a pointless effort. As they reminisce the long time they've existed and all that they've been through, they entrust the player with the power of Dark Falz [Gemini].

But something was different this time. As the player acquires the power of a 4th Falz, a vision of Persona flashes before their eyes, making the player faint. They are then awakened by a worried Xiera, dazed and confused as to what that vision could portent.

Unlocking Dark Blast

Each Dark Blast form can be unlocked in one of two ways:


  • Defeat any Omega Hyunal (Lv. 70+)
  • Clear "EPISODE 5" Chapter 2 "The End of The Ultimate Struggle"


  • Defeat any Omega Angel (Lv. 70+)
  • Clear the Urgent Quest "Wisdom Incarnate" on Super Hard difficulty or higher
  • Clear "EPISODE 5" Chapter 3 "Deranged Researcher"


  • Defeat any Omega Appregina (Lv. 70+) or Omega Falz Apprentice (Lv.70+)
  • Clear "EPISODE 5" Chapter 4 "Lord of Epyk, Nestled in the Gods' Embrace"


  • Defeat any Omega Dranble (Lv. 70+)
  • Clear "EPISODE 5" Chapter 5 "Florent's Request"

Once Dark Blast is unlocked, it becomes available to all characters on the given account. Dark Blast Exp is shared between characters of the same account, but acquired skills will be specific to the character.


Once unlocked, Dark Blast can be installed to the subpalette.

Dark Blast has a default duration of 60 seconds and can only be used once per Quest. If your HP drops to 0 while in Dark Blast, you will be forced out of the transformation prematurely.

You can regain the use of a Dark Blast if you complete an E-Trial containing Dark Emperappy, Imperial Fiendmage, or Imperial Fiendlancer.

Dark Blast Subpalette icon

Dark Blast Focus

To activate Dark Blast, the player must charge the Dark Blast Focus by inflicting damage and defeating enemies, in similar vein to a Photon Blast or Fused Technique. This Focus has properties different than those however.

  • Dark Blast Focus can only charge a maximum of 5% every 2.5s.
  • Damage required to hit 5% varies by difficulty. For example, Normal difficulty requires 3000 damage to charge 5% of the Focus, while Super Hard difficulty requires roughly 95,000 damage.
  • Damage inflicted against bosses fills the Dark Blast Focus slower (1/6th speed for mini-bosses, 1/12th speed for large bosses).
  • Dark Blast Focus fill rate is dependent on the elapsed time in a Quest.
    • Quest Start ~ 2:30 = 1/8x Focus Fill
    • 8:00+ = 3x Focus Fill
    • 10:00+ = 9x Focus Fill
    • 12:00+ = 27x Focus Fill

Dark Blast is charged once the icon lights up, and can be activated by selecting the icon from the subpalette, hovering the cursor over the icon of the desired Form, then pressing Confirm when the Dark Blast image appears. This will cause the player to invoke a transformation sequence preceded by a set Emote, which will transform the player into the Dark Blast form. The default selected Dark Blast form will be memorized from the last time Dark Blast was activated.


  • Immunity to all forms of knockback and status effects. However, Gwahl Jigmolde's instant death attack will still trigger normally and kill you if you are affected by it prior to transformation.
  • Immunity to field gimmicks, such as tornadoes.
  • While in Dark Blast form, the player's voice is replaced with a voice unique to Dark Blast. This voice can be disabled in Options.
  • Unable to interact with certain field objects, such as turrets. You are, however, capable of utilizing Catapult Panels.
  • Dark Blast will be deactivated if the player changes Areas.

Cases of Forced Activation

Currently, Queen's Nightmare: Earth Depths and Queen's Nightmare: Sand City are the only Quests that force the player to transform into [Luther].

  • The player will be forcibibly transformed regardless the number of activations and accumulation of gauges. Also does not count in the number of activations.
  • As a rule, it is close to the forced activation of AIS. Since Dark Blast is not regarded as AIS, the effect of the Skill Ring Early Riser (L) does not apply.

Dark Blast Settings

Dark Blast Color Change

  • Select "Equipment" -> "Dark Blast" -> "X Form" ->[Aura Options] > [Change Color] from the main menu.
    • You can set the Main and Sub colors.
    • Can also reset back to defaults.

Dark Blast Display Type Change

  • As with the color change, you can also change how the Dark Blast appears.
    • Allows you to transform while retaining the appearance of the character. For example, in the case of [Elder] form, a translucent [Elder] silhouette emerges above the player.
    • It is also possible to completely hide it by adjusting the transparency of the aura display.

Emote Settings When Transforming

  • You can change the Emote when transforming. The transformation pose is set from "Equipment" -> "Dark Blast" -> "X Form" -> "Activated Action Settings" from the main menu.
    • The default emote is "Dark Blast (Male)" regardless of gender.
    • Pose and Dance emotes can be set as transformation poses. Opposite gender emotes can also be used and can be set for each form.

Unique Voice

  • During the transformation, a voice dedicated to each Dark Blast is assigned. The voice cannot be changed.
    • It is possible to set the unique voice off by toggling between "Play / Don't Play" for the "Unique Voice for Dark Blasts" in the "Other Settings" of your Options menu.

Dark Blast EXP

Once Dark Blast is learned, a portion of all EXP accumulated will be added to Dark Blast as "Dark Blast EXP". You can earn Dark Blast EXP even if you do not transform in a Quest. Dark Blast EXP is tallied at the end of a Quest; leaving prematurely will not add Dark Blast EXP to your total. Once earned, Dark Blast EXP can be spent to level up Dark Blast Skills. Dark Blast EXP is not gained when consuming EXP X Tickets.

Depending on the field, Dark Blast EXP is typically set to convert at a rate of 10% of the normal EXP earned (all decimal points are rounded down). However, certain enemies in certain fields can dispense a greater ratio of EXP, up to 30% of their EXP payout, as Dark Blast EXP. This refers to Falspawn enemies whose strain matches the Dark Blast form. For example, Aquatic Falspawn such as Dhargacha and Zeshraider will grant more Dark Blast EXP to Elder Form while Avian Falspawn like Luda Sorcerer and Bryu Ringahda will grant more Dark Blast EXP to Luther Form. The applicable enemies/locations are shown in the table below.

Dark Blast EXP is earned on an account-wide basis, allowing all characters on the same account to receive Dark Blast EXP simultaneously. However, Dark Blast EXP can be distributed on a per-character basis, allowing you to freely determine Dark Blast growth for each individual character on the same account.

Note that the EXP is accumulated individually for each form.

Form Falspawn
(Including Tainted)
(Corresponding Fields)*
Total Required Dark Blast EXP
Elder Form Aquatic Type
Dark Falz [Elder]
Weyland Empire
(Wilderness, Bewitched Woods (Weyland Crest))
225,748,660 EXP
Luther Form Winged Type
Dark Falz [Luther]
Cuento Empire
(Meadow, Cuento Castle Ruins, Cuento Gorge, Bewitched Woods (Cuento Crest))
222,210,925 EXP
Apprentice Form Insectoid Type
Dark Falz [Apprentice]
Kingdom of Epyk
(Epyk Desert, Bewitched Woods (Epyk Crest))
176,921,709 EXP
Gemini Form Toy Type
Dark Falz [Gemini]
Ys Artia Trade Federation
(Canyon, Bewitched Woods (Ys Artia Crest))
155,699,430 EXP

* In Bewitched Woods, the enemies Kingdom is determined by the Crest that appears when it spawns.

Basic Stats

Basic stats are fixed for each character level / transformation type.

  • Like AIS, the stats are not affected by pre-transformation classes, Alliance Trees, various drinks, Mags, Racial stats, etc.
    • Stats will also be adjusted during Buster Quests according to the corresponding level.
    • Shifta and Deband effects can also be applied to Dark Blast transformations, granting even higher effects due to the high base stats.

Learning Skills

Using Dark Blast EXP will allow you to learn skills corresponding to each form. Every skill that can be learned/unlocked are managed on a per character basis. Skills that require certain conditions to be unlocked are separate for each character as well. Skills that require no EXP are not automatically acquired when unlocking them, so it is recommended to manually learn these skills after unlocking. Learning and upgrading skills cannot be done during quests (including inside the Gateway Ship after clearing). Dark Blast skills can also be reset for free by selecting the "Reset Skills" option in the Dark Blast menu (unlocked skills are retained after resetting).

All of the skills are only applicable during the transformation. In addition, since there is no limit to the total number of skills that can be learned, it is possible to max out every skill for each form.