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Weapon Camouflage is a system that allows you to change the appearance while maintaining the stats of your weapon by equipping a Weapon Camo.
All Weapon Camos have an " * " in front of the item name.

Note: If you equip multiple weapons of the same weapon type while having a Weapon Camo of that type equipped, all of those weapons will match the appearance of the Camo.

Additional Notes

Can be changed in "Customize" -> "Weapon Camo" from the Main Menu.
Only one Weapon Camo be equipped at a time.

Weapon Transmutation

Done at the Item Lab in the Shopping Plaza, you can copy the appearance of another weapon onto your base weapon without the need to equip a Weapon Camo or a different weapon altogether.

  • The required items are as follows.
    • Weapons that you want to change the appearance of (Base Item)
    • Weapons that are used for the appearance (Target Item)
    • Weapon Transmutation Change Pass (1 is consumed for every change)
    • 1,000,000 Meseta
  • The Weapon Transmutation Change Pass can be exchanged at the Swap Shop by collecting Weapon Transmutation Aux Passes that can be obtained in certain quests and other methods.
    • The exchange rate is 150 Aux Passes for 1 Change Pass.
  • The weapons cannot be selected unless they are both enhanced to +35. Also, the Target Item (Weapon / Weapon Camo) must be the same weapon type as the Base Item.
    • If the Target Item is a Weapon Camo, enhancement is not neccessary for it.
    • The Base and Target Weapon must not have their appearances already changed for them to be selected.
      If they have their appearance changed, they must be canceled.
    • Locked items can be selected.
  • Weapons / Weapon Camos used as Target Items are not consumed and will remain in your inventory.
    Afterwards, even if they disappear via being sold or etc, the appearance will be maintained on the main item.

Additional Notes

  • Both the Base Item and Target Item are permanantly account-bound after Transmutation, preventing you to trade or sell them on your Personal Shop.
  • If the Base Item is upgraded or has its weapon category changed from Zig, the appearance will not be carried over.
  • If the appearance changed weapon is compatible with your equipped Weapon Camo, the appearance of the Camo will take priority.
  • Weapon Transmutation Change Pass will not be refunded when canceling the appearance.
  • Some Potential effects that change some attack effects apply to weapons with changed appearances.
  • Photon Color Change
    • If the Target Item supports Photon Color Change, the Photon Color can be changed regardless of whether the Base Item is supported or not.