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In Phantasy Star Online 2, the Inventory is where you can view, use, and discard the items you have currently on your character. The default Inventory space is 50, and can be expanded up to 150 with AC on a per character basis using the Inventory Expansion (10) ticket.


You can search through your inventory by item name or augments, such as entering S6 to see all items with an S6 augment on them. You can select to deposit items to available storages through the Inventory by clicking on a selected item.

It is highly recommended to lock all important gear. Players can lock valuable items by selecting on eligible items and clicking on [Lock]. When multiple items are selected, you can lock up to 30 items at once.

Multiple Item Selection

You can select multiple items by holding the shift key and selecting the first and last item in order, or individually by holding control.