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Weapons are the means by which players are able to fight and perform Photon Arts and Techniques. By equipping a Weapon, you will gain stats to battle enemies. Weapons are also unique in the sense that each of them possess inherent properties called Potentials, as well as other features that set them apart. By gaining stronger and stronger weapons, you are able to combat stronger foes and reach new heights.

Using Weapons

To use a Weapon, it must be set to your Palette. There are initially 3 Palette Slots, but this value can be expanded to 6 by completing a certain Client Order. Weapons equipped to your Palette appear on your person, and will be used when you press any Attack button. Weapons have two capabilities: Normal Attacks and Photon Arts/Techniques. Normal Attacks are basic attacks used to recover your Photon Points (PP). Photon Arts/Techniques are special moves that the player can use through their weapon; by pressing a button assigned to a Photon Art or Technique, you can cast a special move at the cost of some of your PP. These are typically much stronger than your normal attacks and your primary means of dealing damage.


Certain weapons have inherent properties called Potentials which can be considered as an additional skill for the player, so long as the weapon is equipped and drawn out; they range from damage buffs, to utility skills like improving healing items.

The Potential can be unlocked for the weapon via Enhancing; after the weapon is enhanced to +10, +20, and +30, the Potential of the Weapon can be unlocked. There are five Potential types currently in-game: Normal, Hidden, Weaponoid, and Arena, and Special; Normal Potentials require Photon Spheres to unlock, Hidden Potentials require Photon Boosters to unlock, Weaponoid Potentials require Weaponoid Boosters, and Arena Potentials require Arena Boosters. Special Potentials, on the other hand, require special dropped items from certain Quests before it can be unlocked.

Currently, Potentials can reach a maximum level of Lv 3; to unlock Normal, Hidden, and Arena Potentials, 3 Spheres/Boosters are required to unlock Lv 1, 4 are required to unlock Lv 2, and 5 are required to unlock Lv 3. In the case of Weaponoid Potentials, 1 Weaponoid Booster is required to unlock Lv. 1, 3 Boosters to unlock Lv. 2, and 5 Boosters to unlock Lv 3. Special Potentials require varying amounts of items to unlock.

Potential Switching

Should a weapon have multiple Potentials, an option in the Item Lab is available to switch Potentials. In order to switch Potentials, you must pay a small fee of Meseta as well as provide materials for the switch; the cost to switch a Potential is equivalent to the combined cost of unlocking that Potential up to that Level.

For example,

  • The Sword Dragon Slayer currently has the Potential UIItemPotentialAbility.png Draconian Bane Lv. 2. If one wishes to switch to the Weaponoid Potential UIItemPotentialAbility.png Howl of the Sealed Dragon, they must provide a number of Weaponoid Boosters equal to the combined cost of unlocking Lv. 1 and Lv. 2 Potentials, in this case 1 + 3 = 4 Weaponoid Boosters.

Damage Type

There are about three types of Damage in-game: Melee, Ranged, and Technique Damage.

Certain skills can only work for the specific Damage Type, like Over Limit from the Fighter Fighter Skill tree, so understanding and knowing which attacks does the type of damage can be crucial at times.


Element is an Elemental value that most weapons are tagged with. An Element come pre-installed on a weapon, or can be added manually through the Attribute Grinding process.

PP Recovery

Weapon 1st Attack 2nd Attack 3rd Attack Dodge-Attack Weapon Action
Bare Hands 5 6 9 5 -
Sword Sword 12 13 18 12 -
Wired Lance Wired Lance 11 8+8 18 8+8 -
Partisan Partisans 6 6 9 5.5 Twirl: 10/30
Daggers Daggers 2+2 3+3 7+7 5 2+2
Double Saber Double Sabers 4+4 5+5 10+10+10 6+6+6 -
Knuckles Knuckles 5 7 13 10 -
Gunblade Gunblade 10 12 15 10 10
Katana Katana 5 7 7+7 8 0
Soaring Blades Soaring Blades 7 8 10+10 4+4 1+1, 4
Rifle Assault Rifle 5x3 5x3 5x3 6x3 -
Launcher Launcher 8 10 15 15 -
Twin Machineguns Twin Machineguns 1x4 1.1x4 1.2x5 3+3 1.666
Bow Bow 6 (18) 6 (18) 6 (18) 15 -
Rod Rod 20 22 25 - -
Talis Talis 5 6 9 - -
Wand Wand 10 12 18 12 -
Jet Boots Jet Boots 8 8+8 14 15 12x4
Harmonizer Harmonizer 0 0 0 - -
HeroSword Sword (Hero) 2 3 3+3 4 4x5 (Uncharged) / 10 (Lv. 1 Charge) / 0 (Lv. 2 Charge)
HeroTwin Machineguns Twin Machineguns (Hero) 0 0 0 0 20/s (20 + 40/s)
HeroTalis Talis (Hero) 7 9 12 6 (Normal) / 4x3 (Hero Counter)


  • Twirl Action for Partisan refers to twirl after normal/twirl after Photon Art.
  • The Katana's Counter does not give any PP recovery unless the skill Counter Bonus is taken.
  • The Soaring Blades' PP recovery is separated for the Photon Blades and for the attack done after a Soaring Blade Sidestep Tackle.
  • The PP recovered for the Photon Blades is +1, an additional +1 PP is recovered if the point of attack has a blade stuck on it. Should multiple blades are stuck, it just overwrites it and only counts as 1.
  • Launchers gain PP per enemy hit. If the Normal Attack hits two enemies in its AoE, the player would recover 16 PP for the first attack and so-on.
  • The parenthesized values for Bows are values when the attack is charged.
  • The Dodge-Attack of Wands can only be done if Wand Lovers is activated.
  • The Jet Boots' Weapon Action in the table refers to the multi-kick attack performed when activating the Weapon Action after a Normal Attack while the Player is standing still.
  • Parenthesized value for Hero TMG Weapon Action refers to Perfect Reload.

Normal Attack Magnification

Weapon Position 1st Attack 2nd Attack 3rd Attack Dodge Attack Others
Bare Hands Aerial & Ground 364% 500% 492% 260% Bare Hand PA: 1000%
Sword Sword Aerial 502% 500% 675% 540% -
Ground 634% 528% 900%
Wired Lance Wired Lance Aerial & Ground 380% 315% x2 908% 349% x2 -
Partisan Partisan Aerial & Ground 270% 267% 336% 300% -
Daggers Daggers Aerial & Ground 100% x2 120% x2 220% x2 150% Spin: 20% x2
Double Saber Double Sabers Aerial 180x2 190x2 290%+290%+300% 230% x3 DS Whirlwind: 55% / 82.5% / 110% x8
(Focus 1 / 2 / 3)
Ground 290% x2 260% x2 300% x3
Knuckles Knuckles Aerial & Ground 380% 480% 520% 600% -
Gunblade Gunblade Aerial & Ground 312% 275% 270% 340% Gunblade Shoot: 120%
Katana Katana Aerial & Ground 280% 300% 300% + 320% 390% Katana Counter: 100% / 120% / 200% / 250%
(Focus 1 / 2 / 3 / MAX)
Soaring Blades Soaring Blades Aerial & Ground 270% 290% 370% x2 250% x2 Photon Blades: 100%
Rifle Assault Rifle Aerial & Ground 130% x3 130% x3 130% x3 180% x3 -
Launcher Launcher Aerial & Ground 392% 420% 560% 560% -
Twin Machineguns Twin Machineguns Aerial & Ground 70% x4 80% x4 100% x5 150% x2 S-Roll Shoot: 70% x3
Bow Bullet Bow Aerial & Ground 108% (540%) 250% -
Rod Rod Aerial & Ground 105% 104% 108% - -
Talis Talis Aerial & Ground 58% - -
Wand Wand Aerial & Ground 336% 300% 370% 350% Wand Tech-Explosions: 240%
Jet Boots Jet Boots Aerial & Ground 334% 281% x2 600% 660% Weapon Action: 370% x4
JB Sidestep Jump: 200%
Harmonizer Harmonizer Aerial & Ground 10% - -
HeroSword Sword (Hero) Aerial & Ground 180% 220% 320% + 520% 350% (normal) / 1300% (Hero Counter) Spirit Bolt:
75%x5 (Uncharged) / 450% (Lv. 1 Charge) / 3000% (Lv. 2 Charge)
HeroTwin Machineguns Twin Machineguns (Hero) Aerial & Ground 80% x n Hits 220% x3 Hits / 420% x3 Hits (Hero Counter) -
HeroTalis Talis (Hero) Aerial & Ground 220% 280% 450% 350% / 400% x3 Hits (Hero Counter) Weapon Action: 450%


  • Although the Bare Hand PA resembles the Knuckles Knuckles PA, PA Overhand Straight, it does not share its multiplier.
  • The Gunblade Shoot is consistent on its damage Multiplier throughout the three Attack Animations.
  • The multiplier for Photon Blades are obtained per Blade, and not the cumulative damage dealt.
  • The parenthesized value for Bow Bow is for its charged Normal Attack.
  • Rod Normal Attacks are MEL MEL Pwr based.
  • Wand Tech Explosions are TEC TEC Pwr based.
  • The Explosion that happens when the Player performs during a Sidestep Jump is not dependent on the weapon.
  • Skills that modifies the Normal Attack of the Player are not considered in this table.
  • While placed in the table, special Weapon Traits are not considered as Normal Attack by skills like Attack Advance on the Braver Braver Skill Tree. These are solely placed for documentation and comparison.
  • Certain Equipments provide additional skills for the Player like the "Form" Weapon Series. They are not considered as a Normal Attack.
  • Rod Shot projectiles are not Normal Attacks.
Sword Swords Wired Lance Wired Lances Partisan Partisans Daggers Twin Daggers Double Saber Double Sabers Knuckles Knuckles Katana Katanas Soaring Blades Soaring Blades Gunblade Gunblades
Rifle Assault Rifles Launcher Launchers Twin Machineguns Twin Machine Guns Bow Bows
Rod Rods Talis Talises Wand Wands Jet Boots Jet Boots Harmonizer Harmonizers