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PSO2NA currently has a total of 13 classes, and each class possesses many unique skills.
Every Class in the game can be freely changed in the Lobby Area by going to the Class Consultant NPC, Bhea.
Skills can be acquired by spending the Skill Points obtained from leveling up your class. The skills can be acquired at the Gate Area, at the “Class Counter” in the lobby.

Skills in PSO2 refer to the supplementary effects that enhance the player’s own abilities, and are different from the so-called special moves and magic (in PSO2 these are called Photon Arts and Techniques respectively).

There are two types of skills:
Passive Skills, which will take effect at any time if learned.
Active Skills, which are activated manually by pressing the skill icon during combat.

If the active skill is interfered by an attack during the activation motion, it will not activate and will go into cooldown time.
Stance skills of the same class cannot be used together at the same time.

Class Skills

Skill Tree

The Skill Tree is a list of skills that can be learned for each class. The skills in the tree are arranged like a “tree diagram” with several branches.

  • You can learn skills by selecting the skill you want to learn from the “Skill Tree” confirmation screen at the class counter.
  • The skill points required to acquire skills are accumulated for each class.
    Skill points earned in one class cannot be used to acquire skills in another class.
  • Some prerequisite skills are required to be learnt before you can learn a new skill. These points are denoted by the pips above the skill
    • Example: Advanced Precision Hit 1 requires 3 points in Dexterity Up 1 to be able to learn.
  • By adding a “Skill Tree” with the purchase of 500 AC, you can create a completely different skill build for the same class.
    Skill points that have already been acquired can be used separately for each added skill tree.
    However, you can only have one skill tree set per class, so the effects of the added skill trees cannot be obtained all at once.
    To select the skill tree, select “Change Class” - “Select Skill Tree”.
  • You can change the name of your skill trees by selecting “Learn Class Skills” at the class counter and selecting the “Change Skill Tree Name” button in the upper right part of the tree window.
    The maximum number of characters that can be entered for the tree name is 12 characters.
  • The added skill tree can be moved to another class. This essentially "deletes" the currently added skill tree and creates a new skill tree on another class. There is a charge for moving said tree for the cost of 100 SG.
    Select the source skill tree and the destination class from “Swap Skill Tree” at the class counter to move.
    You cannot move trees unless the source class has multiple trees. In other words, the class must have at least been added with one tree.
    The moved skill tree will have all skill points returned and reset.
  • To reset the skill tree, you will need to do a “Skill Tree Reset” at the class counter. If you do not have enough points for a particular skill or have misallocated points, you can alternatively select another tree by purchasing “Add Skill Tree” at the class counter.
    Resetting the skill tree does not reduce or increase the total amount of skill points accumulated so far.
  • In order to do the “Reset All Skill Trees” option at the class counter, you must have a “Reset All Skill Trees Pass”, which is obtained from certain events that distribute the item. All characters on your account are all eligible to receive a pass each.
    Using the pass will reset all skill trees on your character, including any additional trees purchased.

Types of Skills

  • Main Class Only Skill - Skills that are effective only when playing as the Main Class.
  • Initial Acquisition Skill - Skills that are naturally learned on that class.
    Even if you reset the skill tree, it will already be learned without spending SP.
  • Level Limit Skill - Skills that are learned when the level of the class reaches a certain level. Meeting the requirements only makes them available to learn, they are not automatically learned.
  • No SP Required Skill - Skills that do not consume SP to learn.

Skill Points

Most class skills require skill points, which can be obtained by leveling up the class and from some Client Orders.

  • The first SP Client Order is available at Class Level 30 and rewards +5 SP
    The second SP Client Order is available at Class Level 45, after the first CO, and rewards +5 SP
    The third to sixth SP Client Order is available at Class level 65 as a chain Client Order and rewards +1 SP each
  • The total amount of additional SP gained from the Client Orders above is +14 SP.
Class Total Points Max SP Limit CO Character
All Skills SP-Free Skills Consumed SP Skills
Hunter 285 14 271 109 Ohza
Fighter 239 11 228
Ranger 231 11 220 Risa
Gunner 232 10 222
Force 277 10 267 Marlu
Techter 260 11 249
Braver 172 12 160 Azanami
Bouncer 194 12 182 Katori / Saga
Summoner 178 10 168 Pietro
Hero 160 11 149 Stratos
Phantom 142 13 129 Kyokuya
Étoile 165 13 152 Lukot
Luster 204 35 169 Cofy


Class List

Class Equippable Weapons
Normal Class
Hunter Hunter (Hu) Sword Sword Wired Lance Wired Lance Partisan Partisan Gunblade Gunblade
Fighter Fighter (Fi) Daggers Daggers Double Saber Double Saber Knuckles Knuckles
Ranger Ranger (Ra) Launcher Launcher Rifle Rifle -
Gunner Gunner (Gu) Twin Machineguns Twin Machine Guns -
Force Force (Fo) Rod Rod Talis Talis -
Techter Techter (Te) Wand Wand -
Braver Braver (Br) Katana Katana Bow Bow -
Bouncer Bouncer (Bo) Soaring Blades Soaring Blades Jet Boots Jet Boots -
Summoner Summoner (Su) Harmonizer Harmonizer - -
Scion Class
Hero Hero (Hr) Sword Sword Twin Machineguns Twin Machine Guns Talis Talis Gunblade Gunblade
Phantom Phantom (Ph) Katana Katana Rifle Rifle Rod Rod
Etoile Étoile (Et) Double Saber Double Saber Soaring Blades Soaring Blades Wand Wand
Luster Luster (Lu) Gunblade Gunblade
Special Quest Class
Challenger Challenger Can Equip All Weapons
Battle Warrior Battle Warrior Can Equip All Weapons

In PSO2, there is no concept of secondary jobs seen in other games. Each class is a separate and independent class.
You can only choose Hunter, Ranger, Force, Braver, Bouncer, and Summoner when creating a character, but you can choose and switch to all normal classes if you go to the class counter and talk to the Class Consultant NPC, Bhea.


Scion Classes cannot have a Subclass.

  • It cannot be set when creating a character; and can only be set by completing the following conditions.
  1. Level 20 or higher in any class.
  2. Complete Cofy's Client Order "Sub Class Permit Test".
    • One of the classes must be at least level 20 in order to receive this Client Order, but once the “Sub Class Permit Test” is completed, subclasses can be set from main class level 1.
    • The Client Order requires the player to defeat the following enemies:

Subclass Overview

  • Like Main Classes, you can freely switch to any of them, with the exception of the class that is currently set as Main Class.
  • 20% of the subclass stats is added to the main class stats (Excluding PP)
    • However, the stats of the subclasses is limited to the level of the current main class.
      (Example: 20% of stats at subclass level 20 when Main Lv20/Sub Lv30)
  • You can use “Class Skills”, “Photon Arts”, “Pet PAs”, and “Techniques” that are used in subclasses.
    • There are some class skills (This skill can only be used with a Main Class) that exist for each class. For details, refer to the page of each class.
    • For skills that extend the invulnerability time of evasive actions, such as Sidestep Plus and Advanced Dive Roll, those with higher effects in Main Class and Subclass are given priority.
    • Skills that increases stats, such as Melee Power Up 1 and HP Up 1, are cumulative.
    • Stance skills of the same class cannot be used together, but stance skills of different classes can be used together.
    • Weapons can only be used by the Main Class. On the other hand, even if a weapon can be equipped in all classes, you cannot use Photon Arts or; Pet PAs unless the weapon is supported in the Main Class or Subclass.
      With the exception of some weapons that have Photon Arts or Techniques inherent in the weapon itself, any Photon Arts or Techniques set in the weapon can be used, regardless of class.
    • Techniques can be used if the Main class or Subclass has Force, Techter, Bouncer, or Summoner (any weapon is applicable). However, you cannot use Fused Techniques unless the main class is Force or Techter and the equipped weapon is either a Rod, Talis, or Wand.

Experience Gained for Subclasses

  • If the subclass level is less than Lv80, 25% of the experience gained from the main class will be added to the subclass.
  • The same will be applied to the reward experience value of Client Orders and E-Trials.
  • If the main class is Summoner, the experience value for the subclass is increased by 100% the skill “Sub-Class Growth Up”. This means that 50% of the experience from main class will be added to the subclass.
    The 50% only applies in the quest, you will still receive 25% from Client Orders, Experience Tickets, and ARKS Mission rewards.


  • For some quests, subclass levels are included in the order requirements as an additional requirement for levels.
    • For Scion Classes, only the Main Class level is referenced for Quests that have a Main Class and Subclass level requirement.

Class Equipment


Loadouts are a feature that allows you to save the current class and equipment status in advance and recall them at any time in the lobby.

  • Available from “Loadouts” at the class counter. Up to 18 loadouts can be registered for each character.
  • The parts that are saved to the Loadout are “Main Class / Sub Class (Including selected Skill Tree)”, “Main Palette”, “Sub Palette”, “Unit”, “Skill Ring”, Weapon Camo”, and “Mag”.
    Settings saved to the main palette are “Weapon”, “PA”, “Technique”, “Pet”, “Pet PA”, and “Adjusted Position of Sheath”.
    Book numbers are saved for the sub-palette settings. The contents inside are not saved.
  • When recalling a saved Loadout, items in the storage are automatically retrieved. However, items in the extended storage other than your selected favorite will not be taken out.
    • Previous equipment will be unequipped (while still in your inventory). It is not sent to the storage automatically.
  • You can also recall Loadouts with a chat command (/ms#, where # is the loadout you wish to recall).

Weapons That can be Equipped in All Classes

Some weapons have a set of classes that can be equipped in addition to the classes originally available for it.

About PAs/Techniques

  • PAs and Pet PAs can be of any weapon type originally available to either the main/subclass.
  • Techniques (ForceTechterBouncerSummonerHeroPhantom)can be used if they contain one or more of the mentioned main/subclasses.
    • Note that when using Techniques with a Melee/Ranged weapon with a set Technique Power, damage variance can occur.
  • Fused Techniques (ForceTechter) can be used with any of the mentioned main classes, but gauge accumulation is possible with any weapon type. Rod, Talis, or Wand are still required to cast the Fused Techniques.
  • Only learned PAs/Techniques can be used.

About Evasive Actions

  • Various evasion actions (Sidestep, Blinding Sidestep, Dive Roll, Blind Escape) can be used regardless of the current main/subclass.
  • Sidestep attacks can also be used regardless of the current main/subclass.

About Weapon Actions

  • Various weapon actions can be used regardless of the current main/subclass.
  • Skills that enhance weapon actions are only available if you have set that class as either main or subclass.
    • Example: If either the Main or Subclass is not a Hunter, you cannot Perfect Guard with Hunter weapons.
    • Example: Unless either the Main or Subclass is a Fighter who has learned “Double Saber Focus”, you cannot use the Whirlwind weapon action skill.

Inherent PA/Technique Weapons

Some weapons have existing PAs/Techniques that can be used regardless of the current main/subclass (with some exceptions).


  • Inherent PA/Technique can be used with the already learned Lvl., and can be used as Lvl 1 if the PA/Technique is not learned.


  • If the inherent PA is a Jet Boots PA, the Technique casted by the weapon action will also be activated (if you have learned the Technique).

Boost Effect on Classes

Class Boost

Scion Classes do not have a class boost title.
When you reach class level 75, you can obtain the title from Lachesis to increase certain stats corresponding to each class.

  • The obtained class boost is not only applied to that class, but to all other classes.
  • The stats increased by class boosts are added directly to the base stats, just like Mags, you can equip better equipment early on.
Class (Title) HP PP MEL RNG TEC Dex MEL Def RNG Def TEC Def
Hunter Hunter (Celestial Sentinel) 50 15 40
Ranger Ranger (Celestial Sharpshooter) 20 15 40
Force Force (Celestial Composer) 15 20 40
Fighter Fighter (Celestial War God) 2 50 15 10
Gunner Gunner (Celestial Champion) 2 15 50 10
Techter Techter (Celestial Exemplar) 2 15 50 10
Braver Braver (Celestial Prodigy) 2 20 20 30
Bouncer Bouncer (Celestial Banisher) 2 20 20 30
Summoner Summoner (Celestial Commander) 10 40 40 40
Total Bonuses 60 10 120 120 120 60 90 90 90
  • A class boost occurs when you get the title rewards from reaching class level 75 at the title counter.
    The effect does not occur until you receive the title reward at the title counter.
    The effect will also be applied to all characters in the account, in any ship. Since it is a title reward, multiple effects cannot be acquired.

Weapon Boost

There is no weapon boost for Summoner and Scion Classes
Among the main weapon of each class, when the compendium registration number of 7 star to 12 star weapons reaches a certain point, you can get a title reward that will give you a bonus to final damage.

  • Effects are applied to all characters in the account. All acquired bonuses will be added (+2.5% per title, maximum +10%).
  • If a character gets the Hunter weapon title and another gets the Ranger weapon title, both characters will receive the bonuses on both Hunter and Ranger weapons.
  • The power only increases for the current main class weapon target (even if all titles are obtained, only Hunter main class weapons will have their increased power).
  • Since it is a title reward, multiple effects cannot be acquired. Therefore, the maximum bonus is +10%.
  • The effect does not occur until you receive the title reward at the title counter.
  • The total number of compendium registrations required to obtained for each class title is different.
Main Class Compendium Count Target Applicable for Weapon Boost
Hunter SwordWired LancePartisan SwordWired LancePartisanGunblade
Fighter DaggersDouble SaberKnuckles DaggersDouble SaberKnucklesGunblade
Ranger LauncherRifle LauncherRifleGunblade
Gunner Twin MachinegunsRifle Twin MachinegunsRifleGunblade
Force RodTalis RodTalisGunblade
Techter WandTalis WandTalisGunblade
Braver KatanaBow KatanaBowGunblade
Bouncer Soaring BladesJet Boots Soaring BladesJet BootsGunblade