Franca's Café is an important location related to Gathering.
Gather materials out in explorations and bring them to the café to create Skill Rings and food.

You can get to Franca's Café either from the main entrance in the Shopping Area above the Swap Shops, from the Teleporter in the south part of the first floor of the Gate Area, from the Personal Quarters or from the Quick Menu if you have it set.

First time you enter with a character that hasn't been there before, you get a cutscene introducing you to the café.


In addition to the Cuisine Shop and the Skill Ring shop, Franca's Café also features a gate to the Gateship and a Quest Counter to set off on Quests, an Item Shop to take care of any consumable needs, a Daily Order Manager to take care of your Daily Orders, as well access to both Storage and the Visiphone. You can also go outside to see the city of the ship. There's also benches to sit at outside.

Throughout the café there are plenty of tables and chairs you can sit at, and when sitting on a chair, food and drinks will appear on the table in front of you automatically. The food that appears first is random, but you can cycle through them by pressing your first Attack/PA button.
Juice > Coffee > Berry Pie > Sherbet > Strawberry Shortcake > Chocolate Shortcake > Jumbo Pizza > Tropical Blue > Melon Soda > Beer > Tokkuri & Ochoko > Fancy Tea Set > Juicy Steak > Yakisoba > Shoyu Ramen > Curry and Rice > Pasta > Dango > Nothing
After this, it loops back to the start.

Seasonal Cafés

During certain seasons, the theme of the café is changed up to match the ongoing season.
These themes change up how the café looks, as well as changing the outside area to zones similar to the ones you can find in Alliance Quarters.
Currently not in effect.

Cherry Blossom Café

This café is based on the Japanese-style Base and comes around during Spring.

Seaside Café

This café is based on the Coast Base and comes around during Summer.

Night Café

This café is based on the Night View Base and comes around during Autumn.

Snow Café

This café is based on the Snow Base and comes around during Winter.