Hero Swords Photon Arts

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Hero Sword Photon Arts
UIPhotonArtRisingSlash.png Rising Slash UIPhotonArtBrightbladeBuster.png Brightblade Buster UIPhotonArtTrickflash.png Trickflash UIPhotonArtBulletblitz.png Bulletblitz


Demonia Saber, a 14 Sword.

The Hero Class handles three special weapons: Sword Swords, Twin MachinegunsTwin Machine Guns, and TalisTalis; as well as GunbladeGunblades, common to all classes.

All are existing weapons, but when equipped as a Hero, their movesets have a completely different behavior in terms of Normal Attacks, Weapon Actions, Dodge Actions, and Photon Arts.
Heroes cannot use any of the existing PAs for these weapon types (even for weapons that have a built-in PA cannot be used). Therefore, the behavior and PAs relating to these weapon types are discussed in separate pages.

Weapon Swapping PA

One of the unique features of Heroes is their ability to swap between different weapon types with the held use of some PAs.
Switchfire Gambit and Edgeracer Gambit will switch to Sword, Bulletblitz and Fallback Gambit will switch to TMGs, and Trickflash and Sleightshot Gambit will switch to Talis.
When these PAs are performed, the weapons are prioritized by "palette ascending order", and if more than one weapon type of the same category is set, the weapon with the closet number from the current palette number will be changed.
The starting point of the ascending order is the number of the weapon palette you have set. If the palette number is 3, the order is 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 1 -> 2.
Palettes that are not set are ignored. For example, if you only have 4 weapons set (1, 3, 4, 6), the loop is 1 -> 3 -> 4 -> 6.

  • Example
    Palette 1: Sword
    Palette 2: Talis
    Palette 3: Sword
    Palette 4: Sword
    Palette 5: Talis
    Palette 6: Gunblade
  • On the above palette, change from Talis on palette 2 to Sword on Edgeracer Gambit -> Move to palette 3
  • On the above palette, change from Talis on palette 5 to Sword on Edgeracer Gambit -> Move to palette 3
  • On the above palette, attempting to change to TMGs with Bulletblitz or Fallback Gambit -> Due to no TMGs equipped, the PA will behave as a single press and equipment will not change over.
  • On the above palette, Swords are lined up on palettes 3 and 4, so the Sword on palette 3 takes priority in the weapon change PA over palette 4. You can equip them as you normally would.

Features of Hero Sword

  • For Normal Attacks, the Sword is swung from 1 Hit -> 1 Hit -> 2 Hits. Has wide reach and range, along with its lightweight behavior, but has low PP recovery on attacks.
    • PP Recovery 2 PP -> 3 PP -> 3 PP x 2, Sidestep Strike is 4 PP.
    • On the ground, the user advances with each attack, but has a property like Jet Boots, and when approaching a locked-on enemy, the user does not advance and attacks on the spot.
      • Attacking in the air will not move forward. However, as an exception, Sidestep Strike will move forward even in the air.
  • Dodge Action is a Sidestep.
    • The Sidestep Strike is a slash. Has longer reach. Repeatedly using Sidestep Strike will allow faster movement than normal.
    • Sound and visual effects are made when dodging an attack during the invulnerability frames of Sidestep. Immediately after the Sidestep Strike becomes a Hero Counter, increasing power and Focus Gauge accumulation.
  • For "Hero Time Finish", the user swings 4 consecutive slashes while moving forward, slashing upwards and slams down on the final hit.
    • The power notation is 1700% x 5 + 4200% + 3000% (15700% in total).
    • You will be unable to respond for about 2 seconds after the last swing, but this time can be greatly reduced by jumping, sidestepping, and movement inputs, but not by PA inputs.

  • Weapon Action
Icon Uncharged 1st Charge 2nd Charge
UIWAHrSword.png Potency 75 x 5 420 3000
PP Recovery Amount 4 x 5 10 0
Feature Repeated Hits Penetration + Knockdown Small Range
  • The Hero Sword's Weapon Action is the chargeable long-range attack, 'Spirit-Bullet', which can be used without consuming PP and restores PP when hit. You can use it without consuming PP, and PP is restored when it hits.
    • Uncharged will fire off 5 bullets in a row, and can be repeatedly used by tapping the Weapon Action.
      Recovers 4 PP per hit, which is the main way of recovering PP with Hero Sword.
    • Charging it by one stage will fire off only one shot, but the power of the bullet increases by about 5.5x and adds a penetrating and knockdown effect. Recovers 10 PP per hit made from the shot.
    • Charging it by two stages (Requires Aura High Charge) will fire off a single shot, further increasing the power by about 7x (about 40x compared to uncharged). However, the charge time is as long as 3 seconds. There is no Super Armor and will not recover PP.
    • Can be canceled from Normal Attacks, Sidestep Strikes, and PAs.
      • If Combo Aura Shot Charge is learned, the Weapon Action will start from the 1st stage charge.
    • You cannot move while firing / charging. When used in the air, altitude is maintained on the spot.
    • Natural PP recovery stops during firing and charging.
    • During the action, the Sword is held on your back (as it appears).
    • It is considered as a Melee based attack that scales off of Melee Power.
      • Does not inflict headshots.
    • No Perfect Attack windows after use, but Perfect Attacks can be applied for the Weapon Action.
      • Using the Weapon Action will reset the attack combo.
    • Active / Attack PP recovery affects the Weapon Action.
    • There are guard frames when releasing the 1st / 2nd stage charged shot.

Photon Arts

Rising Slash

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtRisingSlash.png Rising Slash Potency 2161 (1469/s) Sword Photon Art for Heroes. Hurl your sword into the air and then slash continuously as long as the button is held. Finishes with a devastating slash.
DEX Correction 100
PP (Held Down) 15 (+10~5/s)
  • Strike up the enemy while throwing the Sword. Can jump up by holding down the button to perform a series of slashes while consuming PP. Releasing the button swings down the Sword for a finishing hit.
    • Consumes 15 PP when activating the PA. Then consumes an additional 10 PP to jump upwards. Afterwards, holding down the PA will consume 1 PP at a rate of 5 PP per second.
    • Can move around during the continuous attacks and at the finish.
    • Perfect Attack window appears during the finish of the continuous attacks.
  • Has Super Armor.
  • When moving to the derivative action, the camera tracks the altitude without having to use lock-on and viewpoint switching.
  • Can be Sidestep Jump canceled from the moment the user jumps up by pressing and holding down the PA.
  • Power notation is 8% x 5 hits with the Sword throw, 17% for the consecutive hits, 10% for the spinning vertical slashes at the finish, 18% when swinging down, and 15% for the slam, for a total of 83% for the fastest finish.

Brightblade Buster

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtBrightbladeBuster.png Brightblade Buster Potency 1412 Sword Photon Art for Heroes. Unleash an attack while avoiding damage. Can be charged to unleash a wide-range strike.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 0.5s
PP (Charge) 10 (+30)
  • Use the Sword to slice your surroundings and knockdown the enemy. Can move around during the PA.
    • The cleave occurs very quickly, and will hit almost the moment the PA button is pressed.
    • Can attack enemies in the range of 360 degrees around the character and 1.5 sidesteps.
  • Guard frames occurs for all directions from the time the PA is activated. Lasts until the Perfect Attack window disappears when not charged.
    • Guard frames also occurs when charging, but if the charge attack is started while the guard frames are in effect, it will disappear.
  • Pressing and holding down the PA will consume an additional 30 PP to enter in a charged state, and when the PA is released, a shockwave is emitted over a wide area in front. Can move around while charging.
    • The range of the shockwave is fan-shaped and has a range of about 3 sidesteps. Has slightly larger hitboxes from top to bottom.
    • At the same time as the shockwave, a circular attack range of about 2 sidesteps is made around the user. Can also hit enemies right next to the user or behind.
    • Can be jump / sidestep canceled from the moment the charge attack is activated, and if canceled too early, the shockwave will not be made.
  • Power notation is 30% for the cleave and 70% for the charged shockwave.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtTrickflash.png Trickflash Potency 653 Sword Photon Art for Heroes. Execute a high-speed thrust. Holding the button will swap to your Talis and unleash a follow-up strike.
DEX Correction 100
PP 15
  • Rush over a long distance and release a thrusting attack.
  • A two-step attack that consists of rush + thrust.
  • An attack check will always occur during the rush, and the thrust occurs when reaching a certain distance or it makes contact with an enemy.
    • If activated in the air, and if the lockable target is within range, the PA will also track up and down.
  • Has wider range than it looks.
  • Will rush faster if there are lockable targets within the area.
  • Pressing and holding down the PA will swap to Talis.
  • Power notation is 40% for the rush and 60% for the thrust.
    • The attacks made after the derivation are noted in Talis Derivative Attack.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtBulletblitz.png Bulletblitz Potency 1214 Sword Photon Art for Heroes. Fire a barrage of spirit bolts. Holding the button will swap to your Twin Machine Guns and unleash a follow-up volley.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20

  • If no movement inputs are made, the user will move backwards, and if there is input, the user will move forward, backward, left and right while firing bullets in rapid succession. Has invulnerability frames while moving.
  • Pressing and holding down the PA will swap to TMGs.
  • Power notation per hit is 16%, with 6 hits totaling to 96% of the stated power.
    • The attacks made after the derivation are noted in TMGs Derivative Attack.

Sword Derivative Attack

Lv 1
Potency 1000
  • Slashes out from left to right.
  • An attack that is made by switching weapons by pressing and holding down Switchfire Gambit and Edgeracer Gambit.
  • Regardless of the weapon before switching, it becomes a melee based attack that scales off of Melee Power.
    • Will refer to the stats and potential of the switched weapon.
    • H Attack Bonus does not apply to this attack.