Phantom Rod Photon Arts
UIPhotonArtRufkonzert.png Rufkonzert UIPhotonArtMassenvernichtungs.png Massenvernichtungs UIPhotonArtSchwarzeKatze.png Schwarze Katze UIPhotonArtEisenflugel.png Eisenflügel


The Phantom Class handles three special weapons: Katana Katanas, RifleAssault Rifles, and RodRods; as well as GunbladeGunblades, common to all classes.
All are existing weapons, but when equipped as a Phantom, their movesets have a completely different behavior in terms of Normal Attacks, Weapon Actions, Dodge Actions, and Photon Arts.
Phantoms cannot use any of the existing PAs for these weapon types (even for weapons that have a built-in PA cannot be used). Therefore, the behavior and PAs relating to these weapon types are discussed in separate pages.
Phantom PAs can only be used by Phantom as a Main Class. They cannot be used even when equipped with those types as Phantom Subclass.

  • The biggest feature is the "Shift PA" system to their three main weapon types.
    When using a PA from a Weapon Action, the attack itself changes completely, allowing for versatile methods of attacking enemies.
    • In text form, if only the PA name is written, this refers to the normal version, and if it says "Shift (PA Name)", this refers to the Shift version.
      Alternatively, they can also be distinguished by abbreviations such as "N (PA Name)" and "S (PA Name)". Example: Kugelsturm -> (N) Kugel / S Kugel
  • There is also a feature that all three weapon types possess that allows them to deal DoT, called "Place PAs".

Features of Phantom Rod

  • Note that except for Techniques, only the Marker Detonation scales off of Technique Power, has Melee Part Multiplier, and deals Melee damage.
  • Unlike Rods handled by other classes, Phantom Rods can be versatile in both PAs and Techniques.
    • Ambivalence makes it possible to accumulate Markers and increase Focus even with casting Techniques.
    • Whereas Hero Talis was mainly PA-based, Phantom Rod can be mainly PA-based and Technique-based.
  • Normal Attack
  • Single strike from the Rod.
    • Recovers 3 -> 4 -> 8 PP.
    • Has high potency on the third hit, but has longer lag.
    • As with all Phantom Rod attacks, their attacks have longer reach.
  • Weapon Action
Icon Uncharged Charged
UIWAPhRod.png Potency 400
PP Recovery Amount 3
Feature Rapid Fire Wide Range
  • Has short invulnerability when pressed. (Common to all Phantom Weapon Actions)
  • The uncharged version ejects a single shot of high-speed light bullets from the Rod. While activated, the player maintains altitude and can move around freely. The motion at the end of the shot is long, but can be canceled by other means besides jumping.
    • Cannot fire continuously, but the bullet comes out quickly, has fast bullet speed, and can reach long distances. Can also penetrate through enemies.
    • Contrary to its appearance, the Weapon Action seems to be treated as a "Melee Attack".
  • The charged version attacks in a wide area in front. Cannot move and stays in the air while charging. There is a front Guard Point when attacking. Detonates the Phantom Marker.
    • Has extremely long reach, up to 4 Sidesteps ahead.
    • Markers accumulated in multiple enemies can be all detonated at once.
  • Technique Strike
Slash Cleave
Potency 10
PP Recovery Amount 5
  • An animation occurs after casting a Technique that changes into a dedicated attack. Has very low potency, but can recover PP.
    • The motion differs depending on the Technique that fires forward and the Technique that fires around, the former releases a large slash in front, and the latter cleaves around the player.
  • The following Techniques do not follow up with Technique Strike.
    • Zero Safoie
    • Nabarta
    • Zero Nabarta
    • Ilzonde
    • Nazonde
    • Uncharged Zero Gigrants

Photon Arts


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtRufkonzert.png Rufkonzert Potency 1345 Rod Photon Art for Phantoms. Unleash a string of attacks and then let loose a shockwave. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • Slashes twice with the Rod and then fires off a cross-shaped shockwave on the third hit.
    • Since the shockwave hits twice, the total number of hits is 4.
  • Power notation is 15% and 20% for the first two hits, and 40% for the shockwave, totaling to 100%.
  • The shockwave travels for a bit, but the swing before the shockwave has a much wider range and reach than it looks.
  • When activated, the player can move in the inputted direction.
  • Can be canceled from the first hit by Sidestepping.
  • Shift Version
  • Slashes downward while firing off a ring projectile that can reach long distances.
  • The projectile can penetrate through multiple enemies.
  • Power notation is 2% for the downward slash and 48% for the ring projectile, totaling to 50%.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtMassenvernichtungs.png Massenvernichtungs Potency 1345 Rod Photon Art for Phantoms. Release a shockwave around yourself. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • While pressing and holding the PA, a spherical orb is made in the player's direction in front of them that constantly deals damage to any enemy near it while consuming PP.
    • After a little over 1.5 seconds, the orb increases in size, and the potency of both the orb and the shockwave increases.
    • While held down, the PA consumes at a rate of about 10 PP per second.
    • The player cannot move during the PA, but can change direction of the orb. Also maintains altitude when activated in the air.
  • Releasing the PA will release a 1 hit shockwave that can also stun.
    • When releasing the shockwave, Guard Points are made in all directions.
  • Power notation is 10% x n hits for the orb, 90% for the shockwave, 18% x n hits for charged orb, and 120% for the shockwave.
  • The hit interval of the orb is 1 hit every 8 frames (about 7.5 hits per second).
  • Shift Version
  • Deploys a damaging field around the player that lasts for about 15 seconds.
    • Deals a total of 30 hits at about 2 hits per second.
    • The field follows the player after being deployed.
    • The attack range gradually spreads.
  • Power notation is 2.2% x 30 hits, totaling to 66%.
  • The field disappears when changing weapon types.
  • Multiple fields cannot be deployed and the previous field will disappear if Shift Massenvernichtungs is reactivated again.
  • Also knocks back enemies.

Schwarze Katze

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtSchwarzeKatze.png Schwarze Katze Potency 1345 Rod Photon Art for Phantoms. Swing your weapon and quickly distance yourself from your target. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • After slashing upwards, warp backwards from the enemy with invulnerability.
    • Invulnerable at the beginning of the warp. Has omnidirectional Guard Points when reappearing.
    • After warping, any attacks performed afterwards are made in the air.
  • Power notation is 100% as shown.
  • Perfect Attack windows occurs twice, immediately after the attack and immediately after the warp.
  • Shift Version
  • A 1-hit attack that quickly warps to the enemy and slashes downwards.
    • Invulnerable during the warp.
    • Travel distance is greatly increased when locked onto a target.
    • Also tracks vertically.
  • Power notation is 110%.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtEisenflugel.png Eisenflügel Potency 1345 Rod Photon Art for Phantoms. Throw a talis which can serve as the epicenter of a Technique. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • Fires off a Talis-like penetrating shot at the target.
    • When activating the PA, the player can slide and move slightly with directional input.
  • Power notation is 100% as shown.
  • After firing, Techniques can be casted from the Talis bullet up to a distance of 3 Sidesteps. When a Technique is being charged, or the Talis bullet travels up to a distance of 3 Sidesteps, the Talis stays in place.
    • Has fast bullet speed.
    • The Talis lasts for about 1 second, and the deployed Talis disappears after releasing 1 activation of a Technique. Also disappears when it hits an obstacle
  • With the Phantom Talis S Charge skill, the charge time for Techniques casted from the Talis will be reduced by 50%.
  • Shift Version
  • Fires off a photonic bullet that explodes periodically while it travels like Ilmegid.
  • Power notation is 36% x 5 hits, totaling to 180%.
  • Reactivating Shift Eisenflügel will cause the previous bullet to disappear.