Jet Boots Photon Arts

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Jet Boots Photon Arts
UIPAStrikeGust.png Strike Gust / Zero UIPAGrandWave.png Grand Wave UIPASurgingGale.png Surging Gale UIPAJetsweepKick.png Jetsweep Kick


Jet Boots

Being one of the Bouncer's choice of weapons, it is the first weapon type that can utilize both Techniques and PAs in their unique actions.

Jetboot attacks scale off of Technique Power, but will benefit off of any Melee based skills due to it being Melee based attacks.
(By using the Bouncer's Main Class skill Switch Strike, the attacks will scale off of Melee Power. However, even in that case, the Techniques will still scale off of Technique Power for both normal activation and Variant Arts)

Using the Weapon Action during PAs will activate an unique Variant Art + Technique.
The Technique casted by the Variant Art will continue even if the user changes weapons.

Techniques that are automatically activated by Variant Arts will not be activated unless the user has learned the relevant Technique.
The Technique casted is exactly the same, only the way to activate it is different, so the learned Level, DEX, Technique Customization is applied as usual.
In addition, if another PA is activated while the Variant Technique is being activated, that Technique will be interrupted.

All PAs have knockback resistance.
The PAs can be canceled by sidestepping, but the reception time is often late into their animations. On the other hand, various cancellations can be done early for Variant Arts.
Having the skill "Jet Boots Escape" will give the user invulnerability frames during Variant Arts.

Although not explained in the game, the power of the PAs (excluding Jetsweep Kick) increases according to the amount of Focus Gauge (Focus 1: 0%, Focus 2: 5%, Focus 3: 15%). Jetsweep Kick has a special magnification change.
The power of Techniques does not change.

As a side note, the PA names contains climate-related terms.

Photon Arts

Strike Gust

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAStrikeGust.png Strike Gust Potency - 1872 Unleash a roundhouse kick to knock your enemy into the air. Variant Art: a fierce dropkick.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 0.4s / 0.8s
PP 25
  • Variant Art motion is a dive and a heel drop (1 hit) to an inverted roundhouse kick (3 hits). A shockwave with Stun is made when landing.
    Variant Art Technique is a charged Shifta.
  • A PA that can be charged in two stages. While somersaulting and climbing, the user turns and kicks multiple times.
    • The user is stationary while elevating when activated in the air.
    • When charged, the number of attacks will increase, but will also lengthen the animation accordingly. Has short tracking distance.
  • Has Super Armor.
    • Can be canceled with PA / Tech / Sidestep during the climb.
  • While using Rapid Boost, the maximum charge time is halved to 0.4 seconds (1 stage charge is 0.2 seconds each).
  • Power notation for the full hit is 12.5% (3.5% x 2 + 5.5%) uncharged, 45% (10% x 3 + 15%) for 1st stage charge, 87.5% (15% x 4 + 27.5%) for 2nd stage charge, and 50% (12.5% x4) for the Variant Art portion.

Strike Gust Zero

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAStrikeGust.png Strike Gust Zero Potency - 783 Holding down the button extends attack time, and a roundhouse kick can be used as an offshoot. Attack time extension increases potency.
DEX Correction 100
PP 15

Custom Type 1: Power +0 ~ +78
Custom Type 2: PP Consumption +0 ~ +10

  • Holding down the PA will change the behavior to a continuous attack.
    • Consumes PP as shown at the time of activation. Afterwards, holding down the PA will consume 1 PP at a rate of 5 PP per second.
  • During the PA, the user will elevate slowly. The same applies when used in the air.
    • The user can move back and forth, left and right, and change direction.
    • Since the PA has a wide attack range, it can hit enemies on the ground.
  • The effect changes from the 6th hit, and the power is increased. The effect of the Variant Art changes from the 5th hit, and the power is increased significantly.
    • Power notation per hit is 25% up to the 5th hit, and 45% after the 6th hit.
    • Variant Art Power is 80% (20% x 4) up to the 4th hit, and 140% (80% + 20% x 3) after the 5th hit.
  • The PA will still retain Super Armor.
  • No change to the Technique casted from Variant Art.

Grand Wave

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAGrandWave.png Grand Wave Potency - 2506 Ride a photonic wave and unleash a string of attacks. Variant Art: leap quickly and fluidly back to create some distance.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • Variant Art jumps back after a somersault attack, much like TMG's Weapon Action.
    Variant Art Technique is a charged Deband.
    • Invulnerability and Perfect Attack Window lasts for a long time while jumping away.
    • Even if the user does not cancel the jump by any action, the user will be out of the range, receiving only one "hit" of Deband.
      • The jump can be canceled immediately by Normal Attack, PA, Technique, Weapon Action, and Sidestep. When canceled, the user will not be invulnerable.
  • After rushing toward the enemy, adds two three-step kicks and then performs a roundhouse kick.
    • The user can fly backward immediately by performing the Weapon Action at the moment of activation. The rush can only be canceled with the Weapon Action. The kick can be canceled with Weapon Action or Sidestep.
  • Can travel long distances and can track enemies.
  • Has Super Armor.
  • Power notation for the full hit is 85% (20% + 10% x 4 + 25%) for the normal portion and 15% for the Variant Art portion.

Surging Gale

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPASurgingGale.png Surging Gale Potency - 5338 Kick left and right with extraordinary speed. Variant Art: a spinning attack which hits in an area.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • Variant Art is a rotational spinning attack
    Variant Art Technique is a charged Zanverse.
    • Zanverse is a Technique that generates a field, but the actual behavior is to give a bonus of 1 second duration (effect for follow-up attacks) to allies in the field, and the duration does not decrease while the target is in the field.
    • Attacks while moving forward a bit. The Pa has a large openinhg and works well with Megiverse, but be aware that Megiverse cannot coexist with it due to the Zanverse effect.
    • Variant Art attacks can be canceled by sidestepping after the first rotation, double jumping, and using the Weapon Action. (However, jump cancellation is not possible after a double jump)
    • Variant Art attacks have a weak suction effect. The suction speed is slow and stops at the outer edge of the rotation. However, a strong suction can be generated against enemies that jump inward.
      • Zanverse and suction effects last as long as the spinning attack is cancelled, even if the spinning attack is cancelled, as long as the spinning attack is fully discharged.
    • Note that if a move is entered after the Variant Art attack but before the Perfect Attack window appears, the end of the Variant Art attack will be canceled by the move and the window will disappear.
  • Has Super Armor.
  • Fire off up to 5 ranged attacks while swaying left and right greatly.
  • Can be shifted into the Variant Art at any time immediately after PA input to the end of the animation.
  • Power notation for the full hit is 40% (8% x 5) for the normal portion and 60% (5% x12) for the Variant Art.
  • Zanverse activated by normal Technique disppears when changing weapons, but Gale-Variant Art ones will continue even when changing weapons.

Jetsweep Kick

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAJetsweepKick.png Jetsweep Kick Potency 890 1054 Consume the entire Focus Gauge to unleash a limit-breaking attack. Variant Art: a frontal kick.
DEX Correction 100
PP 35
  • Variant Art is a short reach, small range, high powered kick.
    There is no Variant Art Technique.
    • Animation speed and and attack range is like the first stage of Normal Attack.
      • If the Weapon Action is pressed when the light of the circular effect converges, it becomes the Variant Art. The amount that has been entered up to that point does not affect the determination of whether it is a Variant or not.
      • The kick is released instead of a shockwave, and although it is systematically a Variant, it is actually a two-option attack.
  • After charging for about 1.3 seconds, the user emits a shock wave with a circular attack range.
    • Acts like an elemental burst with no invulnerability time.
      • After the PA starts, it cannot be canceled.
      • Can change the direction freely from the moment the charge is complete to the moment the kick is released. It is also possible to attack directly behind.
      • The user will have Super Armor.
      • Since it is not a charge, charge-related skill effects are not applied.
  • The power increases greatly when Focus is accumulated in both shockwaves and Variant Art attacks.
    • Power notation for the shockwave is 50% for Focus 1 or 2, and 200% for Max Focus.
    • Power notation for the Variant Art attack is 100% for Focus 1, 250% for Focus 2, and 420% for Max Focus.