Soaring Blades Photon Arts
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Soaring Blades
Being one of the Bouncer's choice of weapons, their PAs feature wave-like attacks mixed with photonic blades. By learning Soaring Blades Focus, photonic blades can be sent out with the Weapon Action, and Normal Attacks on a stabbed area will increase PP recovery and Focus recovery.

Although not explained in the game, the power of the PA increases and the effects change depending on the amount of Focus Gauge.
Most of the PAs involve multiple hits, so it is rather easy to accumulate Focus Gauge quickly.

In addition, many of the PAs move while attacking, making it easy to chase down moving targets and change attack positions by moving or changing altitude.
On the other hand, it is not good at attacking while staying in place with PAs only, and the damage dealt by one hit is low in most PAs.
Efficiently gaining Focus Gauge and PP while keeping Photon Blades intact after identifying key parts of the enemy will get the most mileage for Soaring Blades.

As a side note, the PA names contains terms related to birds.

Photon Arts

Dash Wing

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPADashWing.png Dash Wing Potency - 823 Advance with blinding speed and deliver a cross slash.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • After a high speed lunge, the user performs a two-hit cross slash.
    • When used in the air, altitude is maintained.
    • The PA disappears temporarily during the lunge, but unlike Morning Mistreaver, the user is not invulnerable.
  • Both the lunge speed and the occurence of the attacks are fast, and the movement distance is long. Best used for closing gaps.
  • Among the Soaring Blades PAs, the attack time is extremely short.
  • At Focus level 1, it has a range of a Normal Attack, but at Focus level 3, the effect changes and the range expands to almost the side.
  • Power notation per hit is 50% (Focus 0), 55% (Focus 1), 58% (Focus 2), and 60% (Focus 3).

Disperser Shrike

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPADisperserShrike.png Disperser Shrike Potency - 1764 Deploy photonic blades that strike all around and out as you move.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • A PA that moves slowly while somersaulting and deploying a multitude of photon blades around the user, sending it flying and circling in a specified direction. When used in the air, altitude is maintained.
    • Attacks occur when the user begins to somersault.
    • Directional input can be made to turn freely.
  • The flying photon blades are just a visual effect, and moreso a spherical, player-centered ranged attack.
    It has a wide range of attacks upwards, downwards, left and right, and can hit multiple enemies with a single attack.
  • Even when activated on the ground, it will be treated as attacking in the air. Therefore, the effect of Shifta Air Attack Boost is applied.
  • If all hits connect on an enemy, the total number of hits will be 9. Focus Gauge accumulates quickly when used in a group of enemies.
  • Has Super Armor.
  • Power notation per hit is 11.2% (Focus 0), 12.3% (Focus 1), 12.8% (Focus 2), and 13.4% (Focus 3).

Heavenly Kite

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAHeavenlyKite.png Heavenly Kite Potency - 1591 Perform a rising slash into the air accompanied by photonic blades, then deliver a whirling follow-up.
DEX Correction 100
PP 25
  • While spinning the photon blades deployed around the user, 2 upward slashes are performed.
  • Has a launching effect on the first slash.
    • Has wide lower and upper attack ranges and can connect almost all hits on enemies that cannot be launched.
  • Even when using the PA in the air, the user will elevate in altitude.
  • Has very fast startup animation.
  • Power notation per hit is 10% (Focus 0), 11% (Focus 1), 11.5% (Focus 2), and 12% (Focus 3). Total number of hits is 10.

Justice Crow

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAJusticeCrow.png Justice Crow Potency - 1556 Forms a symbol of justice with slashes, which then blasts targets. The symbol explodes, obliterating foes.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • A star-shaped mark (ARKs Star) is formed with the photon blade and ejected as a projectile.
    • The action of drawing a star-shaped mark is not very powerful, but can hit enemies. Since this portion alone has 5 hits, Focus Gauge tends to accumulate.
    • Explodes after landing and hits wide on the centered landing point.
    • The speed of the projectile is faster than Dash Wing.
    • Turning speed while drawing the star-shaped mark is slow until before the projectile is launched.
    • The projectile flies to the locked on part, and when aiming in OTS, it flies in that direction.
  • While drawing the star, frontal guard frames are generated.
  • When used in the air, the user maintains altitude.
  • Power notation per hit when drawing is 7.5% (Focus 0), 8.25% (Focus 1), 8.625% (Focus 2), and 9% (Focus 3). Total number of hits is 5.
    The explosions are 55% (Focus 0), 60.5% (Focus 1), 63.25% (Focus 2), and 66% (Focus 3).

Starlings Fall

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAStarlingsFall.png Starlings Fall Potency - 3010 Deploys a host of photonic blades, which then scatter with explosive force, sending you into the air and mercilessly assaulting targets.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • Deploys 12 photon blades around the user, releases and explodes, and the user warps upwards.
  • The deployed photon blades are part of the preliminary action, and the user will rise upwards at the same time as the attack.
  • After activation, the user is invulnerable from the beginning of deploying the photon blades to the occurence of the attack.
  • Elevates to an altitude comparable to a double-jump.
  • Power notation per hit is 7.5% (Focus 0), 8.25% (Focus 1), 8.625% (Focus 2), and 9% (Focus 3). Total number of hits is 12.
    When ascending, a one-hit shockwave is made around the attack, which is 10% (Focus 0), 11% (Focus 1), 11.5% (Focus 2), and 12% (Focus 3).

Kestrel Rampage

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAKestrelRampage.png Kestrel Rampage Potency - 3496 Unleashes a dizzying dance of attacks accompanied by photonic blades, then slices targets into tiny pieces with razor-sharp rain.
DEX Correction 100
PP 40
  • The user unleashes a series of forward slashes and then follows up with a torrent of photon blades.
  • Moves the user forward little by little during the continuous slashing. While maintaining altitude in the air, the user moves along the slope of the ground on the ground.
  • Perfect Attack window is immediately after the end of the continuous slashing.
  • The photon blades in the latter half can be dropped to a certain target position in OTS view or locking on.
  • Cannot be sidestep canceled. Can be canceled with the Weapon Action at any time.
    • Has Super Armor.
    • Since the PA hits multiple times, the Focus can be maxed out quickly.
  • Power notation per hit is 4% (Focus 0), 4.4% (Focus 1), and 5% (Focus 2 and 3). Total number of hits is 19 for continuous slashing, and 6 for follow-up for 25 hits in total.

Kestrel Rampage Zero

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAKestrelRampage.png Kestrel Rampage Zero Potency - 2364 Use all Focus to form a sword of light, then unleash a dizzying dance of attacks together with photonic blades, slicing multiple targets to pieces.
DEX Correction 100
PP 40

Custom Type 1: Power +0 ~ +238
Custom Type 2: PP Consumption +0 ~ +10

  • Consumes all Focus to increase power, attack speed, and attack range in correlation of the amount of Focus consumed.
    • Regarding the power, the power as shown drops significantly when customizing, but this is the value without Focus. The damage at max Focus is 250% of the stated power.
    • From Focus 2, the weapon will wear blades of light, increasing attack range.
  • Even when connecting all of the hits from the PA, Focus Gauge cannot be accumulated by this attack.
  • Total power notation is 100% (Focus 0), 150% (Focus 1), 200% (Focus 2), and 250% (Focus 3).

Immortal Dove

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAImmortalDove.png Immortal Dove Potency - 960 Forms a myriad of photonic blades and sends them flying at the target.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • The behavior of the PA is different when used on the ground and when used in the air.
    • When used on the ground, the user raises up photon blades and slams downwards, and when used in the air, the photon blades will slam down in 1 hit. Force fall when used in the air.
  • The effective range is about 2 forward sidesteps. Very thin range. Can be adjusted towards the left and right by about 45 degrees.
  • Fast animation with moderate power and light PP consumption.
  • Has good synergy with Heavenly Kite, combining the elevation of slashing attacks and the downward slams.
  • Power notation when used on the ground is 30% the rising blades and 70% for the slam.
    Power notation when used in the air is 100% for the slam. Total power increase from Focus is 110% for Focus 1, 115 for Focus 2, and 120% for Focus 3.