Double Sabers Photon Arts

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Double Saber Photon Arts
UIPATornadoDance.png Tornado Dance / Zero UIPAScissorSlash.png Scissor Slash UIPARumblingMoon.png Rumbling Moon UIPAIllusionFlurry.png Illusion Flurry UIPALureStrike.png Lure Strike UIPAWaylayDrop.png Waylay Drop
UIPATurbineToss.png Turbine Toss UIPAAcroblitz.png Acroblitz UIPABalefulCircle.png Baleful Circle / Zero UIPAChaoslicer.png Chaoslicer UIPAHurricaneHurl.png Hurricane Hurl


Double Sabers

Being one of the Fighter's choice of weapons, its PAs have more unique attacks and attack range compared to Twin Dagger PAs and Knuckle PAs, and has less overall damage per hit, but has a higher number of hits.

The PAs themselves have average power for a melee, but by adding the Whirlwind's power through Focus, it can be comparable to others.
Frequent Focus release animations are essential, limiting the use of Tech Arts skills.
The lack of PAs with Super Armor makes brute-force strategies ill-advised.
Careful positioning and adaptibility to each situation brings out the most of Double Sabers.
Equipping the skill ring "Double Saber Whirlwind (L)", Whirlwinds can be activated without consuming Focus or performing the Weapon Action.
This in turn will increase overall damage by factoring in Tech Arts skills.
Focus accumulation is increased by 1.5x with Perfect Attacks.
Whirlwinds made from the Weapon Action will also have high Focus accumulation of their own.

Photon Arts

Tornado Dance

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPATornadoDance.png Tornado Dance Potency - 1014 Rush at the target with a whirlwind-like spinning attack.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • A valuable movement attack PA for Double Sabers. Pairs well with Double Saber Focus.
  • Directional input can be made to adjust the movement. Works well for single-target and multiple targets.
  • Altitude is maintained during the PA.
  • Power notation of the attacks are 20% x 5 of the stated power.

Tornado Dance Zero

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPATornadoDance.png Tornado Dance Zero Potency 803 960 Rush at a target with an attack that spins your body like a whirlwind. Charging will increase speed and mobility.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 0.5s
PP 30

Custom Type 1: Power +0 ~ +95
Custom Type 2: PP Consumption -0 ~ -10

  • The distance traveled without charging will increase slightly and will be difficult to maintain altitude due to the nature of charging.
  • Unlike the original, when the PA is charged, the attack changes into a single high powered attack against a single target.
    • When charged, movement speed is increased and distance is increased by about 1.5x.
    • Turning rate decreases.
    • Useful for weak groups of enemies.
  • PP consumption increases with customization, but can be offset by having PP-10 for Type 2.
  • Power notation of the attacks are 20% x 5 of the stated power while uncharged. The Power notation of the charged version will result in 100% x 1 of the stated power.

Scissor Slash

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAScissorSlash.png Scissor Slash Potency - 1211 Launch the target and then follow up with a string of attacks as they fall back down.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30 20
  • A powerful launching attack followed by 4 additional hits.
  • Cannot be canceled immediately after launching.
  • Power notation of the launch is 64% of the stated power while the additional hits is 9% x 4.

Rumbling Moon

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPARumblingMoon.png Rumbling Moon Potency - 1386 Deftly twirl the weapon to unleash a flurry of attacks on your target.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • Hits multiple times in all directions while controlling the weapon with the user's legs like a breakdancing move.
  • Hits 4 times with the spins, and once at the end of the PA with knockdown effect.
  • Slight movement can be made during the PA.
  • 'Power notation of the spinning slashes are 10% x 4of the stated power while the last hit is 60%.

Illusion Flurry

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAIllusionFlurry.png Illusion Flurry Potency - 3264 Unleashing a dancing flurry of attacks using your body and the weapon itself to shred your target to bits.
DEX Correction 100
PP 32
  • Hits for a total of 14 times. Roughly 5 hits per second.
  • With its narrower attack range, this PA is best suited for single-target enemies.
  • In compensation for its high PP usage, the overall damage when connecting all hits is higher.
  • Power notation for the continous hits are 5% x 13, with the finish having 35% of the stated power.

Lure Strike

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPALureStrike.png Lure Strike Potency - 1773 Turn your back to your target to put them off-guard, surprise them with a thrust attack, and then finish by slamming them into the ground.
DEX Correction 100
PP 15
  • Has a total of 3 hits which includes: Piercing the target, hitting the target on the ground, and jumping and slamming the target onto the ground.
  • All of the attacks are done if the PA connects.
  • Power notation of the thrust and jump is 25% each, with the slam having 50% of the stated power.

Waylay Drop

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAWaylayDrop.png Waylay Drop Potency - 1419 Leap at your enemy and then bring your weapon down hard upon them. Releases a shockwave that strikes around you.
DEX Correction 105
PP 20
  • Leap upwards with 3 small whirlwind attacks before dropping down for a powerful shockwave with stun effects.
  • When activated on the ground, the user travels slightly farther than Tornado Dance.
  • Due to the nature of the PA, it is not recommended to use against enemies in the air.
  • Power notation for the small whirlwinds are 14% x 3 with the shockwave having 58% of the stated power.

Turbine Toss

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPATurbineToss.png Turbine Toss Potency - 1637 Summon up all your strength to hurl your weapon at the foes. Can be charged to increase the number of hits.
DEX Correction 100
Charge Time 0.5s
PP 20
  • A medium-range attack that sends out the double sabers rotating at high speeds and remains in their place momentarily.
  • Deals 7 hits without charge, and 11 hits with charge.
  • The distance traveled with the attack is dependent on whether the PA is charged or not.
  • Power notation for the attacks are 9% per hit. 63% of the stated power for uncharged and 99% for charged.


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAAcroblitz.png Acroblitz Potency - 1315 Unleash two quick strikes and then finish by stylishly leaping back.
DEX Correction 110
PP 20
  • Although the PA describes as "two quick strikes", it actually hits 4 times.
  • The user jumps backwards at the same time as the last attack.
  • Even when the PA is activated on the ground, the entire attack is treated as an aerial attack.
  • Guard frames occur during the two strikes.
  • Can be canceled right after the first strike by sidestepping. Jump cancel is not possible.
  • Power notation of the attacks are 25% x 4.

Baleful Circle

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPABalefulCircle.png Baleful Circle Potency - 2106 Throw your weapon and unleash an attack that covers all around you. Can be charged to increase the attack's range.
DEX Correction 110
Charge Time 0.5s
PP 20
  • When released, the double sabers travel around the user counterclockwise.
  • Charging increases the attack range of the PA.
  • Can hit anywhere between 1 to 6 hits in close contact and about 1 to 3 hits in other situations, making the PA unstable to get all possible hits in.
  • Power notation per hit is 9% of the stated power. With a total of 11 possible hits accounting for 99% of the stated power.

Baleful Circle Zero

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPABalefulCircle.png Baleful Circle Zero Potency - 1723 Throw both sabers to circle your surrounds, not only attacking targets but defending as well. Charging will widen your range of attack.
DEX Correction 110
Charge Time 0.5s
PP 30

Custom Type 1: Power +0 ~ +172
Custom Type 2: PP Consumption +0 ~ +10

  • Will now spin around the user 3 times.
  • Charging increases the number of hits from 7 to 11 as well as attack range.
  • Omnidirectional guard frames occur for about 2 seconds from the moment the button is let go until the Perfect Attack window disappears.
    • Guarding the attack will not stop or slow down the animation.
    • Does not block unguardable attacks.
  • Power notation per hit is 9% of the stated power. With a total of 11 possible hits accounting for 99% of the stated power.


Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAChaoslicer.png Chaoslicer Potency 632 744 Spin the weapon to kick up a tornado which draws in and attacks surrounding foes.
DEX Correction 110
PP 20
  • When activated, sends out a single hitting launch attack and sucks in enemies.
  • Consumes all Focus when activating the PA.
    • Depending on the number of Focus bars consumed, the suction range and power increases.
  • Has a wide area of effect.
  • Power notation is 100% of the stated power, with 151% for Focus 2 and 200% for Focus 3.

Hurricane Hurl

Icon Name Stat +1 +17 Description
UIPAHurricaneHurl.png Hurricane Hurl Potency - 1010 Fire a whirlwind which gathers foes into it. The whirlwind can be used to unleash an attack by pressing the Weapon Action button.
DEX Correction 110
PP 25
  • A PA that consists of 3 actions.
  • 1: Fires a disk-shaped projectile.
    • Maximum range is about 3 sidesteps. Has 30% of the stated power as a single hit.
  • 2: When the projectile hits a wall or enemy or reaches its maximum range, it changes to a tornado that constantly sucks in enemies to that spot.
    • Has a duration of about 3 seconds. Deals no damage and only sucks in enemies.
    • Only one tornado can be sent out at a time.
  • 3: By performing the Weapon Action during the tornado activation, the tornado explodes and deals damage to any enemy caught near it.
  • The higher the Focus Gauge at the time of detonation, the greater in power and range of the eplosion.
    • Power notation for the projectile is 30% regardless of Focus. The tornado explosion cause by Focus activation is 70% for Focus 0-1, 90% for Focus 2, and 110% for Focus 3.