Phantom Katana Photon Arts
UIPhotonArtSchmetterling.png Schmetterling UIPhotonArtFolterzeit.png Folterzeit UIPhotonArtWolkenkratzer.png Wolkenkratzer UIPhotonArtRosenschwert.png Rosenschwert


The Phantom Class handles three special weapons: Katana Katanas, RifleAssault Rifles, and RodRods; as well as GunbladeGunblades, common to all classes.
All are existing weapons, but when equipped as a Phantom, their movesets have a completely different behavior in terms of Normal Attacks, Weapon Actions, Dodge Actions, and Photon Arts.
Phantoms cannot use any of the existing PAs for these weapon types (even for weapons that have a built-in PA cannot be used). Therefore, the behavior and PAs relating to these weapon types are discussed in separate pages.
Phantom PAs can only be used by Phantom as a Main Class. They cannot be used even when equipped with those types as Phantom Subclass.

  • The biggest feature is the "Shift PA" system to their three main weapon types.
    When using a PA from a Weapon Action, the attack itself changes completely, allowing for versatile methods of attacking enemies.
    • In text form, if only the PA name is written, this refers to the normal version, and if it says "Shift (PA Name)", this refers to the Shift version.
      Alternatively, they can also be distinguished by abbreviations such as "N (PA Name)" and "S (PA Name)". Example: Kugelsturm -> (N) Kugel / S Kugel
  • There is also a feature that all three weapon types possess that allows them to deal DoT, called "Place PAs".

Features of Phantom Katana

In the case of a 2-button layout, the palette is 3-button combo based.
However, unlike other combo based weapon types, the Weapon Action does not reset the combo, so the Shift PA is not only available at the beginning of the palette, but in all PAs set on it.

  • Normal Attack
    • Both the 1st and 3rd attacks have a very long animation, and if used in the air, the player will continue to stay in the air for the duration of the action without falling. Since the Perfect Attack window continues to be shown from immediately after the attack until the end of the animation.
    • Can be canceled by movement and by Weapon Action around the time when the Perfect Attack window is shown.
      Can also be canceled by dodging at any time before and after a quick attack.
  • Weapon Action
Icon Uncharged Charged Quick Cut
UIWAPhKatana.png Potency 720
PP Recovery Amount 3 15
Feature Small Range Medium Range
  • Has short invulnerability when pressed. (Common to all Phantom Weapon Actions)
  • The Uncharged version fires off slashes up to a medium range ahead.
    • Has a frontal cone range and is a little shorter than 2 Phantom Sidesteps.
    • Unlike Rifles and Rods, the attack comes out slower.
  • The Charged version fires off slashes up to a medium range ahead. The player cannot move and stays in the air while charging. Detonates the Phantom Marker.
    • Has the same potency and range as the uncharged version.
    • Unlike Rifles and Rods, there are no Guard Frames and Invulnerability when activated.
  • Quick Cut (Skill Acquisition Required)
    • When equipped with a Katana, if you perform a Weapon Action at a specific timing at the end of a Normal Attack and PAs, you will quickly approach the locked-on target while performing the Weapon Action.
    • If the target is within reachable distance, the player will track towards it, but if the target is too far away, the player will not track vertically. Has long invulnerability, decent potency and PP recovery.
    • The timing for Quick Cut is different for each action, and a unique sound effect with a blue flash effect is made.
    • Note that this is a Weapon Action, meaning that any PAs activated afterwards will be a Shift PA.
    • Quick Cut will not allow you to charge it for Marker Detonation.
  • Sidestep Strike
    • Cuts down from above while moving forward. If performed while near a locked-on target, you will advance much closer.
    • At around 11 Frames, only the front has a Guard Point, which is also a safety net in case of misplaced Sidesteps.

Photon Arts


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtSchmetterling.png Schmetterling Potency 1465 Katana Photon Art for Phantoms. Close the distance to your target and perform attacks. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • Rushes towards the enemy and makes a continuous attack with the scabbard (1 hit), downward slice (1 hit) and turn kick (3 hits).
    • Has Super Armor during the PA.
    • At the same time when the kick occurs, the player moves slightly backward and diagonally upward.
    • Knocks down struck enemies.
    • If left or right directional input is made at the moment of the kick, the player will move in the inputted direction.
  • Power notation per hit is 20%, with 5 hits totaling to 100%.
  • The timing of Quick Cut is immediately after jumping out (immediately after the third hit of the kick portion).
  • Has tracking capabilities.
  • Shift Version
  • Slides through enemies while leaving behind flashing slashes.
    • Has long invulnerability (about 0.6s).
    • Knocks down struck enemies.
  • Power notation is 40% + 22%, totaling to 62%.
  • The timing of Quick Cut is immediately after getting up from sliding.
  • Although it can track towards the enemy, it is characterized by pentrating through without stopping.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtFolterzeit.png Folterzeit Potency 2156 Katana Photon Art for Phantoms. Unleash a string of frontal slashes. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 28
  • Deals 6 hits while stationary.
    • Launches on the 6th hit.
  • Perfect Attack window lasts from the 2nd hit to the end of the PA.
  • Power notation is 13% x 5 hits and 35% for the final hit, totaling to 100%.
  • The timing of Quick Cut is at the moment when the continuous attack ends.
  • Shift Version
  • After stepping in the inputted direction, turn back to the opposite side. Difficult to control the direction of the movement, but has long attack reach.
    • Has invulnerability frames at the start.
  • When activated on the ground, it has a long animation to release the attack. If activated in the air, the animation is omitted, and if no actions are made after, the player will immediately fall.
  • Power notation is 50%.
  • The timing of Quick Cut is immediately after turning back to the opposite side. In the grounded version, it also occurs at the same time as releasing the slice.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtWolkenkratzer.png Wolkenkratzer Potency 1037 Katana Photon Art for Phantoms. Execute a drop attack accompanied by a shock wave. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 25
  • Swing down the weapon to the ground to create a circular shock wave.
    • Due to its nature, altitude drops. However, since the player floats slightly after falling, the Perfect Attack window is made in the air.
    • Can move during the jump before the attack.
    • Has short invulnerability at the start of the jump (about 0.2s).
    • Has a stunning effect.
  • The number of hits increases if the enemies are struck in the center of the shock wave.
  • Power notation of the shock wave is 70%, and 15% x 2 hits for the center of the shockwave, totaling to 100%.
  • The timing of Quick Cut is immediately after the shock wave is made and the player floats upward.
  • Has slower falling speed than other falling PAs.
  • Shift Version
  • Jumps up from the spot and diagonally fires down a photonic bullet, regardless of whether it is on the ground or in the air.
    • Has fast bullet speed.
    • Has very long range.
    • Has a stunning effect.
    • Has invulnerability at the start (about 0.33s).
  • Power notation is 61%.
  • The timing of Quick Cut is immediately after shooting the photonic bullet.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtRosenschwert.png Rosenschwert Potency 1448 Katana Photon Art for Phantoms. Create distance to your target and then unleash a powerful attack. Performing a Weapon Action changes the PA.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • Creates a Guard Point in front at the start of the PA while stepping back, then pulls in with a piercing attack that hits multiple times.
  • Perfect Attack window is early, and it occurs almost at the moment of the pierce.
  • Power notation for the initial hit is 1% and 18% x 3 + 20% + 25% for the piercing hits, totaling to 100%.
  • The timing of Quick Cut is immediately after the thrust (immediately after the Perfect Attack window appears).
  • Shift Version
  • Jumps straight upwards and deploys a continuously hitting slash on the spot.
    • Has short invulnerability at the moment of jumping up.
  • Since the player jumps up when attacking, they stay in the air after the Perfect Attack window.
  • Power notation is 32% for deploying the slash, and 4% x 9 hits for the continuous hits from the slash, totaling to 68%.
  • The timing of Quick Cut is at the moment when the player returns from the original posture from the handstand.