Phantom Rifles Photon Arts

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Phantom Rifle Photon Arts
UIPhotonArtKugelsturm.png Kugelsturm UIPhotonArtNacht angriff.png Nachtangriff UIPhotonArtVerbrechen.png Verbrechen UIPhotonArtStrafe.png Strafe


The Phantom Class handles three special weapons: Katana Katanas, RifleAssault Rifles, and RodRods; as well as GunbladeGunblades, common to all classes.
All are existing weapons, but when equipped as a Phantom, their movesets have a completely different behavior in terms of Normal Attacks, Weapon Actions, Dodge Actions, and Photon Arts.
Phantoms cannot use any of the existing PAs for these weapon types (even for weapons that have a built-in PA cannot be used). Therefore, the behavior and PAs relating to these weapon types are discussed in separate pages.
Phantom PAs can only be used by Phantom as a Main Class. They cannot be used even when equipped with those types as Phantom Subclass.

  • The biggest feature is the "Shift PA" system to their three main weapon types.
    When using a PA from a Weapon Action, the attack itself changes completely, allowing for versatile methods of attacking enemies.
    • In text form, if only the PA name is written, this refers to the normal version, and if it says "Shift (PA Name)", this refers to the Shift version.
      Alternatively, they can also be distinguished by abbreviations such as "N (PA Name)" and "S (PA Name)". Example: Kugelsturm -> (N) Kugel / S Kugel
  • There is also a feature that all three weapon types possess that allows them to deal DoT, called "Place PAs".

Features of Phantom Rifle

  • Note that only the Marker Detonation scales off of Ranged Power, has Ranged Part Multiplier, and deals Melee damage.
  • Normal Attack
    • Fires off only one bullet on every attack. Has high potency and penetrates through enemies.
      • To put it into more detail, it is regarded as a projectile that can graze enemies who are within the range of it, like Foie.
    • The third shot is stronger than the first two, but has longer animation than them.
      • Can be canceled by Sidestepping after any part of the attack, but it slower than Sidestepping with Katana and Rod.
    • Has a very long range and can attack slightly far beyond the lock-on limit.
    • Inputting movement during the attack will make the player slide towards the inputted direction.
  • Weapon Action
Icon Uncharged Charged
UIWAPhRifle.png Potency 140 x 3 900
PP Recovery Amount 3
Feature Phantom Bits Penetration Shot
  • Has short invulnerability when pressed. (Common to all Phantom Weapon Actions)
  • The uncharged version shoots out 3 bits while moving freely.
    • Has fast movement immediately after the animation starts, and gradually slows down.
    • Bits drifts a little around the player and then accelerates rapidly to chase the target.
    • Has no penetration capabilities.
  • The charged version fires off a penetrating shot and recoils back. Cannot move and stays in the air while charging. There is a front Guard Point when releasing the shot. Detonates the Phantom Marker.
    • The penetrating shot has a slightly larger attack range and slightly slower bullet speed than a Normal Attack. Has about the same range.
    • Can penetrate through enemies but can be blocked by terrain.

Photon Arts


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtKugelsturm.png Kugelsturm Potency 1345 Assault Rifle Photon Art for Phantoms. Sweep a large area in front of you with bullets. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • Fires off three consecutive fan-shaped shots. Has invulnerability at the beginning of the 2nd set of shots (about 0.475s).
    • The second and third sets can be stationary or can be moved in any direction. Only the first set makes the player move forward slightly in a fixed direction.
    • Pressing and holding down the PA will delay the second and third sets of shots until released. During this, the player can move and jump, and can be interrupted by Sidestepping.
    • Deals 2 hits in the first set and 3 hits each in the second and third sets.
  • Power notation is 8% x 2 hits for the first set, and 14% x 3 for the second and third sets, totaling to 100%.
  • The attack range is much wider than the effect looks.
    • Due to the fan-shaped range, the PA does not hit directly across.
    • Can hit enemies overhead and underneath.
  • Due to its penetrating capabilities and has the property of hitting weakpoints, it can even hit weak points behind enemies.
  • Reloads after the third set of shots. The player cannot move during this time, but can reduce the ending lag by connecting to another attack with Perfect Attack or Sidestepping.
  • Shift Version
  • While holding down the PA button, the player remains stationary regardless of being on the ground or in the air, continuously consuming PP to rapid fire on a single target.
  • Releasing the button will fire off a powerful shot and moves slightly in the inputted direction with invulnerability.
  • Power notation is 11% x n hits for the continuous fire, and 62% for the final shot.
  • Can turn in almost all directions with high speed and long range.
  • Invulnerability occurs at the start and end of the PA (About 0.35s at the start, about 0.55 at the end).


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtNacht angriff.png Nachtangriff Potency 2176 Assault Rifle Photon Art for Phantoms. Launch an exploding attack satellite upon button release. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • Shoots out a bit that moves linearly at a constant velocity and detonates when the PA button is released.
    • Takes a certain amount of time / distance to detonate. Even if you use the PA without pressing and holding down the button, it will take a small amount of time to travel a certain amount of distance to automatically detonate.
    • The player can move and jump freely while pressing and holding the PA. Can also interrupt the PA by Sidestepping.
  • The enemy hit by the center of the explosion will be dealt further damage with more hits.
  • Power notation is 40% for the explosion and 60% for the center, totaling to 100%.
  • Does not track enemies.
  • Shift Version
  • Pressing and holding the PA will make the player continuously run while consuming PP, and when released, fires off 2 large penetrating shots while braking.
    • Can change direction and jump up twice in any direction while running. Can also be interrupted by Sidestepping.
  • Power notation is 32% x 2 hits, totaling to 64%.
  • The penetrating bullets are larger, contrary to their appearance. The bullet speed is slower, and the range reaches a little farther than the lock-on limit.
  • Perfect Attack window is late at the end of the animation.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtVerbrechen.png Verbrechen Potency 797 Assault Rifle Photon Art for Phantoms. Launch a line of attack satellites as you move. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 25
  • Moves in the inputted direction while launching off laser-shooting bits. Invulnerable for about 0.4 seconds moving backwards and about 0.25 seconds in the other directions.
  • Can move forward, backward, left and right depending on the inputted direction. If there is not input, the player will move backwards.
    • When moving back and forth, the deployed bits fire off in front of the player in a narrow range, but high potency.
    • When moving left and right, the deployed bits fire off in a horizontal line in a wide range, but not as strong compared to above.
  • Even though several lasers are fired off, only 1 hit will be made.
  • Power notation is 120% for forward and backward movement and 100% for left and right movement.
  • Shift Version
  • Places a bit in the air to fire off homing lasers. Has invulnerability for about 0.4 seconds when activated on the ground (until Perfect Attack is possible) and about 0.2 seconds when activated in the air.
    When activating the Shift PA on the ground, the player will elevate to the maximum altitude of a jump, and remains stationary when activated in the air.
  • The laser fires off for a total of 12 times at about 1 second intervals, and when it lands on the ground, it explodes similar to a charged Megid and launches the enemy into the air slightly.
  • Power notation is 11% x 12 hits, totaling to 132%.
  • If the firing direction of the laser was targeting something at the time of installing the bit, it follow its target. Otherwise, it is fixed to the direction of the player at the time of installation. Also, if the target to be tracked dies, it is fixed to the direction it is facing at the time of placement.
  • The order of priority of the bit's attack target is "the player's current target" > "the target at the time the bit was placed".
  • Zanverse follow-up occurs if the player is within Zanverse's field range, not the bit.
  • Deploying another bit while one is already made will cause the previous bit to disappear.


Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtStrafe.png Strafe Potency 398 Assault Rifle Photon Art for Phantoms. Launch an attack satellite which continually assaults targets. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • Locks up to 4 targets while the PA is held down, and when released, deploys bits around the enemies to automatically attack them.
    • Lasts for 20 seconds and fires off 14 lasers.
    • Can change direction while locking on, but the player remains stationary during this. When activated in the air, the player maintains altitude.
    • Invulnerable when deploying the bits.
  • Power notation is 14% x 14 hits per bit, totaling to 196%.
  • Like the Shift Version of Verbrechen, it is a PA that deploys auto attack bits, but has some similarities and differences.
    • The deployed bits follows the enemies regardless of speed.
    • Hits very accurately, similar to Grants.
    • Although has narrow range, can hit other enemies if grouped together.
  • If the part that the bit is targeting is destroyed, the bit will stop following the enemy and will continue to fire off in the direction where the part was.
  • The deployed bits disappear when the enemy dies or becomes untargetable.
  • If Strafe is reactivated with remaining bits, the previous ones will disappear.
  • Shift Version
  • Deploys a mine-type bit that detonates when an enemy is within range. Has invulnerability for about 0.4 seconds when activated on the ground, and in the air when descending onto the ground.
    • Even when activated in the air, the player will forcibly descend onto the ground.
    • Has a range close to a charged Zondeel, and deals 1 hit that can stun.
    • Has long detonation hit.
  • Power notation is 100% as shown.
  • Takes about 2 seconds from deployment to prepare for detonation. The deployed bit lasts for about 60 seconds and will disappear without exploding afterwards.
  • Reactivating Shift Strafe while a mine is deployed will overwrite the previous bit and redeploy it, causing the previous one to disappear.