Étoile Soaring Blade Photon Arts
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The Étoile Class handles three special weapons: Double Saber Double Sabers, Soaring BladesSoaring Blades, and WandWands; as well as GunbladeGunblades, common to all classes.
All are existing weapons, but when equipped as an Étoile, their movesets have a completely different behavior in terms of Normal Attacks, Weapon Actions, Dodge Actions, and Photon Arts.
Étoiles cannot use any of the existing PAs for these weapon types (even for weapons that have a built-in PA cannot be used). Therefore, the behavior and PAs relating to these weapon types are discussed in separate pages.
Étoile PAs can only be used by Étoile as a Main Class. They cannot be used even when equipped with those types as Étoile Subclass.

  • Common to Double Saber, Soaring Blades, and Wand is that all of their Weapon Actions can counter in a way from guarding.
    • Unlike other Scion Classes, each weapon has its own Focus and Weapon Action (not shared by the three weapon types). However, what is common to them is their Weapon Action elements that can lead into enhanced attacks.
  • All three weapon types have a very high flight performance and slow occurence of spontaneous fall for a variety of actions.

Features of Étoile Soaring Blades

  • Normal Attack
    • 3-stage attack. Hits once -> twice -> once for a total of 4 hits.
    • When the attack is over, the Perfect Attack window appears, and then the airborne performance disappears, starting the descent.
    • Learning Soaring Blades Lock-On Chase will add on approachable movement on locked-on enemies.
  • Étoile Soaring Blades Focus (Skill Acquisition Required)

    • Accumulates only when attacking the enemy. Up to 2 gauges can be stored.
      • Applies to Normal Attack, Parry (On Counter), Sidestep Edge, PA, and Soaring Edge.
      • PAs tend to have higher Focus Accumulation in their finishing parts.
    • Separated by two Focus Gauges. The Focus Gauge is consumed one bar at a time by the derivative attack from the Sidestep Edge described later.
  • Weapon Actions Parry, Sidestep Edge, Connect, Full Connect
Icon Parry Sidestep Edge Connect Full Connect
UIWAEtSoaringBlades.png Potency 33.44 650 5300 9000
PP Recovery Amount 10 8 - -
    • Parry
      Perfect Guard can be performed all the time.
      Unlike other classes, the Parry can be activated at any time without interrupting any actions, including movement, any attacks, and using items.
      Can also be used while frozen. Parry cannot be activated during stun, knockback, launches, getting up from the ground, or being grappled.
      However, if the Parry fails, a cooldown will occur and you will not be able to Parry again for about 0.6 seconds. If the Parry is successful, the action can be activated again without cooldown.
      When the Parry succeeds, the action shoots out an "Edge" to the target as a counter and recovers 10 PP on hit.
      The Parry lasts longer compared to parries in other classes. Successful Parries makes the player invulnerable for about 1 second.
    • Sidestep Edge
      Activated when performing a Weapon Action during the Sidestep.
      The player throws an Edge to make a long-range attack. Recovers PP when the Edge hits.
    • Connect
      Activated when performing a Weapon Action during the Sidestep Edge. Consumes one bar of the Focus Gauge.
      Slash to disperse the front area and then unleash a series of four attacks that sweep away with the sword together.
      • Invulnerable during the attack.
      • Holding down the Weapon Action button during this will hold the Connect Attack until it is released. Stationary in the air, and can be canceled by Sidestepping.
    • Full Connect
      Activated when performing a Weapon Action during the Connect. Consumes one more bar of the Focus Gauge.
      Starts forming a giant sword, and when it is fully made, releases a deadly attack that slashes in a long straight line in front of the player.
      • Invulnerable for a short time from the beginning of the Full Connect animation to when the giant sword is made. There is also invulnerability at the moment the attack is released.
      • The attack range is close to the effect, long range. There is a difference in potency between a hit on the big sword part and a hit on the shock wave part. Roughly speaking, if there is a gap of about two Sidesteps away from the player, it changes to a shockwave attack.
        Note that if the shockwave hits the enemy, the potency will drop to 8000.
      • Holding down the Weapon Action button during this will hold the Full Connect Attack until it is released. Stationary in the air, and can be canceled by Sidestepping.
      • Pressing the Weapon Action momentarily will release the attack as soon as the sword is formed.
  • Sidestep Strike
    • Two consecutive strikes that slide and stab while cleaving away immediately after input.
      • If there is no target to lock on, inputting the opposite direction while sliding will reduce the momentum.
  • Soaring Edge
    • During PAs at certain times, a huge blade called "Edge" will appear to deal additional hits. When the Edge is timed to appear, an aura appears at the player's feet.
    • Not just an effect, the attack by the Edge continues even if the PA was interrupted or is interrupted after the Edge appears.

Photon Arts

  • There is no feature that says the nature of the PA changes depending on the action, like the Double Saber or Wand.
  • However, the PA animations are quite long overall, making the player vulnerable to enemy attacks.
    Since the Weapon Action Parry can be activated even while using PA, it is recommended to guard against enemy attacks with this.

Distortion Pierce

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtDistortionPierce.png Distortion Pierce Potency 2709 Soaring Blades Étoile Photon Art. Pierces the enemy and releases a photon blade into them.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • Steps towards the enemy to stab twice and opens up the blades. The Edge slashes inwards.
    • The opening slash and Soaring Edge portions consists of two swords, but will only hit once each. Has a small launching effect on the opening slash.
    • Cannot be canceled between the beginning to the opening slash.
    • Only the opening slash can change direction.
  • Has Super Armor.
  • Power notation is 10% x 2 hits for the thrust, 60% for the opening slash, and 20% for the Edge portion, totaling to 100%.
  • Soaring Edge
    • Occurs at the first part thrust. A flash of light is closed between the two Edges.

Radiant Sting

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtRadiantSting.png Radiant Sting Potency 1650 Soaring Blades Étoile Photon Art. Unleashes an aerial combo that ends with a heavy blow and photon blade that cleaves the area.
DEX Correction 100
PP 22
  • A 5-step attack consisting of a slash, kick, upwards slash, edge, and downward smash.
    • It is possible to move until the player smashes onto the ground. The altitude does not decrease even when activated in the air.
    • Has a small launching effect on the upward slash.
  • Has wide horizontal range but narrow top and bottom range.
  • Has Super Armor.
  • Power notation is 5% for the slash, 5% for the kick, 5% for the upwards slash, 45% for the downward smash, and 40% for the Edge parts, totaling to 100%.
  • Soaring Edge
    • Occurs at the moment of kicking. 4 Edges are made to sweep around the player.
    • Has a range of about 1 Sidestep.

Vertical Flow

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtVerticalFlow.png Vertical Flow Potency 1511 Soaring Blades Étoile Photon Art. Follows a Rapid Ascent with a devastating blow directly below before unleashing a photon blade.
DEX Correction 100
PP 18
  • After jumping up into the air, attacks and launches a falling thrust, leading into a backhand opening slash on landing. A three-step attack.
    • Can move slightly during the fall.
  • Two Perfect Attack windows can occur, after jumping up into the air, and after the landing slash.
    • Can be used to repeatedly increase altitude from the first Perfect Attack window.
  • Has a large launching effect in the first part.
  • Has Super Armor.
  • Power notation is 2% for the rush into the sky, 28% for the falling thrust, 26% for the landing slash, and 22% x 2 hits for the Edge parts, totaling to 100%.
  • Soaring Edge
    • Occurs almost at the same time as the PA is activated, and is deployed at the top of the jump. Homes onto the locked-on location 2 seconds after being deployed.

Light Wave

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtLightWave.png Light Wave Potency 3342 Soaring Blades Étoile Photon Art. Unleashes a barrage of blows that emit shockwaves and launches a photon blade that pierces the enemy.
DEX Correction 100
PP 32
  • Releases 4 shockwaves and follows-up with the Edge. The shockwaves can penetrate through multiple enemies in the line of sight.
    • Can move during the PA. The range of the shockwaves is about 8 Sidesteps.
  • Has no Super Armor.
  • Power notation is 20% for the first shockwave, 15% for the second and third shockwaves, 30% for the fourth shockwave, and 10% x 2 for the Edge parts, totaling to 100%.
  • Soaring Edge
    • Occurs after the second shockwave is released. Two Edges fly from both sides after the end of the fourth shockwave.
      • The Edges intersect at a point about 3 Sidesteps ahead.