Hero Twin Machine Guns Photon Arts
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Demonia Blaster, a 14 TMGs.
The Hero Class handles three special weapons: Sword Swords, Twin MachinegunsTwin Machine Guns, and TalisTalis; as well as GunbladeGunblades, common to all classes.

All are existing weapons, but when equipped as a Hero, their movesets have a completely different behavior in terms of Normal Attacks, Weapon Actions, Dodge Actions, and Photon Arts.
Heroes cannot use any of the existing PAs for these weapon types (even for weapons that have a built-in PA cannot be used). Therefore, the behavior and PAs relating to these weapon types are discussed in separate pages.

Weapon Swapping PA

One of the unique features of Heroes is their ability to swap between different weapon types with the held use of some PAs.
Switchfire Gambit and Edgeracer Gambit will switch to Sword, Bulletblitz and Fallback Gambit will switch to TMGs, and Trickflash and Sleightshot Gambit will switch to Talis.
When these PAs are performed, the weapons are prioritized by "palette ascending order", and if more than one weapon type of the same category is set, the weapon with the closet number from the current palette number will be changed.
The starting point of the ascending order is the number of the weapon palette you have set. If the palette number is 3, the order is 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 1 -> 2.
Palettes that are not set are ignored. For example, if you only have 4 weapons set (1, 3, 4, 6), the loop is 1 -> 3 -> 4 -> 6.

  • Example
    Palette 1: Sword
    Palette 2: Talis
    Palette 3: Sword
    Palette 4: Sword
    Palette 5: Talis
    Palette 6: Gunblade
  • On the above palette, change from Talis on palette 2 to Sword on Edgeracer Gambit -> Move to palette 3
  • On the above palette, change from Talis on palette 5 to Sword on Edgeracer Gambit -> Move to palette 3
  • On the above palette, attempting to change to TMGs with Bulletblitz or Fallback Gambit -> Due to no TMGs equipped, the PA will behave as a single press and equipment will not change over.
  • On the above palette, Swords are lined up on palettes 3 and 4, so the Sword on palette 3 takes priority in the weapon change PA over palette 4. You can equip them as you normally would.

Features of Hero TMGs

  • Normal Attack
Icon Lv 1
UINAHrTMGs.png Potency 80 (1066 / s)
PP Consumption 25 / s

PP is consumed from Normal Attacks, and natural PP recovery stops when unsheathed.

    • The attack can be extended by holding down the button, which will continuously consume PP.
      • Skills and Effects that are related to PP consumption are factored in for Normal Attacks.
      • Can be reduced by learning the skill TMG Attack PP Preservation.
      • Damage occurs 13.33 times per second. Synergizes well with status ailment augments.
    • Can move and jump while shooting.
      • While shooting in the air, altitude fall speed becomes slightly slower.
    • Has slightly longer range than normal.
      However, Distance Decay will factor in at a range of about 8.5 sidesteps, reducing damage by about 20%.

  • Weapon Action
Icon Normal Perfect Attack
UIWAHrTMGs.png PP Recovery Amount 20 / s 20 + 40 / s

The Weapon Action is "Reload". Continuously recover PP while pressing and holding down the button.

    • Can move and jump while reloading.
    • If reload is performed on a Perfect Attack window, it will become a "Perfect Reload", recovering PP at a faster rate.
      • First Blood does not apply to this.
    • The PP recovery falls under the Natural PP Recovery Rate category.
  • Dodge Action is a Sidestep.
    • It is regarded as a sidestep, even though it visually looks like a teleport.
    • Sound and visual effects are made when dodging an attack during the invulnerability frames of Sidestep. Immediately after the Sidestep Strike becomes a Hero Counter, increasing power and Focus Gauge accumulation.
    • PP is consumed even in the Sidestep Strike.
  • For "Hero Time Finish", the user sends out a barrage of bullets into the surrounding area in a single blast.
    • The power notation is 11250%.

Photon Arts

Starfire Squall

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtStarfireSquall.png Starfire Squall Potency 2211 Twin Machine Guns Photon Art for Heroes. Pelt enemies with a one-handed barrage of fire. Performing this Photon Art after dodging an attack will increase damage.
DEX Correction 100
PP 30
  • Fires off penetrating bullets in rapid succession. Deals a total of 14 hits separated in 2 sets of 7 consecutive shots. Has slightly longer range than a Normal Attack.
  • Power notation per hit is 7.15%. 17% per hit if performed after a successful dodge.
    Has Distance Decay of about 8.5 Sidesteps.
  • Can change directions during the PA once.
  • If used after successfully dodging in the same way as Hero Counter, a visual effect is displayed and damage will increase along with invulernability.
    However, the attack range of the enhanced version will be shorter.
    No Distance Decay.
    • Hero Counter effects do not apply to this PA.
  • Can be canceled by jumping immediately after activating the PA.

Final Storm

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtFinalStorm.png Final Storm Potency 1302 Twin Machine Guns Photon Art for Heroes. Move in any direction, shooting at surrounding enemies as you do.
DEX Correction 100
PP 25
  • Shoots in all directions while jumping forward.
  • Power notation is 25% x 2 for the first two hits and 50% for the third hit.
    • Has a small omnidirectional attack range of about less than 2 sidesteps.
  • Can be canceled by sidestepping immediately after activating the PA. Cannot be canceled by jumping when activated on the ground, but can be when activated in the air.

Switchfire Gambit

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtSwitchfireGambit.png Switchfire Gambit Potency 863 Twin Machine Guns Photon Art for Heroes. Close the distance to your target to attack. Hold the button to swap to your Sword and unleash a follow-up strike.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20
  • Rush at a moderate distance and release a single hit blast.
  • Has slight tracking before the attack.
  • Pressing and holding down the PA will swap to Sword.
  • Can be canceled by sidestepping or jumping before the shot.
  • Has invulnerability frames when activated.
  • Can turn slightly when attacking.
  • Power notation is 100% as shown.
    • The attacks made after the derivation are noted in Sword Derivative Attack.

Sleightshot Gambit

Icon Name Stat +1 Description
UIPhotonArtSleightshotGambit.png Sleightshot Gambit Potency 1474 Twin Machine Guns Photon Art for Heroes. Unleash a high-speed barrage at your target. Hold the button to switch to your Talis and unleash a follow-up attack.
DEX Correction 100
PP 20

  • Fires off stunning bullets on the spot for a total of 13 hits.
  • Has about the same range as a Normal Attack.
  • Has invulnerability frames when activated, and can reposition during the PA.
  • Pressing and holding down the PA will swap to Talis.
  • Power notation per hit is 8%, with 13 hits totalling to 104% of the stated power.
    There is Distance Decay at about 8 sidesteps.
    • The attacks made after the derivation are noted in Talis Derivative Attack.
  • Can be canceled with jumping and sidestepping immediately after activation.

TMGs Derivative Attack

Lv 1
Potency 250 x 6
  • Fires off 6 bullets on the spot.
  • An attack that is made by switching weapons by pressing and holding down Bulletblitz and Fallback Gambit.
  • Regardless of the weapon before switching, it becomes a ranged based attack that scales off of Ranged Power.
    • Will refer to the stats and potential of the switched weapon.
    • H Attack Bonus does not apply to this attack.
  • Performs like the bullets fired off in a Normal Attack, but PP is not consumed.