Buildup Photon Arts
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Buildup Photon Arts are an enhanced form of Photon Arts accessible to certain weapons.

Learning/Gauge Expansion

Learning Buildup Photon Arts

Buildup Photon Arts can be learned by clearing Cofy's Client Order "Buildup Photon Arts Permit Exam". Upon completion of the Client Order, all currently implemented Buildup PAs will be automatically learned.

Buildup PA Gauge

The Buildup PA Gauge starts at a maximum of 3 Stock. The upper limit of the Gauge can be increased by completing certain Client Orders from Cofy.

  • "Buildup PA Stock Cap Exp. Exam I": Earn the Title "Gloom" (Clear Barren Blossom, Butcher of Light on Ultra Hard difficulty).
  • "Buildup PA Stock Cap Exp. Exam II": Earn the Title "Cleanser of Dark Vestiges" (Clear Rush Practice: Dark Vestiges on Ultra Hard difficulty).
  • "Buildup PA Stock Cap Exp. Exam III": Earn the Title " Keeper of the Ultimate Quadruplet " (Raising 4 classes to Level 100).


  • Unaffected by Perfect Attacks.
  • Unaffected by percentage damage boosts, including, but not limited to, Class skills, Potential Weapon Potentials, Affix Augments, and S-Grade Augment S-Grade Augments that increase damage in percentages.
  • Affected normally by MEL MEL, RNG RNG and TEC TEC, depending on the weapon type (e.g. Imperial Cleave is affected by MEL MEL).
  • Affected by enemy spot weaknesses and resistances.
  • Can inflict Critical Hits, but is not affected by Critical Damage boosts (e.g. S-Grade Augment S1: Precision Will).
  • Unaffected by special damage boosts such as A.I.S. Exoda's non-A.I.S. weakness, Ultra Hard enemy shields, and Omega Masquerader's 15 weapon weakness.
  • Ignores rematch type boss base damage reduction (e.g. Deus ESC-A Gracia's and Atolm Dragon's 50% damage reduction).
  • Still does 1 damage to perfect resistant enemies such as Hagith Femt in Imposing Iron Assault, and the special version of Falz Arms in Endless Battle: Eternal Rondo.
  • Skills that rely on combos such as Perfect Fury Bonus and Tech Arts Perfect Attack Bonus do not increase its damage, but the Perfect Attack combo count is not lost upon use.
  • Does not finish Chain Trigger.

Buildup Photon Arts

Imperial Cleave

Icon Name Stat Description
UIPAImperialCleave.png Imperial Cleave Potency 88660 Sword Buildup Photon Art. Unleashes a powerful slash wreathed in concentrated photons that emit a massive shockwave.
DEX Correction 100
Stock Cost 3
  • Buildup Photon Art for Swords. Only usable with a Hunter Hunter Main Class.
  • Sunder foes with a mighty slash. Unleashes a shockwave that travels forward, destroying anything in its path.
    • Power notation is 12.5% x 4 hits for the first half, and 50% for the shockwave, totaling to 100%.
    • Has a long Guard Point on activation. Triggers Guard-related Skills.
    • Unaffected by Sword Focus. Connecting with Imperial Cleave accumulates Sword Focus, however.

Fatal Knockout

Icon Name Stat Description
UIPAFatalKnockout.png Fatal Knockout Potency 73476 Knuckles Buildup Photon Art. Slam down with enough force to split the ground, sending out a powerful shockwave.
DEX Correction 100
Stock Cost 3
  • Buildup Photon Art for Knuckles. Only usable with a Fighter Fighter Main Class.
  • After pausing shortly, strike twice with glowing knuckles and then slam the ground, sending out a powerful shockwave.
    • Has a Guard Point during the pause, and if you are hit during the pause, you will be completely guarded during the attack.
      In addition, the guard immediately shifts into the attack motion.
    • You will be susceptible to attacks if you do not get hit during the pause.
  • Has wide attacking range in all parts.
    • The shockwave can also penetrate through multiple enemies.
  • Power notation is 10% x 2 hits and 80% for the shockwave, totaling to 100%.
    • Unaffected by Knuckles Focus. Connecting with Fatal Knockout accumulates Knuckles Focus, however.

Prominence Assail

Icon Name Stat Description
UIPAProminenceAssail.png Prominence Assail Potency 56960 Launcher Buildup Photon Art. Fires a series of concentrated bullets from the air, ending in a massive and highly potent blast.
DEX Correction 100
Stock Cost 1
  • Buildup Photon Art for Launcher. Only usable with a Ranger Ranger Main Class.
  • Launch high into the air, then unload a stream of precise shots onto a single target. Finish with a massively powerful explosion that decimates all nearby foes.
    • Power notation is 1% for the initial jump, 5% x 14 hits for the continuous shots and 29% for the final shot, totaling to 100%.
    • Has a Guard Point during the jump. Grants Super Armor while firing.
    • Bullets hit locked-on targets directly. Bullets can still be blocked by environmental obstructions, however.
    • Each bullet has a very small area of effect on impact.

Calamity Bullet

Icon Name Stat Description
UIPACalamityBullet.png Calamity Bullet Potency 38392 Twin Machine Guns Buildup Photon Art. Fires a series of blasts, ending in two powerfully concentrated bullets.
DEX Correction 100
Stock Cost 2
  • Buildup Photon Art for Twin Machine Guns. Only usable with a Gunner Gunner Main Class.
  • Shoot off continuous bullets in sets and finish off with two blasts.
    • Hits 25 times. If Double Chained is learned, 50 hits onto the Chain can be accumulated.
  • Invulnerable at the start of the Buildup PA and during the second half of the final two shots.
  • Can move shortly during the PA. When activated in the air, altitude is maintained.
    • Can be immediately interrupted by S-Rolling or Dive Rolling.
      • Can be canceled at any time during the first half of the Buildup PA.
  • Bullets hit locked-on targets directly. Bullets can still be blocked by environmental obstructions, however.
  • Power notation is 2% x 23 shots in the first half and 27% x 2 shots in the second half, totaling to 100%.
    • Has no Distance Decay.
    • Unaffected by Twin Machine Guns Focus. Connecting with Calamity Bullet accumulates Twin Machine Guns Focus, however.

Cerulean Ballista

Icon Name Stat Description
UIPACeruleanBallista.png Cerulean Ballista Potency 48681 Bow Buildup Photon Art. Launch a massive volley that rains down on the heads of enemies.
DEX Correction 100
Stock Cost 1
  • Buildup Photon Art for Bow. Only usable with a Braver Braver Main Class.
  • Root into place and form a large crossbow aimed high, releasing a high burst of energy after charging.
    • When activated, the nature of the Buildup PA changes depending on whether directional input is made or not.
      • If no directional input is made, the PA will be a high-powered single shot, and if it is made, the PA will be a medium-powered range shot.
  • Has two Guard Points, one at the start of the activation and the other before releasing the shot.
  • Bow PAs Banishing Arrow and Chaser Arrow do not apply.
    • The S-Grade Augments UIItemSGradeAugment.png S5: Homing Bolt do apply.
  • Has no Distance Decay.
  • (When activated without directional input)
    • Launches 5 shots from the sky onto the locked-on target. Power notation is 20% x 5 shots.(100% in total)
  • (When activated with directional input)
    • Launches a fan shaped shot forward. Deals less damage than the stationary version. Power notation is 66% for the single shot.

Tempest Raid

Icon Name Stat Description
UIPATempestRaid.png Tempest Raid Potency 60934 Jet Boots Buildup Photon Art. Releases a continuous, spinning shockwave. Splits off into a rushing kick toward the target.
DEX Correction 100
Stock Cost 2
  • Buildup Photon Art for Jet Boots. Only usable with a Bouncer Bouncer Main Class.
  • Call down a bolt of lightning, then kick three times, releasing a bladed shockwave with each hit.
    • Normal: Finish with a larger, more powerful shockwave that strikes through enemies.
    • Variant Action: Pressing Weapon Action right before the final hit triggers the Variant Action variation. Fly towards your target and deliver an immensely powerful uppercut kick.
      • Power notation is 10% for the lightning bolt, 18% x 3 for the shockwaves and 36% for the Normal and Variant version of the final hit, totaling to 100%.
      • Lightning bolt inflicts Stun on nearby enemies.
      • Variant Action kick launches targets.