Corruption Investigation: Lillipa
Quest Type Ultimate Quests
Ultimate Level 80 and up
-Quest Details-
Location Lillipa
Single/Multi-Party UIMultiParty.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Allowed
-Conditions For Acceptance-
Ultimate Level 70 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit None
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Quest Objective

Get to the final area!

Quest Description

We have received reports of a phenomenon of unknown origin, characterized by abnormal readings and environment changes in a region of planet Lillipa. Abnormal changes in automata have been observed. As an operative of substantial ability, your objective is to conduct a survey of this "Corrupted Region" and determine the cause.

Complete by defeating all enemies you encounter in the final area.


Tainted Falspawn

Tainted Automata


Drop Info

In Corruption Investigation: Lillipa, these items can drop from any enemy in the field.

Category Item Name
Discs Photon ArtPartisan Rain of Tears

Photon ArtDouble Saber Hurricane Hurl
Photon ArtGunblade Strezwei
Photon ArtSoaring Blades Immortal Dove
Photon ArtTwin Machineguns Grim Barrage

10 Deo Series
Sword Deo Ardillo

Wired Lance Deo Jagriath
Partisan Deo Reisenoch
Daggers Deo Lexaga
Double Saber Deo Feilnaught
Knuckles Deo Bietigars
Katana Deo Salizania
Soaring Blades Deo Adelaide
Gunblade Deo Jareid
Rifle Deo Tigridore
Launcher Deo Ridoltiv
Twin Machineguns Deo Radiegle
Bow Deo Tigrebow
Rod Deo Garland
Talis Deo Visburn
Wand Deo Crestigar
Jet Boots Deo Laserswift

13 Raven Series
Sword Raven Calibur

Wired Lance Raven Chain
Partisan Raven Lance
Daggers Raven Daggers
Double Saber Raven Saber
Knuckles Raven Fists
Katana Raven Cougar
Soaring Blades Raven Dual
Gunblade Raven Gunblade
Rifle Raven Shooter
Launcher Raven Cannon
Twin Machineguns Raven Bullet
Bow Raven Feather
Rod Raven Sage
Talis Raven Symbol
Wand Raven Cross
Jet Boots Raven Shoes
Harmonizer Raven Barl

13 Dia Series
Sword Dia Zangulum

Wired Lance Dia Gilminad
Partisan Dia Jinraod
Daggers Dia Jhikdrenn
Double Saber Dia Zelvran
Knuckles Dia Dissanga
Katana Dia Bascht
Soaring Blades Dia Cutoridave
Gunblade Dia Granas
Rifle Dia Shadok
Launcher Dia Verata
Twin Machineguns Dia Cafuil
Bow Dia Visette
Rod Dia Jewd
Talis Dia Elno
Wand Dia Runan
Jet Boots Dia Carina

14 Ares Series
Sword Ares Sword

Wired Lance Ares Lance
Partisan Ares Partisan
Daggers Ares Kaiser
Double Saber Ares Edge
Knuckles Ares Nest
Katana Ares Ryuuga
Soaring Blades Ares Blades
Gunblade Ares Buster
Rifle Ares Rifle
Launcher Ares Launcher
Twin Machineguns Ares Machineguns
Bow Ares Bow
Rod Ares Rod
Talis Ares Talis
Wand Ares Wand
Jet Boots Ares Boots
Harmonizer Ares Harmonizer

Eggs Egg13 Trim

Egg13 Melon
Egg14 Marron
Egg14 Melon

Sweets Sweets12 Substitution Roll

Sweets14 Exquisite Comeback Parfait
Sweets14 Exquisite Spicy Parfait
Sweets14 Exquisite Satisfying Parfait

Other Order Yurlungur Crystal

Additional Info

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