With some exceptions, Ultimate Quests are high-difficulty content that is meant to be played with 12 people. Often abbreviated as "ULT". The difficulty level is set on the premise of multiplayer oriented gameplay.

The types of enemies that appears in Corruption Investigation Quests are called Tainted Enemies.
The following features are common to "Corruption Investigation:". Refer to the other Ultimate Quest pages for individual info on them.


  • There is only one field area on the map, and the quest clear condition is to defeat the boss enemy in the final area.
    (In Naverius and Lillipa, defeat Dio Hyunal in Area 2. In Amduskia, defeat Anga Phandaj)
  • Enemy stats are increased dramatically.
    • Even small mobs have a significant increase to their HP.
    • In addition, many enemies have resistances to Ranged and Technique damage, making it difficult to handle them in a single-player situation.
  • Enemy attack patterns are also strengthened.
    • Many enemies have changes to their original attack patterns, making them hit faster and harder.
  • The Boss-type enemy Anga Phandaj that adapts based on battle data with the players can appear.
    • In addition to changing the attack pattern from learning, Anga Phandaj can acquire up to 3 resistances of weapon types and elements based from the total damage it receives.
    • When it appears, all enemies nearby will have a special core attached to them.
  • Enemies can appear with a special core on them. Shaped like a white eyeball, the core can infect surrounding enemies with other special cores.
    • The core can attack players and will make the enemies highly resistant to suction and stun effects.
    • The core does not have elemental weaknesses.
  • The enemies that appears in these quests are in the Tainted Enemy category, rendering any potentials that increase damage against specific races useless.
  • The experience points earned and E-Trial rewards are disproportionately low in level and difficulty.
    • More regarded for its special drops.
  • Enemies can drop -Mate recovery items as well as Atomizers from E-Trial rewards.
  • There are special PA discs that can be dropped in the Quest (Naverius and Lillipa only)

List of Ultimate Quests

Area Party Name Requirement Enemy Level
UIMapCorruptForest.png UIMultiParty.png Corruption Investigation: Naverius Main Class Level 70 and higher 80-85
UIMapCorruptTunnels.png UIMultiParty.png Corruption Investigation: Lillipa Main Class Level 70 and higher 80-85
UIMapCorruptCaves.png UIMultiParty.png Corruption Investigation: Amduskia Main Class Level 75 and higher, Sub Class Level 75 and higher 80-85
UIMapUnknownOmega.png UISoloParty.png Regional Survey: Remnants of a Parallel World Main Class Level 80 and higher, Sub Class Level 80 and higher 1-999
UIMapBattleshipInterior.png UIMulti4Party.png Ship Infiltration: Enemy Battleship Main Class Level 85 and higher, Sub Class Level 85 and higher 91-96
UIMapMothershipShiva.png UISoloParty.png Final Battle: Space-Time Interstice Main Class Level 90 and higher, Sub Class Level 90 and higher 101-200
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