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Buster Quests
UIMulti8Party.png Castrum Demonica Battle
Buster Urgent Quests
UIMulti8Party.png Castrum Demonica: Hostility
UIMulti8Party.png Castrum Demonica: Madness


In Buster Quests, players defeat enemy forces by depleting the Forces Gauge within a certain time period. Once you view the Story Quest A World in Disarray in Episode 5, you will be able to accept Buster Quests.

*Once you meet this requirement, you will be able to access Buster Quests with other characters on the same account.


In Buster Quests, you can acquire Buster Points based on your results. Generally speaking, players gain Buster Points by winning, and lose them by losing, and your Grade goes up when you reach certain amounts. When your grade goes up, the difficulty level increases, with higher level enemies and different appearance patterns — but the rewards you earn for completing the quest improve, as well. Rare drop rates also increase the higher your BP are.

*Buster Points (BP) and Grades are the same through the entire account.
*You will be matched with other people of the same grade when you accept a quest.

Matchmaking Modes

The following matchmaking modes are available for Buster Quests:

Main Match

Take on the quest with other players of the same grade.
Your BP will either increase or decrease depending on whether you succeed or fail.
Rewards will be given out at the end of the quest regardless of the quest result. However, the rewards will vary based on performance.
Automatic Ability Adjustment for each matchmaking mode will adjust character stats, max damage, etc.

*Automatic Ability Adjustment will not reduce stats for class levels above 75. However, max damage will be adjusted.
*Automatic Ability Adjustment will adjust stats, max damage, etc. for characters above class level 75.

Main Match: Advanced

This mode is for players who are maxed on BP and have both main and subclasses at level 80 or higher.
BP will decrease if you fail the quest.
The difficulty level of these quests are harder than in Main Match, but the rewards are better as well.

*When using the Scion Class, you can participate as long as your main and subclasses are at level 80 or higher. (However, you must also meet the BP requirement.)

Free Match

Take on the quest with other players of lower grade.
In Free Match, your Buster Points will not increase if you win, but failing the quest will reduce your BP but you will be able to gain a Main Match Boost (same effect as Triboost).
You can hold up to four Main Match Boosts at a time.

*If your grade is 1, you will be matched with other players of grade 1.
*The Collection Sheet gauge does not go up in Free Match. However, destroying the crystal at the end and directly acquiring the item will complete the quest.

Buster Medals

Players can collect Buster Medals in all matchmaking modes. You can trade Buster Medals in for items at the Medal Exchange Shop

Buster Quest Elements

Forces Gauge

In Buster Quests, you can check the status of your forces and enemy forces with the Forces Gauge.
You win if you defeat the Castrum Demonica at the end of the quest, or if your Forces Gauge is higher than the enemy's when time runs out.
The Forces Gauge is depleted by the following:

Your Forces Damage to the Buster Towers
Enemy Forces Defeating Arx Demonicas, Damage to the Castrum Demonica


Mana that you can use for battle support appears in the field. The following effects will be automatically triggered when you collect a certain amount of mana:
• More Buster Rams required to destroy Arx Demonicas appear (Up to 4)
• The Buster Tower's structural integrity is recovered
• ARKS Weapons are enhanced
• ARKS Weapons with limited uses gain more remaining uses

Quest Phases

Defense Phase

The Defense Phase ends when players either defend their Buster Towers for a set period of time or defeat all enemies that appear.
Enemy attacks intensify the longer the phase goes on.

Buster Phase

When the Defense Phase is over, the Buster Phase begins.
In the Buster Phase, the objective is to defend the Buster Rams while they charge up to destroy all of the Arx Demonicas defending the Castrum Demonica.

*Buster Rams are summoned at the start of the Buster Phase and automatically advance toward Arx Demonicas.
*The Buster Phase ends when all Buster Rams either hit an Arx Demonica or are destroyed.
*If the Arx Demonicas are not destroyed, the Defense Phase begins again.

Attack Phase

When all Arx Demonicas are defeated, the Attack Phase begins and the objective is to destroy the Castrum Demonica.
The Castrum Demonica periodically attacks the Buster Tower during the Attack Phase.
Destroy the Castrum Demonica quickly, before the Buster Towers are all destroyed.

Xiera's Support

Xiera can provide the following support in Buster Quests

• Deploy an ARKS Assault Support Weapon at the start of the Buster Phase.
• Skip over the Defense Phase back to the Buster Phase if the Buster Phase ends.
• Impede Castrum Demonica attacks against the Buster Tower for a limited time in the Attack Phase.

ARKS Weapons

Your forces have access to armaments called ARKS Weapons that help protect Buster Towers from enemies.
Some of these weapons are deployed by Xiera as support in the Buster Phase.
ARKS Weapons come in two types: passive objects and active objects.

Passive Objects

These provide a continual effect until they are destroyed:

Passive Object Types
Shotgun Turret Fires a powerful blast but requires a cooldown between shots.
Gatling Turret Fires bullets.
Slowing Trap Enemies passing through a Slowing Trap have their movement speed reduced.
This object cannot be destroyed by taking damage from enemies.
Guided Missle Launcher Fires guided missiles at a fixed interval, damaging enemies.
Mana Extractor Automatically grants Mana at a fixed interval

Active Objects

Weapons that create an effect when used actively:

Active Object Types
Force Barrier Defends against enemy intrusion.
Freezing Barrier Projects and Ice attack around the Buster Tower that freezes enemies. Can also destroy Ephemera Cores.
Photon Laser Cannon A weapon that fires an extremely powerful laser after being charged for a while.
Photon Punisher Rains powerful beams on a designated field location from above.
Telepipe Cannon Generates a Basic Telepipe at a designated location linked to the Telepipe Cannon.
Note: Only one Basic Telepipe can be generated by each Telepipe Cannon.
Healing Cannon Provides a healing effect from above that heals players, Buster Rams and Buster Towers within its area of effect.

Weapon Sets

Combining several ARKS Weapons directly in front of the Buster Tower creates a Weapons Set.
In Grade 2 or higher Buster Quests, one player will be selected to configure Weapon Sets at the start of the quest.
That player can select a Weapons Set configuration from among several options.

* The ARKS Weapons available will vary depending on the Weapons Set type.

Demonic Weapons

During the quest, Demonic Weapons may appear to attack the players and Buster Towers.

Demonic Weapon Types
Conjured Artillery Periodically fires powerful beams at Buster Towers.
Ephemera Core Latches on to Buster Towers and deals damage periodically. Deals more damage as time goes on.
Demon Artillery Fires shots at any players or Buster Rams that get close to it. Also periodically launches attacks that freezes the area around it.
Demon Airgunner Appears in the air and fires ranged attacks and guided missiles at players.

Playing Buster Quests Solo

• Receive double Mana whenever you pick it up.
• There will be two Buster Towers located in the center instead of four.
• In the final Attack Phase, enemies will only appear from the left or right stairs.

Item Drops

Enemies in this quest do not drop items. Instead you will receive all items from a special container that appears after completing the quest.
In addition, your result ranking and rewards will change depending on your performance.

* The rare drop rate increases based on how many Buster Points you have.

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