Recommended Quests are a daily selection of quests that are recommended to play for that day.
Recommended Quests are unlocked upon completing Volcanic Caves Exploration on any difficulty.

These quests are not unique and are taken from the Expeditions and ARKS Quests categories. The list is always populated by one Expedition and two ARKS Quests. These quests are available to all players regardless of progress. Taking on a Recommended Quest will display a list of related client orders which can be accepted simultaneously.

Recommended Quests also allow the player to select any related client orders to the area from a list. Players can accept in bulk several client orders before beginning their recommended quest, so long as they have enough slots available for accepted client orders.

Daily Boost

The Daily Boost is a separate Triboost effect that is heavily tied to the Recommended Quests.

Every day, the Daily Order Officer offers a new selection of quests, with the first three quests having an additional blue Boost icon: these quests are the Daily Boost Quests. Completing these quests will grant +5% to the Daily Boost (up to 50%): however, the boost will start to decay should Daily Boost Quests not be completed.

The selected Expedition is always related to the Daily Order Officer's Daily Boost Quests, three daily quests that each grant an additional Daily Boost 5% (stacking up to 50%), acting as a Triboost.


All four quests grant upon first completion for the day a gift from an ARKS Operative within the Gateway Ship. If the quest has been completed with an A or S rank, the gift can occasionally contain a Bonus Key, although this is not guaranteed.

Possible Gifts
Boost Triboost +50% Key Tokyo Bonus Key: Silver
Boost EXP Earned +50% Key Tokyo Bonus Key: Gold
Boost Meseta Earned +50% Key Tokyo Bonus Key: Rainbow
Tool Lambda Grinder Key Rappy Fever Bonus Key
Tool Photon Booster Key Kazuchi Assault Bonus Key

Currently, up to four gifts (one for each recommended quest) can be obtained per day.

Leveling Quest

Beginning from EPISODE 6, a fourth Recommended Quest will appear in the list every day, known as a Leveling Quest. Unlike normal Recommended Quests, the list of possible Leveling Quests is fixed and are unique to Recommended Quests. Leveling Quests generally give high EXP payout and have a passive +200% EXP boost applied at all times.

The day is Sunday
The featured quest is

The Silence Born of Chaos

Chaos, Render of Tranquility Disturbing Whistle of Chaos Menace of the Bewitched Castle The Silence Born of Chaos A Broken World of Twisted Shadows

Area Name Objective Notes
UIMapCity.png Chaos, Render of Tranquility Defeat enemies and collect quest points! -
UIMapUnknown.png Disturbing Whistle of Chaos Eliminate the Enemy Readings! Has a high EXP ratio when the bosses Gratsi Meduna and Descent Drahl are encountered infected. Stages are randomized among a specific set, and there is a chance to meet a replacement parallel area map that also includes Mr. Bwomf at any stage. If the first map is Naverius Forest, thunderstorm weather occurs.
UIMapBusterQuest.png Menace of the Bewitched Castle Defeat the Castrum Demonica! Has a high EXP ratio throughout.
UIMapMothership.png The Silence Born of Chaos Defeat enemies and collect Quest Points! -
UIMapCorruptForest.png A Broken World of Twisted Shadows Defeat all the enemies that appear! Has a high EXP ratio for the bosses in the final map.
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