Disturbing Whistle of Chaos
Quest Type Leveling Quests
Hard Level 40 and up
Super Hard Level 70 and up
Extremely Hard Level 85 and up
Ultra Hard Level 91 and up
Quest Details
Location Oracle Sector
Single/Multi-Party UIMultiParty.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Hard Main Class Level 8 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Super Hard Main Class Level 40 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Extremely Hard Main Class Level 70 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Ultra Hard Main Class Level 85 and up,Sub Class Level 85 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit None
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Quest Objective

Eradicate the enemy presence!

Quest Description

We've confirmed incredibly powerful enemy readings on several planets, Naverius among them. Your mission is to launch a counter attack across these planets and restore peace to them. All ARKS personnel are ordered to prepare to deploy for extermination of enemy forces.

Complete this quest by destroying the target.









Drop Info

The following items can drop at the end of the Quest from breaking the crystal (XH and higher).

Category Item Name Notes
Weapons Harmonizer15 Aqua Ripple Drops from Rixes Gidor
Resonant Series

Katana15 Resonant Talmei
Rifle15 Resonant Orkos
Rod15 Resonant Tefillah

Katana Drops from Lafaga Ringahda

Rifle Drops from Descant Drahl
Rod Drops from Granagwanada

Pride Series

Wired Lance15 Pride of Seiryu
Daggers15 Pride of Byakko
Knuckles15 Pride of Genbu
Soaring Blades15 Pride of Suzaku

Wired LanceDaggersKnucklesSoaring Blades Drops from Deos Gryphon

Daggers Drops from Viliga Zignind
Soaring Blades Drops from Broll Brengam

Genon Series

Wired Lance15 Genon Ziva
Daggers15 Genon Zafira
Bow15 Genon Ein

Wired Lance Drops from Vangabear

Daggers Drops from Blizzard Banser
Bow Drops from Blizzard Banshee

Serpent Series

Soaring Blades15 Serpent Blazes
Jet Boots15 Serpent Prenzer

Soaring Blades15 Drops from Descant Drahl

Jet Boots15 Drops from Deos Gryphon

Anacates Series

Double Saber15 Anacates Cyan
Gunblade15 Anacates Himmel
Rod15 Anacates Logiarda

Double Saber Drops from Gazar Casadohra

Gunblade Drops from Anfeduraad
Rod Drops from Gratsi Meduna

Jet Boots15 Neo Cabliss Drops from Deos Gryphon
Twin Machineguns15 Dyne Ombros Drops from Shutolmizer
Rifle15 Yasminokov 5000S Drops from Brigantbran
Launcher15 Combat Cannon Drops from Oduna Zordata
15 Orb / Dusk Series
Partisan Randedor Orb / Randedor Dusk

Double Saber Tollbion Orb / Tollbion Dusk
Katana Lepshtain Orb / Lepshtain Dusk
Gunblade Bayonect Orb / Bayonect Dusk
Rifle Aproth Orb / Aproth Dusk
Twin Machineguns Geamorta Orb / Geamorta Dusk
Rod Talishanthe Orb / Talishanthe Dusk
Wand Kwadarca Orb / Kwadarca Dusk
Jet Boots Teapatera Orb / Teapatera Dusk
Harmonizer Millioraj Orb / Millioraj Dusk

Drops from Rixes Gidor, Anfeduraad, Descant Drahl, Deos Gryphon

Orb can drop from XH and higher
Dusk can only drop on UH

14 Geometry Series
Sword Stragies

Double Saber Eosmirael
Soaring Blades Tess Greiss
Gunblade Frac Gaverl
Rifle Oran Rafel
Wand Ozoner Wiel

Drops from Gazar Casadohra, Anfeduraad, Gratsi Meduna
14 Shinonome Series
Daggers Shinonome Senga

Double Saber Shinonome Enbu
Katana Shinonome Kizan
Soaring Blades Shinonome Reisen
Rifle Shinonome Raitei
Twin Machineguns Shinonome Ringka
Bow Shinonome Juuki
Rod Shinonome Enishi
Jet Boots Shinonome Toushuu

Drops from Viliga Zignind, Broll Brengam
13 / 14 Ceres / Zara Series
Sword Ceres Fouls / Ceres Fouls-Zara

Wired Lance Ceres Aggrator / Ceres Aggrator-Zara
Partisan Ceres Kronis / Ceres Kronis-Zara
Daggers Ceres Austelph / Ceres Austelph-Zara
Double Saber Ceres Aphaceros / Ceres Aphaceros-Zara
Knuckles Ceres Fasonte / Ceres Fasonte-Zara
Katana Ceres Dasauro / Ceres Dasauro-Zara
Soaring Blades Ceres Spiradon / Ceres Spiradon-Zara
Gunblade Ceres Lavere / Ceres Lavere-Zara
Rifle Ceres Ivatos / Ceres Ivatos-Zara
Launcher Ceres Fadrophs / Ceres Fadrophs-Zara
Twin Machineguns Ceres Zeostiga / Ceres Zeostiga-Zara
Bow Ceres Genonix / Ceres Genonix-Zara
Rod Ceres Phonops / Ceres Phonops-Zara
Talis Ceres Dictheus / Ceres Dictheus-Zara
Wand Ceres Ignatos / Ceres Ignatos-Zara
Jet Boots Ceres Necrus / Ceres Necrus-Zara
Harmonizer Ceres Sycophus / Ceres Sycophus-Zara

Drops from Vangabear, Blizzard Banser, Blizzard Banshee,
Gazar Casadohra, Anfeduraad, Gratsi Meduna, Deos Gryphon
14 Blood Series
Sword Blood Glion

Knuckles Blood Dogolt
Katana Blood Janan
Soaring Blades Blood Ribzeal
Rifle Blood Triner
Launcher Blood Spat
Talis Blood Viloria
Wand Blood Pyrus
Jet Boots Blood Reflex

Drops from Vangabear, Blizzard Banser, Blizzard Banshee
14 Mirage Series
Wired Lance Rainier Mirage

Partisan Sagu's Mirage
Daggers Treiwyn Mirage
Rifle Schvall Mirage
Launcher Vital Mirage
Rod Siglia Mirage
Talis Flotia Mirage

Drops from Gorshraider, Granagwanada, Lafaga Ringahda, Oduna Zordata
Units Back Unit13 Back / Schvelle Kibbs

Arm Unit13 Arms / Schvelle Ritt
Leg Unit13 Legs / Schvelle Cerbe
Back Unit13 Back / Avion Orb
Back Unit13 Back / Avion Dusk

Weapon Camo Weapon CamoKatana13 * Coated Sabre

Weapon CamoRifle13 * Coated Assault
Weapon CamoRod13 * Coated Rod

Quest Specific Drop
Other Tool10 EX-Cube Amount varies based on difficulty
Order7 Cleasis Booster Drops on SH and lower
Order7 Schvelle Booster Drops on XH and higher
Augments Affix Crack I UH Difficulty Only
S-Grade Augment
(On Units)
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Skillful Adept

S Grade Augment 6 S6: Dodging Whistle
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Soaring Heavendance
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Soul Protection
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Tenacious Healscourge
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Fortified Melee
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Fortified Ranged
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Fortified Technique

May be granted onto 13 Units
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Attack

S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Attack 2
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Melee 2
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Ranged 2
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Technique 2

S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Melee

S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Ranged
S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Technique
S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Life Vessel
S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Life Vessel 2
S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Photon V
S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Photon V 2

Additional Info

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