Genon Ein

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Genon Ein
Rarity: UIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarRainbowIcon.pngUIStarRainbowIcon.pngUIStarRainbowIcon.png
Req: 630 RNG Def
Type: Bow
Classes: Braver
Augment Factor
Augment Factor Stamina VI
Supported S-Grade Augment Slots
S Grade Augment 2S Grade Augment 3
Mutated Consolation
Lv. 1
Increase damage by 6%. Take up to 90 damage when using a PA/Technique and reduce PP Consumption by 10%.
Lv. 2
Increase damage by 7%. Take up to 90 damage when using a PA/Technique and reduce PP Consumption by 25%.
Lv. 3
Increase damage by 8%. Take up to 90 damage when using a PA/Technique and reduce PP Consumption by 45%.

Drop Info

Can be acquired from Nanon at the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop for Tool8 Unique Weapons Badge x 400.

Additional Info

This weapon's Potential has the following effects:

  • The damage taken from this Potential is fixed at 90. When current HP is 90 or less, taking damage from this Potential will put current HP down to 1.
    • Incapacitation will not occur when HP is exactly at 1, and the PP Consumption reduction effect will still activate.
    • Damage taken from this Potential will activate the Mag SP Action SP DEX: Barricade.
    • The amount of damage does not change, but the damage taken from the Potential can inflict criticals based on your own Critical Rate.
  • Fused Element Techniques will not trigger this Potential.
  • The damage taken from this Potential cannot be reduced by Skills, other Potentials, Augments, etc. that reduces damage taken, and will still activate even when invulnerable.
  • This Potential will also affect Skills and Quest Rankings that are affected by HP reduction conditions.

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