Elder of the Unfathomable Abyss
Quest Type Urgent Quests
Normal Level 20 and up
Hard Level 40 and up
Very Hard Level 60 and up
Super Hard Level 75 and up
Extremely Hard Level 80 and up
Ultra Hard Level 96 and up
Quest Details
Location ARKS Ship Wreckage
Single/Multi-Party UIMultiParty.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Normal No Level Restrictions
Hard Main Class Level 20 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Very Hard Main Class Level 40 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Super Hard Main Class Level 50 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Extremely Hard Main Class Level 70 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Ultra Hard Main Class Level 85 and up, Sub Class Level 85 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit 00:20:00
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Urgent Quest Notices

"Falz Arm destruction 80% complete! Dark Falz has taken a severe beating. Deliver the finishing blow."

—Initial Announcement Notice

Quest Objective

Defeat Elder the Gargantuan!

Quest Description

Elder the Gargantuan has manifested in a form far more terrible than before. It seems to have grown stronger, but there is no need to fear. Provided all ARKS personnel work together, our victory will be certain. Do not fear death; do not feel fear. Think only of Elder's pending demise. Esteemed members, our final battle is at hand.


Enemy List

Drop Info

Category Item Name Notes
15 Anacates Series
Partisan Anacates Caethia

Double Saber Anacates Cyan
Gunblade Anacates Himmel
Rifle Anacates Fonte
Rod Anacates Logiarda

15 Genon Series
Wired Lance Genon Ziva

Daggers Genon Zafira
Rifle Genon Savah
Bow Genon Ein
Talis Genon Dalassa
Jet Boots Genon Sark

13 Basilisk Series
Sword Basilisk Panifique

Wired Lance Basilisk Ridist
Partisan Basilisk Medista
Daggers Basilisk Romaribs
Double Saber Basilisk Ixillion
Knuckles Basilisk Cadent
Katana Basilisk Defender
Soaring Blades Basilisk Medent
Gunblade Basilisk Dissonia
Rifle Basilisk Hereus
Launcher Basilisk Progna
Twin Machineguns Basilisk Leode
Bow Basilisk Cetus
Rod Basilisk Enad
Talis Basilisk Agus
Wand Basilisk Amado
Jet Boots Basilisk Ganak

Other 10Tool EX-Cube

10Tool Class EX-Cube

Augments Affix Elder Soul

Affix Might I - III
Affix Casting I - III
Affix Precision I - III
Affix Genius I - III
Affix Stamina I - III
Affix Impact Ward I - III
Affix Deftness I - III
Affix Shock I - III
Affix Burn I - III

S-Grade Augments
Pass10 Add S6: Evernight Star Drops as a capsule on UH difficulty.
Pass10 Add S7: Medicinal Potentiation
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