Queen's Nightmare: Earth Depths

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Queen's Nightmare: Earth Depths
Quest Type Urgent Quests
Normal Level 40 and up
Hard Level 55 and up
Very Hard Level 65 and up
Super Hard Level 75 and up
Extremely Hard Level 80 and up
Ultra Hard Level 91 and up
Quest Details
Location Alternate Dimension: Omega - Epyk Desert
Single/Multi-Party UIMulti8Party.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Normal Main Class Level 20 and up
Hard Main Class Level 40 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Very Hard Main Class Level 55 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Super Hard Main Class Level 70 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Extremely Hard Main Class Level 80 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Ultra Hard Main Class Level 85 and up, Sub Class Level 85 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit 01:00:00
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None
Post-Quest Raid Reward Boost Great Enhancement Aid (up to +20%)
Boost Great Unit Enhancement Aid (up to +20%)

Urgent Quest Notices

"Listen up, it looks like signs of Dark Falz Apprentice have been detected on Omega. We're going to need your assistance, so get ready."

—Initial Announcement Notice

"Emergency notice: Dark Falz Apprentice has appeared on Omega. Move out immediately and route the enemy."

—Announcement Notice

Quest Objective

Defeat Apprentice the Vernal!

Quest Description

We've detected strong readings corresponding to Apprentice the Vernal below ground in the Epyk Desert of Alternate Dimension: Omega. Escort the Mobile High Output Photon Particle Cannon to the coordinates of Apprentice the Vernal and use it to defeat her!

You will fail the quest if you fail to fulfill the mission objectives, you exceed the time limit, or the Cannon is destroyed.

Target Enemy

Enemy List



Enemy List


Enemy List


This Urgent Quest is divided into three unique phases: a payload escort mission, an aerial shoot-em-up section and finally a standard on foot boss fight.

Escort Phase

A Photon Particle Cannon automatically moves throughout the caverns of the Epyk Desert, with players having to protect it from enemy ambushes.

The cannon cannot be interacted with, but can be stood on, like Buster Rams from Buster Quests.

The cannon will move automatically and will stop when enemies appear (a warning symbol will appear to indicate this). When all foes are eliminated, the payload will continue moving.

The cannon has a health bar, and as the cannon moves it will deplete. Enemy attacks will also damage the cannon's health. If it's fully depleted, the quest will end in failure. Crystals will appear throughout the stage and collecting them will restore a bit the cannon's health. Demonia Crystals are large breakable crystalline structures that will also heal the cannon when fully destroyed. Both crystals and Demonia Crystals appear throughout the stage, but hard to access areas / off-road areas can hide substantial amounts of crystals or Demonia Crystals.

All enemies appear in fixed positions when the cannon arrives at certain points. The phase ends when the cannon arrives at the deepest point of the cavern and it prepares to fire its laser towards Apprentice.

Aerial Phase

In this phase, all players are forced into a Dark Blast Luther, regardless of the player's progression with unlocking the Dark Blast. Like other vehicle-only battles, dying will force a player to respawn in 5 seconds. All of Luther's unlockable active abilities are unlocked for the duration of the quest's phase and entering this phase will not consume the player's own Dark Blast usage. In addition, all user settings regarding the visual display of one's own Dark Blast Luther and how they see other players' Dark Blasts is retained.

This phase ends when the target, Apprentice, is knocked down to the ground.

Ground Phase

At the end, players are back on ground and finish off Apprentice on the ground.

Drop Info

The following items can drop at the end by breaking the crystal.

Category Item Name Notes

Sword15 Sealed Nodachi
Soaring Blades15 World of Guardians
Twin Machineguns15 Obsidian Darkness
Wand15 Ark Sarpent
Double Saber14 Luxa Lola
Katana14 Cursed Cutter Gaen
Gunblade14 Bringer Rifle
Rifle14 Vante Weihen

13 Invade Series
Sword Invade Calibur

Wired Lance Invade Wing
Partisan Invade Spear
Daggers Invade Fencers
Double Saber Invade Edge
Knuckles Invade Fists
Katana Invade Galland
Soaring Blades Invade Sabers
Gunblade Invade Buster
Rifle Invade Shooter
Launcher Invade Cannon
Twin Machineguns Invade Rain
Bow Invade Bogen
Rod Invade Sorcerer's Rod
Talis Invade Arm
Wand Invade Axe
Jet Boots Invade Sliders

13 Nemesis Series
Sword Nemesis Calibur

Wired Lance Nemesis Chain
Partisan Nemesis Lance
Daggers Nemesis Daggers
Double Saber Nemesis Saber
Knuckles Nemesis Fists
Katana Nemesis Cougar
Soaring Blades Nemesis Dual
Gunblade Nemesis Gunblade
Rifle Nemesis Shooter
Launcher Nemesis Cannon
Twin Machineguns Nemesis Bullet
Bow Nemesis Feather
Rod Nemesis Sage
Talis Nemesis Symbol
Wand Nemesis Cross
Jet Boots Nemesis Shoes
Harmonizer Nemesis Barl

13 Raven Series
Sword Raven Calibur

Wired Lance Raven Chain
Partisan Raven Lance
Daggers Raven Daggers
Double Saber Raven Saber
Knuckles Raven Fists
Katana Raven Cougar
Soaring Blades Raven Dual
Gunblade Raven Gunblade
Rifle Raven Shooter
Launcher Raven Cannon
Twin Machineguns Raven Bullet
Bow Raven Feather
Rod Raven Sage
Talis Raven Symbol
Wand Raven Cross
Jet Boots Raven Shoes
Harmonizer Raven Barl

14 Ares Series
Sword Ares Sword

Wired Lance Ares Lance
Partisan Ares Partisan
Daggers Ares Kaiser
Double Saber Ares Edge
Knuckles Ares Nest
Katana Ares Ryuuga
Soaring Blades Ares Blades
Gunblade Ares Buster
Rifle Ares Rifle
Launcher Ares Launcher
Twin Machineguns Ares Machineguns
Bow Ares Bow
Rod Ares Rod
Talis Ares Talis
Wand Ares Wand
Jet Boots Ares Boots
Harmonizer Ares Harmonizer

14 Phobos Series
Sword Phobos Espadio

Wired Lance Phobos Scycard
Partisan Phobos Halberd
Daggers Phobos Dilabrone
Double Saber Phobos Helix
Knuckles Phobos Weit
Katana Phobos Jinran
Soaring Blades Phobos Reaper
Gunblade Phobos Gunsickle
Rifle Phobos Laqueus
Launcher Phobos Launcher
Twin Machineguns Phobos Grauzam
Bow Phobos Arcus
Rod Phobos Soleil
Talis Phobos Judix
Wand Phobos Corsair
Jet Boots Phobos Ignore

(XH and higher)
Units 13 Phobos Set

13 Ivlida Set

(SH and higher)
Pets & Sweets Egg1314 Wanda

Egg1314 Jinga
Egg1314 Trim
Egg1314 Aero
Egg1314 Sally
Egg1314 Popple
Sweets13 Super Luxurious Parfait

(SH and higher)
Weapon Camos

Weapon Camo13 * Profound Vessel Shinxion
Weapon Camo13 * Starquake Vessel Pleiaxion
Weapon Camo13 * Trailblazer Vessel Creaxion

Other Tool10 EX-Cube

Trigger10 The City of Sand Trigger

Augments Affix Might I - VI

Affix Precision I - III
Affix Casting I - VI
Affix Mutation I - II
Affix Doom Break I - III
Affix Absolute Glare
Affix Soul of Darkness
Affix Aether Soul
Affix Modulator
Affix Photoner Glare
Affix Soul Catalyst
Affix Factor Catalyst
Affix Reverie Catalyst
Affix Glare Catalyst

May be granted onto 13+ weapon drops
and 13 unit drops.
S-Grade Augments
Pass10 Add S4: Escalating Pursuit

Pass10 Add S5: Finishing Blow

S-Grade Augments
Pass10 Add S6: Escalating Expanse

Pass10 Add S7: Concentrated Suidi
Pass10 Add S7: Still Grace
Pass10 Add S8: Rainbow Erode


Additional Info

  • The mission description refers to Apprentice the Vernal as Apprentice, the Callow, despite the Vernal name showing up within the same description.
  • Apprentice seems to be referred to as a male (through the mission description and through Xiera), despite all Apprentice hosts seen being female and the boss having a female voice.
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