Aero is a Pet usable by the Summoner class. An evolved version of the Pet Trim, Aero boasts even stronger offenses and stats than its unevolved counterpart, giving it enhanced control over the battlefield. While it sacrifices survivability in the process, its raw strength in its ability to handle against bosses is a force to be reckoned with.


Drop Locations

All Aero Eggs 7 through 12 drop from Corruption Investigation: Amduskia.

Rarity Requirements
10 Corruption Investigation: Amduskia Area Drop
12 Corruption Investigation: Amduskia Area Drop
13 Anga Phandaj (Beast Form) Lv71+

Gryzorus Drago Lv71+
Iron Juggernaut of the High Seas
Crimson Fellwyrm Over the Castle (XH)
Black Fellwyrm Rises From Ruin (XH)
Wisdom Incarnate (SH)
Longing for Omniscience (XH)
Queen's Nightmare: Earth Depths (SH)
The Next ★13 Collection 1

14 Queen's Nightmare: Earth Depths (XH)

14★ Eggs Collection 1

Pet Stats

  • Base pet stats at the time of level cap (Excluding Pet Plus Points and Sweets).
Rarity Level HP MEL Pwr RNG Pwr TEC Pwr DEX MEL Def RNG Def TEC Def
Initial 1 228 55 57 56 44 74 72 83
6 60 945 689 714 702 168 616 600 689
7 65 992 776 804 790 186 675 657 755
8 70 1040 862 893 878 203 734 714 821
9 75 1098 904 937 921 223 793 772 886
10 85 1186 988 1024 1006 264 910 886 1018
11 90 1217 1029 1067 1048 285 969 944 1084
12 100 1281 1204 1248 1226 337 1064 1036 1190
12+ 110 1313 1264 1310 1287 354 1100 1071 1230
13+ 120 1345 1324 1370 1348 372 1136 1107 1271
14+ 130 1468 1468 1508 1508 384 1170 1139 1309
  • Maximum values for Pet Plus Points
130 130 115 100 120
  • The Revive time for Aero is 30 seconds.

Candy Box


Photon Arts

Aero Slam

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPATrimSlam.png
  • Aero Slam
  • Lv.1-17 PP Cost: 15
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.1: 1210
  • Potency Lv.10: 1319
  • Potency Lv.17: 1410
  • Aero Photon Art. Rams through an enemy with blistering speed, and then turns to face their rear.
  • Lv.1 at Lv.1
    Lv.10 at Lv.41
    Lv.17 at Lv.76
  • Starting PA.
  • Blitz through an enemy at lightning speed. Turns around to face the target after contact.
    • Due to its extremely fast execution, it's more favorable to approach a target with this PA instead of using Normal Attack. Any additional targets in the path of Trim and the desired target will also take damage.
    • Aero will go through the target and face it from the other side as long as the enemy is within range. This makes it easy to apply Wise Stance, although this also depends on the size of the target and the environment.
    • It is possible to fire Aero a limited distance by using this PA with the third-person camera.
    • Travel will halt if Aero comes into contact with an environmental obstacle, such as a wall. Normal Attacks do not suffer from this limitation, so consideration in type of approach should be used.

Aero Slash

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPATrimSlash.png
  • Aero Slash
  • Lv.1-17 PP Cost: 15
  • DEX Correction: 110%
  • Potency Lv.1: 2505
  • Potency Lv.10: 2766
  • Potency Lv.17: 2969
  • Aero Photon Art. Unleashes a string of winged photonic attacks, hacking at foes again and again.
  • Lv.1 at Lv.1
    Lv.10 at Lv.42
    Lv.17 at Lv.77
  • Starting PA.
  • Deliver a flurry of strikes using honed wings.
    • Strikes five times in a wide radius. Easy to hit multiple targets simultaneously for high damage. Favors weak points in targeting.
    • PA automatically stops if the target is defeated or destroyed.
    • Due to its long animation, you can either cancel the PA into itself or other PAs, and use the animation to perform other actions while attacking.
  • Better PP efficiency compared to Trim.

Aero Barrage

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPATrimBarrage.png
  • Aero Barrage
  • Lv.1-17 PP Cost: 5
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.1: 2213
  • Potency Lv.10: 2418
  • Potency Lv.17: 2590
  • Aero Photon Art. Shoots a swirling barrage of feathers, and then returns to the player's side.
  • Lv.1 at Lv.1
    Lv.10 at Lv.43
    Lv.17 at Lv.78
  • Starting PA.
  • Somersault while firing feather bullets. Returns to the wielder after execution.
    • Deals 8% notation on hit. Somersault inflicts 2% notation, and the damage over time effect inflicts 15% notation for six ticks.
    • Bullet inflicts a damage over time effect on contact (indicated by a blue haze appearing around the target). DoT effect ticks up to six times every two seconds.
      • Aero Shout increases DoT damage by 66%. DoT damage does not decrease if Shout expires while the DoT is active; similarly, DoT damage does not increase if Shout is used while it is active.
      • Effect disappears if Pet is switched.
      • DoT is affected by enemy DEF stats, resistances, and weak points.
      • You will not lose the DoT effect if the target becomes hidden or otherwise blocked (but not destroyed).
      • DoT does not qualify as a status ailment.
    • Interaction with Chain Trigger:
      • Somersault and initial hit trigger Chain Finish, but the damage over time effect is unaffected.
      • DoT effect does not trigger Chain Finish and will continually raise the Chain count while active.

Aero Shout

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPATrimShout.png
  • Aero Shout
  • Lv.4-17 PP Cost: 20
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.4: 1035
  • Potency Lv.10: 1095
  • Potency Lv.17: 1171
  • Aero Photon Art. Lets out a roar that inspires ferocity. Intensifies certain Photon Arts for a limited time.
  • Lv.4 at Lv.20
    Lv.10 at Lv.44
    Lv.17 at Lv.79
  • Learned at Lv. 20.
  • Emit a howl that boosts the power of certain Photon Arts for a limited time.
    • Hits in a small area around Aero. Damage can be approximated to a Launcher's normal attack.
    • Upon usage, a spiral aura appears around Aero for 20 seconds. While the aura is active, the damage of Aero Barrage (DoT damage +66%), Aero Slash (+20%) and Aero Spiral (Charge Stage 1/Full Charge +150%) is increased.

Aero Spiral

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPATrimSpiral.png
  • Aero Spiral
  • Lv.9-17 PP Cost: 30
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.9: 7044
  • Potency Lv.10: 7115
  • Potency Lv.17: 7630
  • Aero Photon Art. Stores up strength to be released in a single devastating blow. Hold the button to charge, then release to activate.
    Charge Time: 2s / 5s
  • Lv.9 at Lv.40
    Lv.10 at Lv.45
    Lv.17 at Lv.80
  • Learned at Lv. 40.
  • Store power, then unleash it all in a single slash. Charge up by holding the PA button, then release to attack.
    • Deals 8% power notation at no charge, 35% power notation at Charge 1, and 100% notation at full charge. Damage at Charge 1 and Full Charge is boosted by 2.5x under the effects of Aero Shout.
    • Affected by Braver's Stance Charge Skills.
    • Charges up to two stages by holding the PA button. Charge can be visualized by an aura appearing around both Aero and the player.
      • Charge progress can be approximated to three Harmonizer swings at Charge 1, and six swings at Charge 2.
    • Due to high PP consumption, Spiral is best used in tandem with Shout with maximum output. Its long charge time also makes it difficult to use, but it is most effective when charged while the enemy is unable to be attacked, such as during transitory phases.
    • Combining Charge 1 with Shout outputs higher DPS than Aero Slash with Shout for approximately similar PP consumption.
    • Knocks down target regardless of charge.
    • Aero becomes immobile during charge, but will not cancel the charge if hit unless it is knocked out. Conversely, the player is able to walk and jump while charging, but if struck by an attack that inflicts knockback, the charge will be cancelled. Charge will also be cancelled if the player moves too far from Aero.
  • Adds an additional shockwave compared to Trim.