Herbie is a Pet usable by the Summoner class. An evolved form of Redran, Herbie specializes in dealing with multiple groups of enemies with ease. Unlike Trim, Herbie capitalizes on defeating lots of enemies to gain even more power, making it suitable for Quests that generally involve a lot of enemies. Does not perform as well in Quests that only involve a single enemy.
Compared to Redran, Herbie has higher DEX and slightly less overall stats.


Drop Locations

Rarity Requirements
14 Wisdom Incarnate (UH)

14★ Eggs Collection 1

Pet Stats

14 Herbie Eggs automatically start off at Level 100.

  • Base pet stats at the time of level cap (Excluding Pet Plus Points and Sweets).
Rarity Level HP MEL Pwr RNG Pwr TEC Pwr DEX MEL Def RNG Def TEC Def
12 100 1483 1116 1248 1182 435 1036 1232 1092
12+ 110 1520 1172 1310 1241 457 1071 1274 1129
13+ 120 1557 1228 1372 1300 480 1107 1316 1166
14+ 130 1631 1361 1521 1441 496 1139 1355 1201
  • Maximum values for Pet Plus Points
90 100 120 130 150
  • The Revive time for Herbie is 15 seconds.

Candy Box


Photon Arts

Herbie Laser

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPAHerbieLaser.png
  • Herbie Laser
  • Lv.17 PP Cost: 20
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.17: 3100
  • Herbie Photon Art. Targets enemies and unleashes homing lasers. Can target multiple enemies at once.
  • Automatically Lv.17
  • Starting PA.
  • Performs similar to the Rifle PA Homing Volley, but acts quite differently, and it automatically locks on to the target in front of the player without the need to move the lock-on point.
    • Enemies with multiple lock-on points will be targeted too.
    • Locks on faster than Redran, but if the PA is released too early, Herbie will fire off before completing any lock on.
    • During the lock on portion of the PA, Redran will return to the player's side and follow along.
  • Locks up to 4 targets. Power notation is based on all 4 shots, and the notation per hit is 1/4th of the notation.
    • Has high tracking performance and as long the shots aren't too close to a wall, they can generally hit even at close range.
    • Two shots are fired at each lock-on location, but it actually looks like it hits once.
    • Shots cannot be centralized onto a single location.

Herbie Slash

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPAHerbieSlash.png
  • Herbie Slash
  • Lv.17 PP Cost: 8
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.17: 1212
  • Herbie Photon Art. Approaches surrounding enemies, attacks, the returns to the player's side.
  • Automatically Lv.17
  • Starting PA.
  • The description is a bit confusing, but doesn't mean that Herbie "approaches surrounding enemies". Herbie only launches a ranged attack on the spot.
  • Herbie is invulnerable during the attack and be utilized as a Pet evasion move.
  • Can knock down enemies.
  • Although regarded as a "Return PA" found in many pets, it is difficult to leave the player's area and can return by Normal Attacking.
  • Has less range compared to Redran.

Herbie Burst

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPAHerbieBurst.png
  • Herbie Burst
  • Lv.17 PP Cost: 35
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.17: 4600
  • Herbie Photon Art. Generates a mass of Spirit Bolts before concentrating fire on a target. Charging will increase the number of bolts.
    Charge Time: 0.6s
  • Automatically Lv.17
  • Starting PA.
  • While charging onto a locked on enemy, a projectile appears in front of Herbie and forms counterclockwise around it. When released, the projectiles will all fly at once onto the enemy.
    • Maximum number of projectiles that can be charged is 8 shots. Power notation is based on all 8 shots, and the notation per hit is 1/8th of the notation.
  • If you start charging without targeting the enemy, you will consume PP and move onto the charge animation, but be unable to charge up projectiles.
    • Projectiles are loaded when targeting / locking onto the enemy.
  • If the target / locked-on enemy or part disappears while the projectiles are being loaded, all of the loaded projectiles will disappear.
    • Herbie will stay in place while charging.
  • Has fast bullet speed. In addition, can slightly home in.
  • Cannot target multiple enemies.

Herbie Gravity

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPAHerbieGravity.png
  • Herbie Gravity
  • Lv.17 PP Cost: 10
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.17: 100
  • Herbie Photon Art. Fires a Photon Bullet which forms a gravity well when it lands.
  • Automatically Lv.17
  • Starting PA.
  • Has about the same range and suction power as Gravity Bomb and Sally Vortex.
  • No damage can be done as there is no text indicating damage occurrence in its description.

Herbie Mine

Name Stats Potency In-game Description Level Learned
  • UIPetPAHerbieMine.png
  • Herbie Mine
  • Lv.17 PP Cost: 20
  • DEX Correction: 100%
  • Potency Lv.17: 2110
  • Herbie Photon Art. Attacking the targeted enemy with another ranged Photon Art triggers an explosion that damages surrounding foes.
  • Automatically Lv.17
  • Starting PA.
  • Fires off a purple thorn like projectile similar to the Partisan PA Volkraptor. Hitting the pierced enemy with Herbie Laser, Herbie Burst, or Herbie Gravity will generate a spherical attack for about 4 seconds.
    • Similar to Zondeel, where the damage occurs at the detonation area.
    • Damage also occurs when the enemy is pierced by the projectile, albeit weakly.
  • Normal Attack, Herbie Slash, and the 2nd shot of Herbie Mine do not detonate the projectile.
  • The detonation occurs in a blast, making it easy to hit certain weak points.
  • Power notation is 2% for the projectile landing, and 24.5% x 4 hits for the spherical detonation.