Twisted with Hatred
Quest Type Urgent Quests
Ultra Hard Level 200 and up
Quest Details
Location Armada War Zone
Single/Multi-Party UIMulti4Party.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Ultra Hard Main Class Level 100 and up,Sub Class Level 100 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit 00:22:22
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Urgent Quest Notices

"Commencing an assault operation on Mothership Shiva. All ARKS operatives should prepare for deployment immediately."

—Initial Announcement Notice

"The assault operation on Mothership Shiva is now underway. This is the final battle. All ARKS operatives, please report to the Quest Counter for deployment."

—Announcement Notice

Quest Objective

Defeat the Primordial Darkness.

Quest Description

This is the final battle with the Primordial Darkness to put an end to this eternal war. The fate of the universe rests on it. This will be your most difficult battle yet. We pray for your victory.

This quest can be completed 1 time(s).
You will fail this quest if:
You retire after becoming incapacitated.
All party members become incapacitated.
The time limit expires.


  • This Quest has special ranking requirements. The ranking requirements are on a per-player basis.
Defeat Enemies 100 pts
Damage Taken 800 pts (-1 pts for each damage taken past 10,000)
Quest Completion 100 pts (No Subtraction)
Max Score 1000 pts


Enemy List


  • This Quest has an incapacitation limit. If the incapacitation count reaches two or higher, the Quest will automatically fail.
  • This quest is only available in Ultra Hard difficulty.


Mostly identical to the normal variation of the fight from The Face of The Abyss, with the following changes:

  • Class Level required to undertake the mission is Lv.100.
  • HP reduced to accommodate lower player count and time limit.
  • Quest Rank Points are reduced based on damage taken
  • Sodam's two initial forms have weapon weakness which are tied to each elemental form.
  • Instead of four ice pillar barricades, only one ice pillar barricade will spawn during Sodam's ice stage to guard against its ultimate attacks. The spawn position of the ice pillar every time Sodam switches into the ice stage appears to be entirely random, and can be at the North, South, East or West.
  • Sodam's phase after its combined element phase is appended with a brand new "elementless" phase where Sodam's attacks become greatly enhanced.
  • Sodam-Gomorus fusion final phase attacks execute significantly faster.

Elementless Sodam

Elementless Sodam is the third version of the Sodam phase encountered, and grows white and black crystalline like wings. In this phase, Sodam has no weapon nor elemental weakness.

Sodam gains new attacks as well as stronger augmented versions of its ordinary attacks in this phase. Most of the attacks are avoided by constantly moving.

Eye Barrage
Scythe of Doom
Steps of Darkness
Three Swipe Summon Eyes Combo
Gate of Babylon
Style Purge
  • Eye Barrage: Sodam rises into the air and raises its arms and stops just before doing a complete clap in a span of 4 seconds, heavily brightening the screen and immediately summons a large group of over 9 eyes that look like Maxwell Demons that fire immediate lasers to overwhelm each player with stacks of over 400 damage. This attack seems to attack every player, even players that are not Sodam's hate target but each player only sees their own set of lasers. While players are assaulted, Sodam completes the clap and summons a bunch of telegraphed pillars of light on the ground. This attack can be used at the start of Elementless Sodam's appearance, or even shortly afterwards, and as early as 2 minutes later, meaning that it will be seen twice by most players.
  • Scythe of Doom: Sodam rises into the air and retreats to the north to perform an ultimate move from the background. Sodam shines brightly and grows its crystalline wings even further and raises its scythe arm over a course of 3 seconds. The field shows the whole field being telegraphed although not every area will be hit. Sodam slams its scythe arm down causing traveling shockwaves that leave aurora like trails that can deal 2142 damage to those that are unable to counter or avoid the traveling shockwaves at a distance. This attack can be used at the start of Elementless Sodam's appearance or even shortly afterwards.
  • Steps of Darkness: Sodam does a slow forward strut leaving a series of four overlapping pools of darkness that deals 20 damage, drains 100 PP and staggers if stepped on. It appears that whenever Sodam's movement is stalled such as when it teleports away to do an ultimate it will also leave one of these pools of darkness, which look like safe zones of pitch black in the middle of telegraphed fields when they are not.
  • Blender Laser: Sodam summons and quickly activates a cylinder made of eyes that spins around like a blender, dealing 400 damage and causing knockup if hit. Following this attack, Sodam quickly raises its left hand causing two crystalline spears from its wings to smash at the player's last location.
  • Raised Hammer Cross Smash: Sodam skips the first parts of its 3 hit arm combo, raises both arms in 1.5 seconds and goes straight into the 3rd hit joined fists smash, causing a shockwave in an X shape that spreads from the point of impact to Sodam's sides, catching players attacking from its side off guard. This move can be done twice in succession after a short after delay inbetween.
  • Two Swipe Combo: Sodam extends a right arm blade and swings left followed by right. This move is sometimes followed by the Three Swipe Summon Eyes Combo.
  • Three Swipe Summon Eyes Combo: Sodam extends a right arm blade and swings left followed by right, then spins and swipes in a clockwise manner that can deal 600 damage. When Sodam leaps backwards after this attack it summon a series of 4 eyes that lock on to their target and fire lasers that deal 400 damage.
  • Black Hole Ruptures: Sodam does its standard black hole suction move with its outstretched right arm but then summons a series of black holes in addition that explode one after another.
  • Gate of Babylon: Sodam teleports to the north of the field, disappearing entirely and summons a series of 20 or so dark circles with triangles in the middle of them that look like the eye of providence that fire around 5 salvos of light arrows each, overwhelming the field, similar to Mitra's attack. The northern-most spot in front of Sodam is a safe spot, although one can just keep distance from the light arrows instead.
  • Style Purge: Sodam makes a loud inhaling noise or screech and telegraphs a cylinder of 6 lasers. After firing its short range chest explosion it follows up with a burst stream of the 6 lasers. These lasting lasers rotate outwards like a fan by as much as 30 degrees in an attempt to inflict even more damage to those that did not counter the chest explosion head on. Even while the lasers are rotating outwards Sodam can go into another attack, such as the Three Swipe Summon Eyes Combo.
  • Homing Explosion: As with the regular Sodam phases, a ring circle will repeatedly sound and track the player's location and will explode after a period of time, inflicting bind.

Theoretical Requirements based on a Clear Video

Enemy Health Ratio Time Left at Defeat Required +-30s
Gommorrus 30% 15:40
Sodam p1/p2 30% 8:57
Sodam p3 15% 5:37
Sodam-Gommorrus 25% 0:00

Drop Info

The following items can drop at the end of the Quest from breaking the crystal.

Category Item Name Notes
Weapons Sword15 Sealed Nodachi

Soaring Blades15 World of Guardians
Twin Machineguns15 Obsidian Darkness
Wand15 Ark Sarpent

15 Rinser Series
Sword Rinser Vella

Wired Lance Rinser Wave
Partisan Rinser Berq
Daggers Rinser Regia
Double Saber Rinser Valg
Knuckles Rinser Volna
Katana Rinser Mahj
Soaring Blades Rinser Maroso
Gunblade Rinser Talassa
Rifle Rinser Tengl
Launcher Rinser Urdha
Twin Machineguns Rinser Bolea
Bow Rinser Rulutea
Rod Rinser Galula
Talis Rinser Haran
Wand Rinser Cyuma
Jet Boots Rinser Raphel
Harmonizer Rinser Juran

15 Agile Series
Sword Darkweave Agile Edge

Wired Lance Darkweave Agile Anchor
Partisan Darkweave Agile Pike
Daggers Darkweave Agile Steel
Double Saber Darkweave Agile Doubliss
Knuckles Darkweave Agile Knuckles
Katana Darkweave Agile Sabre
Soaring Blades Darkweave Agile Glide
Gunblade Darkweave Agile Tear
Rifle Darkweave Agile AR
Launcher Darkweave Agile Cannon
Twin Machineguns Darkweave Agile Barrel
Bow Darkweave Agile Arche
Rod Darkweave Agile Rod
Talis Darkweave Agile Talis
Wand Darkweave Agile Verge
Jet Boots Darkweave Agile Walker
Harmonizer Darkweave Agile Reed

15 Croesus Series
Sword Croesus Brand

Wired Lance Croesus Urumi
Partisan Croesus Kuze
Daggers Croesus Stinger
Double Saber Croesus Glaive
Knuckles Croesus Jamdahal
Katana Croesus Schleim
Soaring Blades Croesus Schamschille
Gunblade Croesus Digantz
Rifle Croesus Musket
Launcher Croesus Cannon
Twin Machineguns Croesus Barrage
Bow Croesus Rilate
Rod Croesus Aspio
Talis Croesus Chakram
Wand Croesus Mace
Jet Boots Croesus Vimana

14 Nike Series
Sword Nike Espadio

Wired Lance Nike Scycard
Partisan Nike Halberd
Daggers Nike Dilabrone
Double Saber Nike Helix
Knuckles Nike Weit
Katana Nike Jinran
Soaring Blades Nike Reaper
Gunblade Nike Gunsickle
Rifle Nike Laqueus
Launcher Nike Launcher
Twin Machineguns Nike Grauzam
Bow Nike Arcus
Rod Nike Soleil
Talis Nike Judix
Wand Nike Corsair
Jet Boots Nike Ignore

13 Gratis Series
Sword Gratis Zangulum

Wired Lance Gratis Gilminad
Partisan Gratis Jinraod
Daggers Gratis Jhikdrenn
Double Saber Gratis Zelvran
Knuckles Gratis Dissanga
Katana Gratis Bascht
Soaring Blades Gratis Cutoridave
Gunblade Gratis Granas
Rifle Gratis Shadok
Launcher Gratis Verata
Twin Machineguns Gratis Cafuil
Bow Gratis Visette
Rod Gratis Jewd
Talis Gratis Elno
Wand Gratis Runan
Jet Boots Gratis Carina

13 Klauz Series
Back Unit13 Back / Klauzdyne

Arm Unit13 Arms / Klauznum
Leg Unit13 Legs / Klauzment

13 Atlas Series
Back Unit13 Back / Atlas Shemel

Arm Unit13 Arms / Atlas Chatten
Leg Unit13 Legs / Atlas Kvar

13 Rivalate Series
Back Unit13 Back / Rivalate Ful

Arm Unit13 Arms / Rivalate One
Leg Unit13 Legs / Rivalate Mas

13 Trailblazer Series
Back Unit13 Back / Trailblazer Drape Paxion

Arm Unit13 Arms / Trailblazer Mount Bixion
Leg Unit13 Legs / Trailblazer Decor Raxion

13 Ophistia Series
Back Unit13 Back / Ofzehazala

Arm Unit13 Arms / Ofzeterico
Leg Unit13 Legs / Ofzereevle

13 Novel Series
Back Unit13 Back / Novel Ful

Arm Unit13 Arms / Novel One
Leg Unit13 Legs / Novel Mas

13 Schvelle Series
Back Unit13 Back / Schvelle Kibbs

Arm Unit13 [[Arm_Units_List|Arms / Schvelle Ritt
Leg Unit13 [[Leg_Units_List|Legs / Schvelle Cerbe

Weapon Camos
13 Coated Series
Weapon CamoSword * Coated Edge

Weapon CamoTwin Machineguns * Coated Barrel
Weapon CamoTalis * Coated Talis
Weapon CamoKatana * Coated Sabre
Weapon CamoRifle * Coated Assault
Weapon CamoRod * Coated Rod
Weapon CamoDouble Saber * Coated Doubliss
Weapon CamoSoaring Blades * Coated Glide
Weapon CamoWand * Coated Verge

Weapon Camo13 * Invade Destroy

Weapon Camo13 * Ophistia Lightblade
Weapon Camo13 * Zeinesis Angajima
Weapon Camo13 * Clifard Ressentiment
Weapon Camo13 * Trailblazer Vessel Creaxion
Weapon Camo13 * Latnus Finar
Weapon Camo13 * Latnus Nobire

Final Battle: Space-Time Interstice Camos
Weapon Camo13 * Lightweave Klauz Tail

Weapon Camo13 * Graf Steel
Weapon Camo13 * Rivalate Armory
Weapon Camo13 * Starquake Vessel Pleiaxion
Weapon Camo13 * Profound Vessel Shinxion
Weapon Camo13 * Atlas Relic EX
Weapon Camo13 * Nemesis Silica
Weapon Camo13 * Occuld Crypte
Weapon Camo13 * Six-blade Gottsieger

Other Order15 Powerstone Graeae

Order15 Key Rivalate
Order15 Founder's Amphirite
Order14 Chronos Eternistone
Tool10 EX-Cube
Tool10 Class EX-Cube
Tool8 Rising Weapons Badge 5 (x50)

Augments Affix Might V, VI

Affix Precision V, VI
Affix Casting V, VI
Affix Mastery IV, V
Affix Mutation II
Affix Doom Break III
Affix EX Alles Soul
Affix Exceed Energy
Affix Shiva Glare
Affix Mitra Glare
Affix Varuna Glare
Affix Origin Glare

S-Grade Augments
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Melee Amp

S Grade Augment 1 S1: Ranged Amp
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Technique Amp
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Augment Will 2
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Photon Balance 2
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Will of the Dying
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Petalgleam
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Seagleam
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Snowgleam
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Moongleam
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Leafgleam
S Grade Augment 1 S1: Shadowgleam

Granted to Weapons
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Precision Will 2

S Grade Augment 2 S2: Sky-Earth Lucency 2
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Timeflow Grace
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Perfect Descent
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Goliathslayer's Will
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Rainbow Will
S Grade Augment 2 S2: Rainbow Vitality

S Grade Augment 3 S3: Precision Will 2

S Grade Augment 3 S3: Goliathslayer's Will
S Grade Augment 3 S3: Steadfast Vitality
S Grade Augment 3 S3: Persistent Fury
S Grade Augment 3 S3: Rainbow Descent
S Grade Augment 3 S3: Lustrous Rainbow

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Escalating Pursuit

S Grade Augment 4 S4: Flashguard Lucent
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Steely Determination
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Frontal Adept
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Second Whirlwind
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Hammer of the Wise
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Lifesteal Strike
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Prolonged Blade
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Transmutation Circle
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Lustrous Trap
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Mighty Chain
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Swift Arrows Strike
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Refined Providence
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Sustained Cycle
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Wand Impact
S Grade Augment 4 S4: Support Amplification

S Grade Augment 5 S5: Augment Bloom

S Grade Augment 5 S5: Life V Adaptation
S Grade Augment 5 S5: Finishing Blow
S Grade Augment 5 S5: Provincial Provision

S-Grade Augments
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Skillful Adept

S Grade Augment 6 S6: Tenacious Healscourge
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Lucent Domain
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Shield of Carnage
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Escalating Expanse
S Grade Augment 6 S6: Rainbow Shield

Granted to Units
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Attack 2

S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Melee 2
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Ranged 2
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Fortified Technique 2
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Concentrated Suidi
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Dharma Boon
S Grade Augment 7 S7: Rainbow Adept

S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Life Vessel 2

S Grade Augment 8 S8: Fortified Photon V 2
S Grade Augment 8 S8: Rainbow Erode
S Grade Augment 8 S8: Skydance Support


Title Name Requirement Reward
Encounterer of the Darkness of Hatred Clear Twisted With Hatred on Ultra Hard difficulty. Ticket SG 200 Ticket
Piercer of the Darkness of Hatred Clear Twisted With Hatred on Ultra Hard difficulty with an S Rank. Ticket SG 100 Ticket x3


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