The Malevolent Void
Quest Type Urgent Quests
Normal Level 40
Hard Level 55
Very Hard Level 65
Super Hard Level 75
Extremely Hard Level 90
Quest Details
Location Altered Space (ARKS Fleet)
Single/Multi-Party UIMultiParty.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Normal Level 20 and up
Hard Level 40 and up
Complete a Certain Client Order
Very Hard Level 55 and up
Complete a Certain Client Order
Super Hard Level 70 and up
Obtain a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Extremely Hard Main Class Level 80 and up, Sub Class Level 80 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit 01:00:00
Damage Limit 999,999
Ability Adjust None

The Malevolent Void is an Urgent Quest.



Progress HP PP HP Recovery
A.R.K.S. LEVEL.1 25% Max PP +20
A.R.K.S. LEVEL.2 50% Max HP x1.3
A.R.K.S. LEVEL.3 100% Max HP x1.5 PP Regen Up x1.5
  • After the Urgent Quest period ends, characters that participated in the quest will additionally receive a Rare Drop Rate boost based on the progress % achieved (maxiumum +100%) for 30 minutes.
  • For each time this Urgent Quest occurs, Dark Falz Persona will select two out of four possible masks based on other the four other Dark Falz: Elder, Luther, Apprentice, and Gemini in addition to the main Persona mask. The selected masks will be the same across all instances of the quest taken during the EQ occurrence. across all ships.
  • Dark Falz Persona's breakable parts and attack patterns are dependent on the mask selected and worn, for more information, see Dark Falz Persona.
  • Dark Falz Persona's elemental weakness will be dependent on the mask selected, and can be stunned once by inflicting the status effect of the corresponding element:
    • Elder: Lightning/Shock
    • Luther: Wind/Mirage
    • Apprentice: Fire/Burn
    • Gemini: Ice/Freeze
    • Persona: Light/Panic
  • At low HP, Dark Falz Persona will place an energy sphere in the center of the arena which will explode for massive if it is not destroyed within a set amount of time.
    • If the first energy sphere is destroyed in time, Dark Falz Persona will try again and place a second, larger energy sphere with more HP.
    • Destroying the second energy sphere will stun Dark Falz Persona for a brief period.
    • Dark Falz Persona's chest core is exposed and vulnerable throughout these attacks, players may choose to attack his main body instead as the energy ball does not count towards his main body's HP.
      • As of the 2020/07/21 update, the energy ball counts towards Persona's main HP pool. There is no longer any reason to attack his chest core, as the energy sphere takes more damage.
  • At roughly 10% HP remaining, Persona will purge all his Dark Falz parts in one final explosion. In XH and lower, he will be downed for the rest of the fight afterwards.

Drop Table

N+ H+ VH+
  • 12 Nox Series
  • 13 Profound Series
  • 12 Back Unit Back/Starquake Drape Mixion
  • 12 Back Unit Back/Ofzeterious
  • 12 Arm Unit Arm/Starquake Mount Luxion
  • 12 Arm Unit Arm/Ofzende
  • 12 Leg Unit Leg/Starquake Decor Dixion
  • 12 Leg Unit Leg/Ofzetrogie
  • 14 Phobos Series
  • 14 Starquake Series
  • 15 Ophistia Series
  • 14 Egg Redran
  • 14 Sweets Exquisite Transform Parfait
  • 15 Partisan Anacates Caesia
  • 15 Rod Anacates Logiard
  • 15 Soaring Blades Flotea Blade
  • 15 Wand Flotea Wand
  • 12 Back Unit Back/Lightstream Mixion
  • 12 Arm Unit Arm/Lightstream Luxion
  • 12 Leg Unit Leg/Lightstream Dixion
  • 13 Back Unit Back/Lightstream Paxion
  • 13 Arm Unit Arm/Lightstream Vixion
  • 13 Leg Unit Leg/Lightstream Raxion
  • 14 Order Chronos Eternastone
  • 15 Order Founder's Amphitrite
  • 15 Order Liberate Unlocker
  • 10 Tool EX-Cube (30)
  • 10 Tool Class EX-Cube (1)
  • 8 Weapon Camo Camradio Amok
  • 8 Weapon Camo Finesse Caridas
  • 8 Weapon Camo Addict Charme
  • 8 Weapon Camo Broma Petriema
  • Affix Elder Reverie
  • Affix Luther Reverie
  • Affix Appregina Reverie
  • Affix Gemini Reverie
  • Affix Persona Reverie
  • Affix Astral Soul
    • on 14 Starquake Series Only
  • Affix Omega Reverie
S-Grade Augment S-Grade Augments (Weapons)
  • Pass Add S5:Provincial Provision

14 Starquake Series Only:

  • S Grade Augment 1 S1:Skillful Adept
  • S Grade Augment 1 S1:Skillful Adept 2
  • S Grade Augment 2 S2:Photon Descent 2
  • S Grade Augment 3 S3:Precision Will 2
S-Grade Augment S-Grade Augments (Units)
  • S Grade Augment 6 S6:Tenacious Healscourge
  • S Grade Augment 6 S6:Soaring Heavendance
  • S Grade Augment 6 S6:Skillful Adept
  • S Grade Augment 7 S7:Fortified Attack 2
  • S Grade Augment 7 S7:Fortified Melee 2
  • S Grade Augment 7 S7:Fortified Ranged 2
  • S Grade Augment 7 S7:Fortified Technique 2
  • S Grade Augment 7 S7:Fortified Photon Vessel
  • S Grade Augment 7 S7:Still Grace
  • S Grade Augment 8 S8:Fortified Life Vessel
  • S Grade Augment 8 S8:Fortified Life Vessel 2
  • S Grade Augment 8 S8:Skydance Support
  • Quest-specific drops
    • 10Trigger The Call of the Void Trigger
    • 10Pass Weapon Transmutation Aux Pass (E-Trial Clear Reward - N:1 H:2 VH:3 SH:4 XH:6 UH:10)
    • 7Order Void Erebite Fragments (0-10)
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