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Starquake Sabre Intexion
Rarity: UIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarRainbowIcon.pngUIStarRainbowIcon.png
Req: 440 Dex
Type: Gunblade
Classes: Hunter Fighter Ranger Gunner Force Techter Braver Bouncer Summoner Hero Phantom Etoile Luster
Augment Factor
Augment Factor Reverie Catalyst
Supported S-Grade Augment Slots
S Grade Augment 1S Grade Augment 2S Grade Augment 3
Starry Remembrance
Lv. 1
Increase damage by 8%. Restore PP by 30% when casting a PA/Technique while below 10% PP.
Lv. 2
Increase damage by 9%. Restore PP by 30% when casting a PA/Technique while below 10% PP.
Lv. 3
Increase damage by 10%. Restore PP by 30% when casting a PA/Technique while below 10% PP.

Drop Info

Can be acquired at Zig Permit Exchange Shop by exchanging the following items.

  • Gunblade13 Profound Sabre Intexion+35
  • Any 13 Detonation Series Weapon +35
  • Any 13 Claudium Series Weapon +35
  • Any 13 Allure Series Weapon +35
  • Any 13 Xerraire Series Weapon +35
  • Material7 Void Erebite Fragment x 150

Additional Info

This weapon's Potential has the following additional effect:

  • Increase the transformation time of Dark Blast by 10 seconds.
The specifications for the PP recovery effect are as follows:
  • After consuming PP with a PA / Technique, PP will be recovered if the remaining PP is less than 10% of maximum PP.
  • Has a cooldown time of 2 minutes.
  • If the cooldown ends when remaining PP is less than 10%, or if you switch from another weapon to this weapon, the effect will not trigger immediately. You will have to consume PP in some way.
  • There are visual effects for when PP recovery is possible and when PP is recovered.

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Sword Starquake Sword Dimexion

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Katana Starquake Katana Floraxion
Soaring Blades Starquake Soaring Creaxion
Gunblade Starquake Sabre Intexion
Rifle Starquake Rifle Ambixion
Launcher Starquake Launcher Vacilaxion
Twin Machineguns Starquake Bullet Ejecuxion
Bow Starquake Bow Obligaxion
Rod Starquake Rod Salvaxion
Talis Starquake Talis Oraxion
Wand Starquake Cane Aspiraxion
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Harmonizer Starquake Note Canxion