Mining Base Defense Operations: Ending

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Mining Base Defense Operations: Ending
Quest Type Urgent Quests
Normal Level 20 and up
Hard Level 40 and up
Very Hard Level 55 and up
Super Hard Level 75 and up
Extremely Hard Level 80 and up
Ultra Hard Level 91 and up
Quest Details
Location Lillipa
Single/Multi-Party UIMultiParty.png Multi-Party Quests
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Normal No Level Restrictions
Hard Main Class Level 20 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Very Hard Main Class Level 40 and up
Complete a special Client Order
Super Hard Main Class Level 50 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Extremely Hard Main Class Level 70 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Ultra Hard Main Class Level 85 and up, Sub Class Level 85 and up
Possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit
Time Limit None
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Quest Objective

Defend the Mining Base!

Quest Description

This is an urgent notice to all ARKS members. We have detected a strong signal coming from the Mining Base on Lillipa. Get underneath Apprentice the Vernal using an underground exploration craft equipped with our latest Photon Particle Cannon and suppress the beast. We anticipate Falspawn will attack, so ensure that they do not destroy the exploration craft base site.

Total of 6 waves.


Drop Info

The following items can drop at the end by breaking the crystal.

Category Item Name Notes

Sword15 Sealed Nodachi
Soaring Blades15 World of Guardians
Twin Machineguns15 Obsidian Darkness
Wand15 Ark Sarpent

13 Clifard Series
Sword Clifard Calibur

Wired Lance Clifard Lance
Partisan Clifard Valdis
Daggers Clifard Bazeraldt
Double Saber Clifard Waffen
Knuckles Clifard Breakles
Katana Clifard Sheath
Soaring Blades Clifard Sabels
Gunblade Clifard Gunscissor
Rifle Clifard Laser
Launcher Clifard Cannon
Twin Machineguns Clifard Vulcan
Bow Clifard Arrow
Rod Clifard Scratch
Talis Clifard Fidel
Wand Clifard Scepter
Jet Boots Clifard Gear
Harmonizer Clifard Pick

13 Profound Series
Sword Profound Sword Dimexion

Wired Lance Profound Whip Alxion
Partisan Profound Partisan Adoraxion
Daggers Profound Blades Obsaxion
Double Saber Profound Cutter Resurrexion
Knuckles Profound Fist Assaxion
Katana Profound Katana Floraxion
Soaring Blades Profound Soaring Creaxion
Gunblade Profound Sabre Intexion
Rifle Profound Rifle Ambixion
Launcher Profound Launcher Vacilaxion
Twin Machineguns Profound Bullet Ejecuxion
Bow Profound Bow Obligaxion
Rod Profound Rod Salvaxion
Talis Profound Talis Oraxion
Wand Profound Cane Aspiraxion
Jet Boots Profound Boot Benedixion
Harmonizer Profound Note Canxion

14 Starquake Series
Sword Starquake Sword Dimexion

Wired Lance Starquake Whip Alxion
Partisan Starquake Partisan Adoraxion
Daggers Starquake Blades Obsaxion
Double Saber Starquake Cutter Resurrexion
Knuckles Starquake Fist Assaxion
Katana Starquake Katana Floraxion
Soaring Blades Starquake Soaring Creaxion
Gunblade Starquake Sabre Intexion
Rifle Starquake Rifle Ambixion
Launcher Starquake Launcher Vacilaxion
Twin Machineguns Starquake Bullet Ejecuxion
Bow Starquake Bow Obligaxion
Rod Starquake Rod Salvaxion
Talis Starquake Talis Oraxion
Wand Starquake Cane Aspiraxion
Jet Boots Starquake Boot Benedixion
Harmonizer Starquake Note Canxion

14 Phobos Series
Sword Phobos Espadio

Wired Lance Phobos Scycard
Partisan Phobos Halberd
Daggers Phobos Dilabrone
Double Saber Phobos Helix
Knuckles Phobos Weit
Katana Phobos Jinran
Soaring Blades Phobos Reaper
Gunblade Phobos Gunsickle
Rifle Phobos Laqueus
Launcher Phobos Launcher
Twin Machineguns Phobos Grauzam
Bow Phobos Arcus
Rod Phobos Soleil
Talis Phobos Judix
Wand Phobos Corsair
Jet Boots Phobos Ignore

(XH and higher)
Weapon Camos Weapon Camo13 * Occuld Crypte

Weapon Camo13 * Clifard Ressentiment
Weapon Camo13 * Zeinesis Angajima
Weapon Camo13 * Ophistia Lightblade

Other Tool10 EX-Cube (UH)
Augments Affix Might I, III, VI

Affix Precision I, III, VI
Affix Casting I, III, VI
Affix Mutation I, II
Affix Doom Break I, II, III
Affix Absolute Glare
Affix Soul of Darkness
Affix Aether Soul
Affix Modulator
Affix Photoner Glare
Affix Soul Catalyst
Affix Factor Catalyst
Affix Reverie Catalyst
Affix Glare Catalyst

May be granted onto 13+ weapon drops
and 13 unit drops.
S-Grade Augments
Pass10 Add S4: Escalating Pursuit

Pass10 Add S5: Finishing Blow

S-Grade Augments
Pass10 Add S6: Escalating Expanse

Pass10 Add S7: Concentrated Suidi
Pass10 Add S7: Still Grace
Pass10 Add S8: Rainbow Erode


Additional Info

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