New Genesis: Wand Photon Arts and Actions

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New Genesis: Wand Photon Arts
UINGSPhotonArtRapidSmash.png Swift Smash UINGSPhotonArtWaveCrash.png Wave Crash


The Techter's Wand has the capability to deal additional attacks through some of their actions, called Photonic Fury. By casting charged Techniques, the Wand will confer to the corresponding element, allowing additional Elemental Down towards enemies Elemental Weakness. With certain class skills like Wand Lovers, users of the Wand can strengthen their combat capabilities in close range, offering a different playstyle compared to Force Rod.

Features of Wand

Photonic Fury

Attack Method Down Accumulation Wand Element
Pursuit Gain
Normal Attack

Sidestep Attack
Wand Guard Reflection

Low 1 60
Wave Crash

Uncharged Swift Smash

Medium 2
Sidestep Counter

Charged Swift Smash
Wand Parry Counter

High 6
Dash Attack

Dive Attack
Parry Counter Advanced

(Does not occur)
  • Wand Element Pursuit can be used when the gauge is filled to 100.

An additional attack that is made after all but a few of the Wand's attacks.
There are three different types, low, medium, and high, depending on the source of the attack. However, the appearance, power, and range of the Photonic Fury are the same for all types.

  • The Photonic Fury itself has some range, which slightly compensates for the Wand's short reach.
  • Photonic Fury can also deal damage to nearby enemies when it hits onto one enemy.
    • This also helps increasing gauges for both Wand Element Pursuit and Photon Blast at a faster rate.
  • Photonic Fury can charge Compound Techniques at a slightly faster rate than uncharged Techniques.
    • When fighting against bosses, the gauge increase is 3 times as normal.
  • Although at a low amount, it has a unique property of accumulating both Physical and Elemental Down via Wand attacks and Photonic Fury. However, the Elemental Down value is generally much less than a charged Technique.

Normal Attacks

Icon Stat NA1 NA2 NA3 NA4
NGSUINormalAttackWand.png Potency 100 105 125 100 + 350
Photonic Fury 60 60 + 60
PP Recovery 10 10 13 5 + 15

Swing around the Wand at close range. Wand Attack Extra adds the 4th attack, ending off with a photon charged slam. Wand Arts Skip Attack allows you to skip to the 3rd Normal Attack.

Normal Attacks

  • Every string of the Normal Attack will produce a Photonic Fury, dealing additional damage.
    • Has slightly slow attack speed and reach, but on the ground you move forward at a reasonable speed and distance, slightly less so in the air.
  • NA3 has a forward auto-guard.
    • NA4 has an auto-guard in all directions for the first hit and a forward auto-guard for the second hit.
  • By learning Wand Element Change, you can change the Element of the Photonic Fury by casting a charged Technique.
    • Photonic Fury with elements attached will have an Elemental Down value.
    • Without any elements, the Wand's initial element (non-elemental = Physical Down) will occur.
  • During Wand Lovers, an auto-guard is added at the beginning of NA1 and NA2.
    • Using these guard points, including those originally attached to NA3 and NA4, also activates Wand Guard Reflection.
    • Learning Wand Lovers Line Force, the potency of all parts inceases by (+5), motion speed, and homing capabilities are given during the effect, providing excellent mobility.

Weapon Action

Icon Stat Wand Guard
Wand Parry
Wand Parry
Counter Advanced
Wand Element
NGSUIWeaponActionWand.png Potency 60 380 50 + 350 900
PP Recovery 0 20 20 + 8 20

Holds the Wand in front of you to guard against attacks for a short period of time. Allows you to move a short distance while using the Weapon Action.


  • Has a guard point from all directions that allows for immediate action after usage.
    • Successfully guarding via Weapon Action renders you invincible until the motion ends.
  • Due to the safety net of the Parry, you can chain multiple Parrys one after another, allowing you to guard through multiple attacks in a row.

Wand Guard Reflection

  • Enables a Photonic Fury when successfully defending with Parry and various guard points.
    • Has the same elements as Normal Attacks. Similarly, the element changes with Wand Element Change.
    • Has the property of an additional attack that deals Photonic Fury at the locked on target.

Wand Parry Counter

  • Enables a counter attack after successfully parrying by pressing Normal Attack.
    • If you counter while Wand Lovers Line Force is in effect, vertical enemy tracking is added.
    • Learning Wand Parry Counter Advanced will make you send a shockwave when making a counter attack. The wand hit will be reduced in power in exchange for a high-powered shockwave.
      • Photonic Fury only occurs on the wand hit portion of the Parry Counter, not the shockwave.

Wand Element Pursuit

  • Enables a special move when you press and hold the Weapon Action button while you have an element set to the Wand and the gauge is full. Releases the element held in the wand to send off an explosion at the enemy.
    • Don't forget to cast a charged Technique again to regain the element on your wand afterwards.

Universal Actions

Action Potency PP Recovery
Sidestep Attack 160(+60) 12
Sidestep Counter 420(+60) 15
Dash Attack 280 15
Dive Attack 200 0
  • Sidestep Attack/Counter: After a Sidestep, press Normal Attack to perform a quick horizonal slash at the enemy. If you dodge an enemy's attack with Sidestep, the damage and PP recovery is increased.
  • Dash Attack: Swing the Wand in a horizontal sweeping motion in front of you. Photonic Fury does not occur here.
  • Dive Attack: Nearly the same across all weapons. Dive deals damage to nearby enemies and restores no PP, and is mainly used to reach the ground faster.

Photon Blast

Charges up photons into the wand to then dash towards the enemy and release multiple swings, ending in a heavy downward smash.

  • The attack will not track well against highly mobile targets.
    • The attack will initially track in a straightforward line towards the target, but will stay in position once the attack starts.
  • Has a slightly wide hitbox.
  • Builds both Physical and Elemental Down.
  • Like all Photon Blasts, you are invincible during its animation.
  • Potency Notation: Deals 400% x 6 hits (Wand swings) + 2100% (smash).

Photon Arts

Swift Smash

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtRapidSmash.png Swift Smash Potency 550 Wand Photon Art.
Quickly close in on an enemy to deal a devastating blow.
Charging increases the potency.
PP 25
  • Dash towards an enemy and strike them with your wand. Can be charged for 1 second to increase damage.
  • The dash does not vertically track enemies. Dash distance and speed changes when you are targeting or locked on an enemy.
  • If learned, hitting an enemy with a charged Swift Smash also substantially build up Wand Element Pursuit.
  • Provides super armor, and auto-guards from the front while dashing when uncharged or charged.
    • Guarding an attack this way also causes Photonic Fury.
  • Can be canceled while charging and dashing with Sidestep or Weapon Action.
  • Potency Notation: If uncharged, deals 27% of noted potency + Photonic Fury. If charged, deals 100% + Photonic Fury.

Wave Crash

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtWaveCrash.png Wave Crash Potency 410 Wand Photon Art.
Slam your weapon on the ground and attack by
generating a shock wave that spreads over a wide area.
PP 30
  • Slam your wand twice on the ground to cause wide shockwaves around you.
  • You will move forward when you slam. Movement can be altered based on movement key inputs; holding forward will increase your forward distance, holding left or right moves you diagonally, and holding backward will halve the forward distance.
  • Excels in mobbing; combined with this PA's area of effect, explosions from Photonic Fury can hit other enemies, substantially increasing damage.
    • This can also quickly build up Compound Techniques and Wand Element Pursuit.
  • Provides super armor.
  • Can be canceled before the first and second slam with Sidestep or Weapon Action. Can also chain into another PA after the first slam.
  • Potency Notation: Deals 46% + 54% of noted potency plus Photonic Fury twice.