New Genesis: Katana Photon Arts and Actions

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New Genesis: Katana Photon Arts
UINGSPhotonArtSilverleafStorm.png Silverleaf Storm UINGSPhotonArtIrisGale.png Iris Gale UINGSPhotonArtLotusLightning.png Lotus Lightning UINGSPhotonArtRadiantLilac.png Radiant Lilac


The Braver's Katana possesses 3 stage PAs that can be performed by using PAs in succession, providing flexibility in battle. Its attacks overall are quick, has slightly higher range than other melee weapons, and has multiple counterattack options that can be learned to safely deal damage. Additional skills in Braver's tree such as Katana Perfect Guard PP Gain and Brave Spirit provides PP sustain and increased counter damage.

The Katana tends to quickly consume PP due to its fast, 3 stage PAs. Using and unlocking skills in Braver's tree can mitigate this, but still requires the user to be aggressive with their counters and use of Brave Combat to mainly restore PP while on the offensive.

Features of Katana

Normal Attacks

Icon Stat NA1 NA2 NA3
NGSUINormalAttackKatana.png Potency 103 106 110
PP Recovery 7 7 7

Unsheathe and slash the enemy with the Katana.

Normal Attacks

  • Deals nearly the same amount of damage, and same PP recovery in its NA chain.
  • Moves you forward on the ground towards the enemy. You can move in the air slightly horizontally, except backwards; attacking continuously will allow you to stay in the air.
  • Learning Fearless Attitude generates a short auto-guard in all directions (visualized with a blue shield) after each NA.
  • Brave Combat Close Range increases the distance you move towards the enemy and allows you to move vertically during Brave Combat.
  • Brave Spirit increases the damage and PP recovery of NAs while active.

Weapon Action

Icon Stat Katana Guard Counter Counter Advanced Fearless Attitude Counter Plus
NGSUIWeaponActionKatana.png Potency 250 (375) 30 + 250
(45 + 375)
350 (525) 650
PP Recovery 7 (20 + 7.7) 2 + 6
(20 + 2.2 + 6.6)
30 + 30
(50 + 33)
  • Brave Spirit increases counter damage and PP recovery; its values are in parenthesis.

Guard from all directions with the Katana. Holding the Weapon Action button allows you to continuously guard attacks, reducing incoming damage by 75% and consuming 20 PP; Mighty Guard instead reduces incoming damage by 90% and consumes 10 PP. Guarding a second before an attack allows you to negate all damage and consumes no PP. Skills in the Braver tree unlocks and enhances counterattacking after guarding a second before an attack, and also provides additional counterattacks.

Katana Guard Counter

  • Automatically counterattack in front of you after guarding an attack.
    • A successful guard and the following counterattack provides invincibility during the motion.

Counter Advanced

  • Adds a medium-ranged shockwave to Katana Guard Counter.

Fearless Attitude

  • A counter not exclusively a Weapon Action-related skill.
  • Generates an auto-guard around you if you stand still after certain actions (NAs, PAs, sidestep attack). Guarding an attack this way automatically performs a counterattack that deals more damage than other counterattacks, restores a high amount of PP (60), and provides brief invincibility during the counterattack.
    • NAs and sidestep attack has the shortest duration (0.6 seconds), followed by stage 1 and 2 of PAs (0.75), and stage 3 PAs having the longest duration (1.3).
  • You will stay in the air as long as Fearless Attitude is active.

Counter Plus

  • Performs 3 medium-ranged attacks after a guard counter by pressing the Normal Attack button.
  • Not affected by Brave Spirit.
  • You are invincible during the counterattacks.
  • Can be followed up with another guard counter at the end of the last slash.

Universal Actions

Action Potency PP Recovery
Sidestep Attack 190 9
Sidestep Counter 380 12
Dash Attack 280 15
Dive Attack 200 0
  • Sidestep Attack/Counter: After a Sidestep, press Normal Attack to perform a slash. If you dodge an enemy's attack with Sidestep, the damage and PP recovery is increased.
  • Dash Attack: Swing the Katana in a horizontal sweeping motion in front of you.
  • Dive Attack: Nearly the same across all weapons. Dive deals damage to nearby enemies and restores no PP, and is mainly used to reach the ground faster.

Photon Blast

Gather photons around you to perform multiple, wide-ranged slashes that can hit multiple enemies in front of you followed by a final slash after sheathing your Katana.

  • You will move towards a targeted enemy upon activation.
  • Like all Photon Blasts, you are invincible during its animation.
  • Potency Notation: Deals 264% x 7 hits (slashes) + 1800% (final slash).

Photon Arts

Silverleaf Storm

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtSilverleafStorm.png Silverleaf Storm Potency 230 Katana Photon Art.
Releases a forward slash after a swift sword draw.
Multiple uses release alternate attacks.
PP 10
  • Stage 1 of the attack performs two slashes in front of you, stage 2 another two slashes, and stage 3 a final, powerful slash.
    • You can move roughly a Step in any direction when performing this PA.
  • Auto-Guards from the front at the beginning of the final slash.
  • Can be canceled between slashes and after the beginning of the final slash with Step or Weapon Action.
  • Power Notation: Stage 1 deals 42% + 58% for a total of 100% of noted power, stage 2 deals 44% + 59% (103%), and stage 3 deals 130%.

Iris Gale

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtIrisGale.png Iris Gale Potency 320 Katana Photon Art.
Mows down nearby enemies after a swift sword draw.
Multiple uses release alternate attacks.
PP 20
  • Stage 1 performs two wide slashes that hit enemies around you, stage 2 creates a dome of slashes with increased vertical range, and stage 3 creates a massive dome of slashes.
  • You will move roughly a Step forward when you attack with stage 1 and stage 2.
  • Provides super armor, and also Auto-Guards from all directions at the beginning of stage 3.
  • Can be canceled during stage 1 with Weapon Action.
  • Power Notation: Stage 1 deals 50% + 50% for a total of 100% of noted power, stage 2 deals 22% x 5 (110%), and stage 3 deals 28% x 4 (112%).

Lotus Lightning

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtLotusLightning.png Lotus Lightning Potency 400 Katana Photon Art.
Releases manifold shockwaves in a straight line after charging your sword.
Multiple uses release alternate attacks.
PP 18
  • Send out a line of strikes in 3 stages. Each successive stage slightly increases damage.
  • Most effective for downed enemies due to lack of cancellations.
  • Auto-Guards from the front at the very beginning of each stage.
  • Power Notation: Stage 1 deals 14.3% x 7 for a total of 100.1% of noted power, stage 2 deals 15% x 7 (105%), and stage 3 deals 15.3% x 7 (107.1%).

Radiant Lilac

Icon Name Stat Lv.1 Description
UINGSPhotonArtRadiantLilac.png Radiant Lilac Potency 265 Katana Photon Art.
Slash your target with blinding speed.
Multiple uses releases multiple attacks.
PP 12
  • Perform slashes that can hit enemies immediately around you as you dash to your target. Each successive stage increases damage.
    • Without a target, you will move roughly two steps forward. With a target, you will instead move roughly three steps forward.
  • You will not collide with enemies when using this PA.
  • Provides super armor.
  • Power Notation: Stage 1 deals 100% of noted power, stage 2 deals 92%, and stage 3 deals 130%.


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