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List of NGS Faces

Preview Name Availability Marketable Implementation Date Notes
Base Face T1.png Base Face T1 Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 06/08/21
Base Face T2.png Base Face T2 Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 06/08/21
Robust Face.png Robust Face Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 06/08/21
Snipt Face.png Snipt Face Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 06/08/21
Flawless Face.png Flawless Face Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 12/15/21
Sylphid Face.png Sylphid Face Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 12/15/21
Masked Face T2.png Masked Face T2 Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 12/15/21
Andraws Face.png Andraws Face Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 04/10/24
Andrawn Face.png Andrawn Face Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 04/10/24
Masked Face T2B.png Masked Face T2/B AC (NGS) AC Scratch Tickets: Quaint Ensemble
AC (NGS) AC Scratch Tickets: Rewind Collection 8
UICheckMarkIcon.png 01/12/22
Imposing Face.png Imposing Face Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 06/08/22
Imposing FaceB.png Imposing Face/B Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 06/08/22
Falte Face.png Falte Face AC (NGS) AC Scratch Tickets: Aerial Defenders '22‎‎ UICheckMarkIcon.png 09/21/22
Inaris Face.png Inaris Face AC (NGS) AC Scratch Tickets: Celestial Saint UICheckMarkIcon.png 11/02/22
Lively Face.png Lively Face Default UIRestrictedBlue.png 12/07/22
Bearded Robust Face.png Bearded Robust Face AC (NGS) AC Scratch Tickets: Frozen World '22 UICheckMarkIcon.png 12/21/22
Masked Flawless Face.png Masked Flawless Face SG (NGS) SG Scratch Tickets: Volcanic Heart UIRestrictedBlue.png 02/15/23

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