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Red Containers (Aelio Region)

Red Container Map (Aelio Region) 

Red Containers (Retem Region)

Red Container Map (Retem Region) 

Red Containers (Kvaris Region)

Red Container Map (Kvaris Region) 

Red Containers (Stia Region)

Red Container Map (Stia Region) 

Datapods (Aelio Region)

Datapod Map (Aelio Region) 

Datapod Information (Aelio Region)

Please refer to the collapsed image as a reference for the following tables:

Central Aelio

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) There are various colors of Item Containers. You'll definitely find some great stuff in the Gold ones. Central Aelio
(2) This area is a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. It's a great spot for ingredient hunters. Central Aelio
(3) You may be able to find abandoned Item Containers near the cliffs of Central Aelio. Central Aelio
(4) I hear Rappies act differently in groups. Try observing them undetected and see what happens. Central Aelio
(5) The wide plains of Central Aelio are spotted with gently sloping hills. Many TAMES inhabit these lands. Central Aelio
(6) ARKS can increase their Attack for a short time by chowing down on Quick Food made with TAMES meat. NGS Meat Icon Crisp Aelio Meat x5 Central Aelio
(7) Yellow, blinking Ryuker Devices have yet to be connected. Get them linked up to expand your range of operations. Central Aelio
(8) Dian are known for their giant bodies and large horns. They live around Central City. Central Aelio
(9) ARKS can increase their Defense for a short time by chowing down on Quick Food made with vegetables. NGS Vegetable Icon Light Aelio Mushroom x5 Central Aelio

South Aelio

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) There are old campsites in the underbrush and in caves around South Aelio. Feel free to keep anything from the Item Containers you may find there. South Aelio
(2) The peaks and valleys of South Aelio boast plenty of mountains and waterfalls. Its bountiful natural resources make it a hotspot for mining and fishing. South Aelio
(3) This area holds a bounty of ingredients. You can find some minerals here too. I highly recommend Gathering here! South Aelio
(4) Internal photon stores will be bolstered for a short time by chowing down on Quick Food made with fruit. NGS Fruit Icon Rich Aelio Apple x5 South Aelio
(5) Dread Enemies are veterans of numerous battles. Which means they're no joke! I wish I had known that earlier... South Aelio
(6) ARKS can increase their HP for a short time by chowing down on Quick Food made with seafood. NGS Seafood Icon Robust Aelio Lobster x5 South Aelio
(7) There's a rumor going around that putting items into a South Aelio Region Mag bolsters the luck of ARKS defenders. South Aelio
(8) Noxxi are known for their prominent snouts. Careful around them. They've been known to charge! South Aelio

West Aelio

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Birdoth have a distinct long feather on their heads. I see a lot of them around here, but not so much elsewhere. West Aelio
(2) I found some item containers over by a cliff! Could someone grab the contents? I can't right now. West Aelio
(3) I heard if you, like, slam some goodies in the West Aelio Region Mag, it makes ARKS stronger. I wonder if it's true. West Aelio
(4) West Aelio is famous for its broad expanse of coast. Try gliding to islands from high places. West Aelio
(5) Freely take of the minerals in the rocks and seafood on the coast. But make sure not to take vegetables from the fields! West Aelio

North Aelio

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) There are recon supply caches still left in the mountains of North Aelio.
Make use of any Item Containers you might come across.
North Aelio
(2) You need minerals and ore to enhance your weapons, right? You may just strike the motherlode here. North Aelio
(3) Tossing a North Aelio Region Mag some items will bolster the growth of ARKS defenders... or so they say. North Aelio
(4) Frango are a TAMES unit with beautifully colored feathers. They're often found congregating by water. North Aelio
(5) You won't be able to find many ingredients around here... But there's a veritable bounty of quality minerals to gather. North Aelio
(6) The wetlands and plateaus of North Aelio stretch far and wide. Sightings have been reported of enormous DOLLS appearing on the plateaus... North Aelio

Halphia Lake

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Halphia Lake... it looks so peaceful, but... something's off about it. No one can quite put their finger on it... Halphia Lake
(2) Halphia Lake is so quiet and peaceful. I wonder if someone left that container near the cliff for a picnic. Halphia Lake
(3) Gigantix appear during thunderstorms. If you see one, it's best not to tangle with it unless you're confident in your abilities. Halphia Lake

Mt. Magnus

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Getting up and down Mt. Magnus can be a pain. Making good use of an available Updrafter might make things easier. Mt. Magnus
(2) Mt. Magnus is a hotspot for DOLLS encounters. Don't let the Item Containers they've brought in go to waste. Mt. Magnus

Vanford Laboratory Ruins

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) They call these the lab ruins, but the truth is that some parts were operational until recently. A huge battle wiped them out... Vanford Laboratory Ruins
(2) If you attack the Dromes around here and disable them, your Mag will hack them and put them to work for you. Vanford Laboratory Ruins
(3) The Recon Team left things in the lab ruins. I hear you can find them in high places or between wreckage. Vanford Laboratory Ruins

Resol Forest

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Resol Forest is overgrown with strange flora. At night it glows with an eerie unnatural light. Resol Forest
(2) You can find several things left behind by scouts in Resol Forest. They hid them around the trees to protect them from the enemy. Resol Forest

Datapods (Retem Region)

Datapod Map (Retem Region) 

Datapod Information (Retem Region)

Please refer to the collapsed image as a reference for the following tables:

Central Retem

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Fortos Launchers are DOLLS shaped like heavy artillery. Destroying all of their legs will expose their cores to attack. Central Retem
(2) This oasis is a resting point for long journeys. I wish I had the resources to station some ARKS defenders on it... Central Retem
(3) This vast land is inhabited by many creatures that are smaller than TAMES. Try studying the trees and ground carefully sometimes. Central Retem
(4) That huge structure in Central Retem is known as Trinitas. I'd love to look into what it might have been used for... Central Retem
(5) Vegetables can be found here and there in this area. There's also some fruit that appears only at night, so don't miss that. NGS Fruit Icon Crisp Retem Carambola x5 Central Retem
(6) Noxxi. Or, Lamur Noxxi, I should say. These also seem a little different from their Aelio counterparts. Central Retem
(7) Sand Korons appear in the desert. Don't be fooled by their cute appearance or you'll be in a world of hurt. Central Retem
(8) Central Retem had several layers of defense against the DOLLS assault. Those item containers are vestiges of that battle. Central Retem
(9) "Stellar Fragment" is a rock that falls during meteor showers. The connection isn't clear, but it has been observed glowing brightly during meteor showers. NGS Tool Icon Stellar Fragment x1 Central Retem

West Retem

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Apparently an electromagnetic abnormality occurs in West Retem. Maybe that's why sometimes you see floating boulders. West Retem
(2) There are tons of vegetables around here. You can also find seafood by the waterfront. NGS Vegetable Icon Robust Retem Cauliflower x5 West Retem
(3) Item containers were left behind on the clifftops in the area. Feel free to use anything you find. West Retem
(4) Giving items to the West Retem Region Mag will temporarily boost the growth of ARKS defenders. So they say. West Retem
(5) The reedy Kelkundo throw powerful kicks. Stay calm and don't be intimidated by their strange movements. West Retem
(6) A Camelio is a TAMES unit with two humps on its back. Occasionally you find specimens of a different color. West Retem

North Retem

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) North Retem is the biggest mining spot in Retem. The scaffolding is also used for ARKS training drills. North Retem
(2) Lizentos move deceptively fast for their size. They're dangerous even at a distance and their tail attacks pack serious power. North Retem
(3) Be on the lookout for Transorves. They're like spawn points that crank out tons of enemies. North Retem
(4) Fruits are easy to find around here. You also might find some interesting seafood around the beach at night. NGS Seafood Icon Light Retem Sea Slug x5 North Retem
(5) Hmm. Apparently there are minerals here not found in Aelio. With different uses and properties. Be sure to look into them. NGS Mineral Icon Tetracite x5 North Retem
(6) It seems that throwing items to the North Retem Region Mag temporarily boosts the growth of ARKS defenders. North Retem
(7) Those item containers on the clifftops were left behind by the mining crew. I'm sure they'd be happy to have you make use of them. North Retem
(8) I saw a Lamur Birdoth. Those aren't found in Aelio. They seem to have mutated as an adaptation to the harsh environment. North Retem

South Retem

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Pippotam are a TAMES unit with powerful teeth and jaws. They often move in groups, and sometimes you'll see one that looks different. South Retem
(2) There are some vegetables to be found around here, too. If you encounter a sandstorm, try looking for some seafood. NGS Seafood Icon Robust Retem Hermit Crab x5 South Retem
(3) Whirlwinds stir up something called "Blastisigne." I bet ingesting one would cause you to overflow with photon power. South Retem
(4) Retem Alnothe is a special place for Retem's ARKS defenders. It was once even a ceremonial site... South Retem
(5) Take care not to get lost if you run into a sandstorm. Also, we have reports of a Gigantix. Be careful. South Retem
(6) This campsite isn't used much anymore. Feel free to grab things from any item containers you find. South Retem
(7) They say giving items to the South Retem Region Mag brings good luck to ARKS defenders for a while. South Retem
(8) Bubble Snappers are ALTERS with huge arms. Try attacking with Lightning to dispel the bubbles from their claws. South Retem
(9) Rwh Maqead... we call it "The Dome." It's said that inside the enormous rock is a vast subterranean expanse... South Retem

Rwh Maqead

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Fruits and vegetables grow here, too... and you can even find seafood by the sea. NGS Vegetable Icon Crisp Retem Mushroom x5 Rwh Maqead
(2) I leave these item containers for those who come after me. It is my hope that they serve you in this task. Rwh Maqead

Retem Alnothe

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) With no one to visit, this place is also succumbing to disuse. If you don't unload item containers here, no one else will. Retem Alnothe

Maqead Lower Level

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) This rock glows like a starry sky every time there's a meteor shower. I'd love to find out why once everything calms down... Maqead Lower Level
(2) Brancles are DOLLS with a bizarre appearance. When their abdomen tentacles are extended, their cores are vulnerable to attack. Maqead Lower Level
(3) Metius are DOLLS adapted for defense and support. They use sonic waves to buff and heal nearby enemies. Maqead Lower Level

Datapods (Kvaris Region)

Datapod Map (Kvaris Region) 

Datapod Information (Kvaris Region)

Central Kvaris

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) In Central Kvaris you can find a rare mineral called snoal. It's used to repair devices and sells for a high price. Central Kvaris
(2) I saw a small animal around here with fat cheeks. It seemed edible, but I get the feeling I shouldn't eat it. Central Kvaris
(3) Frozen containers are really hard. Like, too hard. Maybe I'll try ramming into one with a speed-boosted Floating Board. Central Kvaris
(4) If you break Crystalline Ice, you'll get a sharp ice fragment. Try chucking it at an enemy if you're in a pinch! Central Kvaris
(5) When I went out at night, I saw some rare seafood! Maybe it's a kind that's nocturnal. Central Kvaris
(6) There's a molluscoid in this area that looks like a rock. It was really crunchy. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten it. Central Kvaris
(7) I found an umbrella-shaped molluscoid in the water. I tried eating it, but it really did a number on my stomach. I'm in a cold sweat now. Central Kvaris
(8) Central Kvaris is home to a great variety of plantlife. Naturally, plant-eating TAMES tend to gather there. Central Kvaris
(9) You can get seafood from the river in Central Kvaris! And vegetables can be found nearby trees. Central Kvaris

South Kvaris

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) It's so fun speeding around on a Floating Board! I could do this forever! Try hitting a jump panel. You'll soar! South Kvaris
(2) Proctyses are enemies with box-like heads. Their attacks are irregular, making them especially hard to take down. South Kvaris
(3) I got a lot of minerals from inside caves. I can't even carry them all. I'll have to come back later for the rest. South Kvaris
(4) I saw an animal with a fluffy tail nearby Kvaris Camp. Somehow I ended up making friends with it. So I can't eat it now... South Kvaris
(5) DOLLS in Kvaris will teleport in the middle of a battle. Make sure you don't lose sight of them. South Kvaris
(6) The terrain of South Kvaris is complex and riddled with caves. You may find abandoned containers in dead ends. South Kvaris

North Kvaris

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) When I peeked inside a small hole in the snow field, I found a fluffy animal. I tried to grab it, but it got away. Now I won't be able to eat it! North Kvaris
(2) I bet I'll find a ton of minerals at the top of Mt. Latva. But my legs have just about had it... North Kvaris
(3) You can destroy frozen containers with a strong hit. For example, by throwing a shard of Crystalline Ice. North Kvaris
(4) From here you can see Kvaris's highest peak, Mt. Latva. Originally, the neighboring Mt. Ihana was taller, until one day... North Kvaris
(5) A Gigantix suddenly appeared in the middle of a blizzard! I was on the lookout for it, but it still caught me off guard. North Kvaris

West Kvaris

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Stop by the Region Mag before you head to Rayjord Gorge. If you give it something, you'll get a boost against the cold in return. West Kvaris
(2) Floating Boards do have auxiliary power, but it's not enough to get them up hills. You need to speed them up by dashing to climb any elevation. West Kvaris
(3) Poloros morphed into their current form as a response to their environment. It might be good to research the ecosystem here. West Kvaris
(4) I found a group of little furball-like creatures that I haven't seen anywhere else. They're more fur than meat, though. Oh well... West Kvaris
(5) When the hand-like protuberance on a Jangis changes shape, its attacks change, too. Watch out. West Kvaris
(6) An abundance of snowy slopes can be found to the west of here. Zipping down them on Floating Boards is a great way to have fun. West Kvaris

Rayjord Gorge

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Comantas are a rare type of fish that can move around on land. They taste amazing. You should try one sometime. Rayjord Gorge
(2) The average ARKS defender likely wouldn't be able to withstand the cold here. It's a little too late to tell you that, you say? Rayjord Gorge
(3) When I go in this cave, it feels like the flow of photons in my body slows down. What's with that? Rayjord Gorge
(4) There's a rumor that an enemy encased in ice has been seen nearby. Some say it started to move when the ice melted. Scary! Rayjord Gorge

Belugana Ruins

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) DOLLS transporters have giant containers hanging off them. We should take them. You know, to lighten their load. Belugana Ruins
(2) This is where the Kvaris division of ARKS once took up residence. Now, only hacked Hovacs can be found wandering around. Belugana Ruins
(3) If you attack the Hovacs wandering around here and disable them, your Mag will hack them and put them to work for you. Belugana Ruins
(4) *Sigh* Auroras truly are beautiful. I need to focus on the battle, but I can't help staring. Belugana Ruins

Lost Central

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Rinshans have rollers for feet. They may be slow, but look out for their humongous weapons! Lost Central
(2) The hanging icicles have brittle parts to them. If they're hit, they might fall. Lost Central
(3) The cold photons in the air are highly unstable. They'll explode with even the slightest impact. Lost Central
(4) This was once a verdant mountain, but is now only a shadow of its former self. When will those halcyon days return to Kvaris? Lost Central
(5) I'll stockpile materials in preparation for the showdown with the DOLLS. Victory isn't certain, so go ahead and use anything you need. Lost Central

Datapod Information (Stia Region)

Stia Outskirts

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) The environment changes as soon as you cross a Border Bridge. It looks like there’s a lot of seafood around the coast, so I should get some while I can. Stia Outskirts
(2) Those four-legged creatures with volcanic rocks on their backs... they look too hard to eat as well. Plus, they look a bit hot. Stia Outskirts
(3) Be careful when a Volt Lemnas strikes the ground with their tail! They aren't easy to stop once they get serious. Stia Outskirts
(4) I saw some long-necked creature, with legs that looked like fillet. But it was probably still a child. I should look for it again once it grows up. Stia Outskirts
(5) Have you seen the round creature with a back covered like armor? My brother will try to eat anything, but surely not this creature. Stia Outskirts

Dreisen Plant

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) There are containers everywhere here. They seemed to be placed all automatically, but I wonder who set it up... Dreisen Plant
(2) Dark Magilz is a powerful enemy that wields the power of both fire and darkness. It’s even more terrifying after it is wounded. Dreisen Plant
(3) My Mag's sonar reacted to that blur of light... What was that? Dreisen Plant
(4) Be careful of a Stratis’ kicks and tail attacks. But, it seems like destroying their leg parts really messes with their balance. Dreisen Plant
(5) Don’t let an Engouku’s intense movements distract you. If you manage to immobilize it, aim for its back! Dreisen Plant
(6) The group of Gigantix patrolling inside the plant is called Recon Gigants. They’re too strong for a solo ARKS defender. Dreisen Plant
(7) Scout Wasps will call for reinforcements if they notice us. Try surprising them with a Diving Attack before they see you. Dreisen Plant

Mediola Outer Area 1

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) Well, this is it for the initial survey into Mediola. But... what is that structure in the center? Mediola Outer Area 1
(2) What is this place? Hmm... I can see some Recon Gigants in the distance. Mediola Outer Area 1

Mediola Outer Area 2

Datapod (#) Contents Rewards Location
(1) I saw a creature swimming in the lava, but no one will believe me. It looked edible... but I guess I probably shouldn’t try. Mediola Outer Area 2
(2) That strange, long, and thin creature that pokes its head out from the ground... I wonder if it’s edible. Is it shaking it’s head in some kind of courtship behavior? Mediola Outer Area 2
(3) A Doldoris’ main weapon is its drill-shaped head. Destroying that part first might be the way to go? Mediola Outer Area 2
(4) There were bird creatures with beards around here. They looked like they had plenty of edible parts, but they’d probably be hard to cook with all that hair. Mediola Outer Area 2
(5) Those four-legged creatures with long tails sometimes stand on two legs, which is cute. The cute ones can be surprisingly tasty though... Mediola Outer Area 2
(6) According to my Mag data, this area is called Mediola. Lava Bombs come flying no matter where I go. I have to get out of here. Mediola Outer Area 2
(7) Lava Cores will eventually form in Lava Pools. They hold a tremendous amount of energy inside... Mediola Outer Area 2
(8) Picking up Lava Bombs? Who in the world would do that? But... we’re ARKS defenders. There’s nothing we can’t do. Mediola Outer Area 2
(9) What is with these hard Complex Minerals? Our attacks hardly make a dent. If only I had a bit more firepower... Mediola Outer Area 2
(10) If you want to destroy an Auto Interceptor Zonnel, you’ll need to destroy all of the Dazzle Pods. It’s kind of an annoying enemy. Mediola Outer Area 2