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Limited-Time Quests are unique quests that become available during a specific period of time, primarily during Seasonal Events or Campaign Periods. They can be accessed through the Quest Counter located within each city, although other Limited-Time Quests may be accessed through the Map Menu, or through a Blue Portal: Valua Trigger Portal, if applicable.

Limited-Time Quests are not necessarily considered a standalone quest type, but are rather quests identical to that of Urgent Quests or Trigger Quests, with the only difference being that these quests are available for a limited period of time, where after the quest availability period ends, are no longer accessible.

Limited-Time Quests

Drill Quests
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Drill: Flurry of Flowers Clean Up Op
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Drill: Dazzling Chaos Suppression Op
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Drill: A Trap in the Forest
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Drill: Moonlight Invasion
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Practice Drill: Crisp Autumn Aelio Defense
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Practice Drill: Autumn Night Aelio Defense
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Practice Drill: Snow Field Workup
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Practice Drill: Sandstorm Windup
Urgent Quests
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Flurry of Flowers Clean Up Op