Chat Commands function identically to PSO2 in the way they are special words that can be typed in chat to invoke various commands, which include changing my sets from anywhere in the lobby, synthesizing chat bubbles, emoting lobby actions and more.

Symbol Arts

Command Result
/symbol1 - /symbol40 Shares the symbol art saved to the corresponding save slot.


Command Result
/st # Shares the stamp based on stamp ID.

A list of all stamp IDs can be found on this page.

Lobby Actions

Command Result
/la <action name> Performs the specified lobby action according to your character's gender.
/mla <action name> Performs the male version of the specified lobby action.
/fla <action name> Performs the female version of the specified lobby action.
/cla <action name> Performs the opposite gender version of the specified lobby action. (ie. Acts as /fla on a male character, etc...)

Animated lobby actions can be stopped mid animation by adding "s(x)" or "ss(x)" to the end of the command, where x specifies how long the animation is to play before stopping. (ex. /la dance1 s5) This command can only be used by premium users.

A list of all lobby action names can be found on this page.

Facial Expressions

Command Result
/face1 - /face9
/fc1 - /fc9
Performs the specified facial expression (Use "s(x)" to display the expression for a period of time in seconds.)
/fc off Return to a neutral facial expression.
/ce Have your character look at the camera for 10 seconds. (Use "/ce on" to have your character look indefinitely.)
/ceall Have your character and all surrounding characters look at the camera for 10 seconds. (Use "/ceall on" to make them look indefinitely.)
/ceall off, /ce off Have characters stop looking after the camera after using "/ce on" or "/ceall onn"
Expression no. Expression
1 Neutral
2 Smile
3 Angry
4 Sad
5 Suspicious
6 Eyes Closed
7 Neutral 2
8 Smiling 2
9 Wink

Hand Poses

Hand Poses can be used in Chat Commands in conjunction with lobby actions. Hand Pose commands can be added after a lobby action command (example: /la greet lha raiseindexfinger rha clenchedfist) in order to perform a lobby action with specific hand poses.

A list of all hand pose names can be found on this page.

Chat Command Hand Gesture
ha Targets Both Hands
lha Targets Left Hand
rha Targets Right Hand

Text Color

Add the following before your text in both chat and custom status messages to change the color of your text:

Command Color
{red} Red
{bei} Beige
{gre} Green
{vio} Violet
{blk} Black
{ora} Orange
{yel} Yellow
{blu} Blue
{pur} Purple
{gra} Gray
{whi} White
{def} Revert to default


Cutins can be created with the command "/ci(x) (y)" where "x" is the facial expression to be used and "y" is the angle to be used:

Expression no. Expression
1 Neutral
2 Smile
3 Angry
4 Sad
5 Suspicious
6 Eyes Closed
7 Neutral 2
8 Smiling 2
9 Wink
Angle no. Angle
1 Normal
2 At an angle level with the head
3 At an angle above the head
4 At an angle below the head
5 From the side


Certain equipment can be changed by chat command, provided that it is already in your inventory:

Command Action
/ms1 - /ms18
/myset1 - myset18
Change to the corresponding My Set. (Set at the Class Counter)
/mf1 - /mf30
/myfashion1 - /myfashion30
Change to the corresponding My Fashion (Set in the Fashion / Catalog menu)
/mpal1 - /mpal6
/mainpalette1 - /mainpalette6
Switch to the corresponding weapon palette.
/spal1 - /spal18
/subpalette1 - /subpalette18
Switch to the corresponding subpalette.

String Substitution

You can insert the following strings into chat messages, shortcuts, autowords, etc... to automatically display various bits of information when the message is sent:

String Displayed information
<me> Your character name
Your main class and current level
<hp> Current HP/Maximum HP
<pp> Current PP/Maximum PP
The name of your current map.
<pos> Map coordinates for your current location. (ex. A-1)
The name of your current emergency trials. (Up to 3)
Current enemy being targeted
Your currently equipped weapon
Your last used photon art
Your last used technique name
Your last used skill name

Photo Rooms

These chat commands will only work when used in a Photo Room.

Command Result
/pr (weather) (time) Changes the weather and the time of the photo room.
(weather) is case-sensitive and depends on the current region.
(time) is a number between 1 and 24.
Both weather and time need to be specified or the command won't work.
Aelio Weather
Retem Weather

Other commands

Command Result
/a Send message to nearby characters.
/p Send message to party.
/t Send message to team.
/vo1 - /vo12 Play voice-over lines from your character's voice.
/bl When whispering, blacklist the person you're sending the whisper to.
/uioff (x) Hide the user interface. Can be set to reappear after a set amount of time up to 600 seconds. (Can be cancelled at any time by opening the menu.)


  • Ctrl - can be held to speed up NPC conversations
  • Shift - has various uses, including toggling between daily missions and mission pass, and reverting clothing in the shop preview to original clothing