Achievements, also known as Trophies on consoles, are a series of milestones visible on some platforms that track the player's progress and does not have any tangible benefit.

List of Achievements

Icon Name Description Requirements
NGSAchievement1.jpg A New Burst Era [NGS] Proof of causing PSE Bursts in PSO2:NGS. Can you fight your way through? Must be apart of the PSE Burst when the PSE Burst is started.
NGSAchievement2.jpg Knuckles on the Nogleths [NGS] Proof of defeating Nogleth. The beatings won't stop until they apologize. Defeat Nogleth.
NGSAchievement3.jpg All-out Assault on Nex Aelio [NGS] Proof of defeating Nex Aelio. Bringing peace to Aelio is what ARKS defenders do. Defeat Nex Aelio.
NGSAchievement4.jpg Multi-weapon [NGS] Proof of creating a Multi-weapon in PSO2:NGS. All hail ARKS's multi-purpose innovation! Create a Multi-weapon from the Item Lab.
NGSAchievement5.jpg ARKS Party [NGS] Proof of forming a party with other players in PSO2:NGS. Strength through diversity. Must be apart of any party.
NGSAchievement6.jpg Brilliant Growth! [NGS] Proof of reaching Level 20 with any class in PSO2:NGS. ARKS defenders, reach for the stars! Reach Level 20 with any class in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. This achievement may not be unlocked until the class is switched out and switched back.