New Genesis Potentials

Player Enhancement
Recycler Unit Indomitable Unit Defensive Formation Offensive Formation Dynamo Unit Mustered Might Unit Bastion Unit Meditation Unit
Berserk Unit Valorous Unit

Player Enhancement

Recycler Unit
Potency +18%/20%/23%/24%. 20% chance to not consume a Restasigne upon usage
1 Primm Series, 2 Silver Primm Series, 3 Golden Primm Series
Indomitable Unit
Potency +18%/20%/23%/24%. All Down Resistances +10%(+20% at Lv.4)
2 Tzvia Series
Defensive Formation
Potency +17%/19%/22%/22%. Increases Critical Hit Rate based on the user's DEF stat, up to +15%(+18% at Lv.4) at 1000 DEF
3 Theseus Series
Offensive Formation
Potency +17%/19%/22%/22%. Increases Critical Hit Rate based on the user's ATK stat, up to +15%(+18% at Lv.4) at 2000 ATK
3 Trois De Series
Valorous Unit
Potency +8%/10%/13%/14%. Unleashes an extra attack that inflicts an Elemental Down, by re-attacking the enemy 10 seconds after an attack. (20 second cooldown)
3 Glissen Series
Dynamo Unit
Potency +16%/18%/21%/21%. Critical Hit Rate +15% (+18% at Lv.4) for 30 sec after a successful sidestep
4 Resurgir Series
Mustered Might Unit
Potency +15%/17%/20%/21%. Increases Potency at high HP up to a maximum of +5.0%.
4 Cattleya Series
Bastion Unit
Potency +18%/20%/23%/24%. Creates a barrier that reduces Damage by +40% (50% at Lv.4) at max HP
4 Foursis Series
Meditation Unit
Potency +18%/20%/23%/24%. Offensive PP Recovery +10% (15% at Lv.4) Natural PP recovery +10%(15% at Lv.4)
4 Vialto Series
Berserk Unit
Potency +21%/23%/26%/27%. Damage Resistance -10% (-8% at Lv.4)
4 Straga Series

PSO2 Weapon Potentials

Weapons imported from Phantasy Star Online 2 that have unlocked Potentials will have their Potentials converted into equivalent New Genesis Potentials. These changes are temporary and the original Potentials will remain upon returning to Phantasy Star Online 2.

Player Enhancement
Basic Attack Unit III Inversion Unit Wellspring Unit Endurance Unit Spirit Surge Unit Sturdy Unit Lucky Unit Infalliable Unit
Assault Unit

Player Enhancement

Basic Attack Unit III
Potency +18%/20%/23%. PP Consumption -10%.
13 / 14 Weapons
Inversion Unit
Potency +18%/20%/23%. All Down Accumulation Rate +15%.
15 Rivalate Series
15 Darkweave Agile Series
15 Puras Series
15 Millionaire Series
15 Croesus Series
15 Oblisana Series
15 Orb Series
15 Dusk Series
15 Genon Series
15 Anacates Series
15 Pride Series
15 Shaval Series
15 Nova Series
15 Double Saber Ultimate Chain
15 Gunblade Lumignie
15 Twin Machineguns Aestoria
14 Sword Elder Pain Omega
Wellspring Unit
Potency +18%/20%/23%. Photon Blast Charge on attack increases by 15%.
15 Ophistia Series
Endurance Unit
Potency +18%/20%/23%. Survive a lethal attack with 1 HP and gain brief invulnerability upon activation (600s Recast).
15 Atlas EX Series
Spirit Surge Unit
Potency +17%/19%/22%. When PP falls below 30%, Natural PP Recovery increases by 30% for 60 seconds (30s Recast).
15 Trailblazer Xion Series
Sturdy Unit
Potency +19%/21%/24%. Gain immunity to knockback while HP is full.
15 Steel Series
Lucky Unit
Potency +17%/19%/22%. Generates a stock when successfully evading an attack with Sidestep (3 MAX). Upon taking damage, consumes all stocks and recovers up to 300 HP based on the number of stocks consumed.
15 Adell Series
15 Finble Series
15 Ceiroth Series
Infalliable Unit
Potency +18%/20%/23%. All Down Resistances +20%.
15 Fluxio Series
15 Rinser Series
Assault Unit
Potency +15%/17%/20%. After using three normal attacks, boosts Potency by an additional 3% and Critical Hit Rate by 15% for 60 seconds. (30s Recast)
15 Lightweave Klauz Series