Enemies: Dolls Alters Formers Tames Special Enemies

Enemies such as Dolls and Alters spawn in the field. Note that some enemies have weak points, and others will become stronger under certain conditions.


Dolls are enigmatic enemies that ARKS battle against. Some Dolls can change their color to red during battle, or after receiving a certain amount of damage, to increase their attack power and change their behavior.

The yellow core is their weak point, so target it to deal more damage.


Alters are organic enemies that alter their forms during the night, often growing glowing red blades on various parts of their bodies.

Given these changes in strength, it may be necessary to only take them on during the day, and avoid them at when they're at their toughest.

Each Alter has a yellow eye on their body that acts as a weak point. Some Alters may require destroying armor parts before becoming a weak point.


Formers are animal like enemies based on the Sylvants of PSO2.


Tames are animal enemies that can drop Meat when killed. Most will attempt to flee when attacks, but some will be aggressive and attack when agitated.

Rare Enemies


Rare Enemies are of a different color variation of normal enemies and bosses. The have increased experience and drop rewards over their default versions.

In gathering zones groups of the same Tame or normal enemies have a chance of spawning as Rare Enemies of the same coloration. Rare versions of normal enemies may spawned accompanied by Enhanced Enemies.

In combat zones the chance that any enemy spawns as a increases as the PSE Level goes up with a guaranteed Rare Enemy Boss spawn during a PSE Climax.

Two titles exist:

  • Silver: Have a silvery metallic appearance and an aura of silver metallic sparkles. All Silver Enemies drop 2x the N-meseta of their normal version. Silver Tames drop additional Meat and rarely Silver Primm Swords. Silver Normal Enemies have a chance of dropping Silver Primm Swords. Silver Bosses always drop a Silver Primm Sword.
  • Golden: Have a golden metallic appearance with an aura of yellow metallic sparkles. All Gold Enemies drop 5x the N-meseta. Golden Tames drop additional Meat and rarely Gold Primm Swords and Silver Primm Swords. Golden Normal Enemies have a chance of dropping Gold Primm Swords and Silver Primm Swords. Golden Bosses always drop a Gold Primm Sword and may drop Silver Primm Swords. Veteran Bosses may also spawn with the yellow metallic sparkle aura and will drop 2 or 3 Golden Primm Swords when killed.

Dread Enemy


Dread Enemies, better known as Veterans, are stronger high level versions of bosses that will only spawn in specific areas.

One title exists:

  • Veteran: Have a "overgrown with moss" coloration added. Have a much higher HP and deal greater damage than trial versions of the same level. Give out higher EXP rewards and a change of dropping Ability Capsule (NGS) Dread Keeper I and Ability Capsule (NGS) Dread Keeper II capsules when defeated.

Dread Enemies (Central Aelio)

Dread Enemies (North Aelio)

Dread Enemies (South Aelio)

NGSUIMenuExclamationIcon.png Replaces Veteran Daityl Axe in South Aelio during Seasonal Events.

Dread Enemies (West Aelio)

Gigantix Enemy


Gigantix Enemies are rare Bosses that only appear during thunderstorms, and will vanish when the thunderstorm dissipates. It is highly recommended that players take down these rare bosses in an organized room, as thunderstorms will only last a few minutes.

Gigantix Enemies drop exclusive items, such as the Geant Armor, the Straga Series, and Gigas Augment Capsules.

One title exists:

  • Malevolent: Malevolent enemies have a purple sheen to them and emit a purple aura.

Gigantix Enemies

Gigantix Enemies will randomly spawn in set locations in the following regions:

NGSUIMenuExclamationIcon.png Replaces Malevolent Oruq in South Aelio during Seasonal Events.

Gigantix Drop Table

Some Gigantix Enemies have been found to only drop certain weapons respective to the Straga Series. As a result, these drops are based on preliminary information that is subject to change at any time. Please refer to the table below for the following drop information:

Image Boss Variant Region Drop List
NGSUIDaitylAxe.png Malevolent Daityl Axe North Aelio Sword (NGS) Straga Sword
Knuckles (NGS) Straga Knuckles
Twin Machineguns (NGS) Straga Machine Guns
Bow (NGS) Straga Bow
Wand (NGS) Straga Wand
Unit (NGS) Geant Armor
Ability Capsule (NGS) Gigas Augment Capsules
NGSUIOruq.png Malevolent Oruq South Aelio Daggers (NGS) Straga Daggers
Double Saber (NGS) Straga Saber
Katana (NGS) Straga Katana
Twin Machineguns (NGS) Straga Machine Guns
Rod (NGS) Straga Rod
Unit (NGS) Geant Armor
Ability Capsule (NGS) Gigas Augment Capsules
NGSUINogleth.png Malevolent Nogleth Central Aelio Sword (NGS) Straga Sword
Wired Lance (NGS) Straga Wire
Soaring Blades (NGS) Straga Blades
Rifle (NGS) Straga Rifle
Launcher (NGS) Straga Launcher
Rod (NGS) Straga Rod
Unit (NGS) Geant Armor
Ability Capsule (NGS) Gigas Augment Capsules
NGSUIVaras.png Malevolent Varas West Aelio Partizan (NGS) Straga Spear
Double Saber (NGS) Straga Saber
Launcher (NGS) Straga Launcher
Talis (NGS) Straga Talis
Wand (NGS) Straga Wand
Jet Boots (NGS) Straga Boots
Unit (NGS) Geant Armor
Ability Capsule (NGS) Gigas Augment Capsules

Seasonal Enemy


During Seasonal Events, unique enemy variants will occasionally spawn with modified designs and alternative weaknesses. Seasonal enemies drop Seasonal Point Seasonal Points and additional rewards depending on the season, and the amount of Seasonal Points obtained depend on the type of enemy killed.

Two seasonal variants exists:

Enhanced Enemies


Enhanced Enemies are Normal Enemies and Bosses that have been pierced by a mysterious object called an Enhancer, which allows them to enhance themselves. They glow with a red shield aura that reduces all damage not done to the Enhancer to minuscule amounts. The Enhancer is considered a weak point and when destroyed removes the red shield aura, replacing it with a blue aura, allowing for normal damage to be inflicted. Enhanced Enemies may spawn as part of a Trial in Combat and Gathering Zones or "escorting" a group of Rare Enemies in Gathering Zones.

Enhanced Enemies have a rare chance to drop Unit (NGS) Vialto Armor: Arga, Unit (NGS) Vialto Armor: Belta, Unit (NGS) Vialto Armor: Sheza, and the 4 Evolcoat Series.

Elemental Weaknesses

Each Technique has one of the three Elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

Enemies have Elemental Weaknesses, so you can deal higher damage by using the Techniques with the Element that corresponds to the enemy's Elemental Weakness.

Some Enemies will go into a special Debuff state called Elemental Downs if you continue attacking using their Elemental Weaknesses.

Weak Points

Some enemies have Weak Points. When you attack its Weak Point, the damage display will turn to blue, and you can dish out more damage.

Some enemies will go into a special Debuff state called Physical Down if you attack their Weak Points.