New Genesis: Region Mags

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Region Mags are landmarks found in the fields of Halpha, represented on the World Map with a Region Mag icon (Region Mag). Each region has its own Region Mag that you need to find first before it appears on your World Map.

Region Mags

North Aelio
Expert Region Mag
South Aelio
Priceless Region Mag
West Aelio
Invincible Region Mag
North Retem
Expert Region Mag
South Retem
Priceless Region Mag
West Retem
Invincible Region Mag
West Kvaris
Tempered Region Mag (Cold Resistant)
Central Kvaris
Priceless Region Mag (Cold Resistant)
North Kvaris
Invincible Region Mag (Cold Resistant)
Dreisen Plant
Expert Region Mag
Mediola Outer Area 2
Priceless Region Mag
Stia Outskirts
Invincible Region Mag

Region Mag Locations

Region Mag Locations (World Map) 

Region Mag Mechanics

By giving gathering materials to a Region Mag, you can improve the boosts that Region Mag gives to players in the current region, as well as level up your own personal boosts. Region Mags can also be teleported to.
In triggers and Leciel, Region Mag boosts are disabled.

Social Mag Boost

Each Region Mag has its own ship-wide points meter that fills up when players give the Region Mag gathering materials. Each Region Mag provides its own unique boost to the corresponding area depending on the Region Mag's Full Stomach Bonus.

Personal Mag Boost

Each Region Mag has a personal boost meter and level that is specific to each player. This Personal Mag Boost can be leveled up to Level 3, and boosts such as Rare Drop Rate are granted and increased based on the Region Mag's level.

Personal Mag Boosts expire after 2 hours, where afterwards the boost meter will need to be replenished for the personal boosts to take effect again. You can also refresh a Region Mag's personal boost by giving it 200 points worth of gathering materials.

Boost Percentages

R Mag Boost [All] Effect Full Stomach Bonus
Expert/Tempered Region Mag EXP Earned +10%
Priceless Region Mag Rare Drop Rate +10%
Invincible Region Mag Attack Potency +5%
R Mag Boost [All] Effect Full Stomach Bonus
Invincible Region Mag (Cold Resistant) Attack Potency
Low Temperature Damage Resistance
Priceless Region Mag (Cold Resistant) Rare Drop Rate
Low Temperature Damage Resistance
Tempered Region Mag (Cold Resistant) EXP Earned
Low Temperature Damage Resistance
R Mag Boost [Personal] Boost Level
1 2 3
Rare Drop Rate +3% +9% +20%

Wish List

Desired category items from the Region Mag will always be one of the four food categories, and are depicted with yellow text. Most desired items will be one specific food item and is depicted with green text.

Region Mag Meter Wish List
Normal Desired Most Desired
Points Gained +10 +30 +60

Personal Mag Boosts consist of three levels, and the potency of the Personal Mag Boost will increase with each level.

Region Mag Level Boost Level
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Points Required 100 200 400