Field Races are a type of quest where players race against each other in Exploration Sectors and compete with time and points. You can start a race from Racing Consoles (Field Race), located near certain Ryuker Devices in Exploration Sectors. You will leave a race if you move to another sector or teleport.

In Field Races with Dash in the title, players compete by passing through all of the Checkpoints and collecting Score Symbols. Players are ranked by their Total Scores, which are calculated based on the time it takes them to pass through all of the checkpoints and how many Score Symbols they collect. During Field Races, additional objects will spawn in the racing area, such as green Dash Rings and blue Platforms for the player to traverse and collect Score Symbols and reach their Checkpoints easier.


There are currently three races available: West Aelio Dash, West Retem Dash, and Central Kvaris Dash. The rewards obtained from Field Races vary from gathering materials to ability capsules, along with Titles for completing Field Races with a good score.


Notable Items
Sword (NGS) Weapons / Unit (NGS) Units Ability Capsule (NGS) Augments
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NGS Material Icon Materials NGS Rare Drop Icon Other

West Aelio Dash

West Retem Dash

Central Kvaris Dash

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