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The player may be affected by an enemy's elemental attack or a specific attack, or the player's attack may put the enemy into a special state.
In addition, there are various state changes caused by attacks. Skill-specific effects such as Blight Rounds are not covered here.

  • In NGS, there is no way for the player to make the enemy into a normal status effect such as Burn.

Status Effect Accumulation (Down Accumulation)

Unlike in PSO2 Classic, which had a probability of granting it, status effects in NGS have been changed to occurring when a certain value is accumulated.
If the same attack and resistance is used, it is assumed that the effect will occur in the same number of hits each time.

All Debuff Resistance and All Down Resistance

All Down Resistance: This effect increases the player's resistance to Status Ailments/Debuff effects. It is a Status Effect, similarly to "Burn" and "Paralysis".

All Debuff Resistance is terminology used by unofficial translations in the past.

Augments and Potentials, such as C/Pain Ward, C/Sovereign Ward, and Indomitable Unit can also be utilized to resist these effects individually.

Tolerance and Accumulation Factor

What can be seen ingame is "Status Ailment Resistance" (hereafter referred to as "Resistance"), but this number is not actually used to calculate the application of the status effect.
In the game, "Status Effect Accumulation Value Multiplier" (tentative name, hereafter referred to as "Accumulation Factor") is set for some of the Units and Augments, and calculations are performed using this value.
The conversion between Accumulation Factor and Resistance can be calculated by the following formula:

Tolerance = (1 - Accumulation Factor) x 100

In order to make it intuitive and easy to understand, it seems to have been converted and expressed as a Tolerance. (The larger the number, the more advantageous and stronger the effect.)

  • The calculation of the Accumulation Factor is done by multiplication in the same way as weapon potency.
    Since it is a multiplication, stacking resistances does not make them 100% resistant.
    • For Geant Armor, the Accumulation Factor is 1.5 and the Resistance displayed is -50.0%.
    • For Viosel Armor and Sovereign Ward I, the Accumulation Factor is 0.8 and the Resistance displayed is +20.0%
      When equipped with these in combination,
      • Example 1) 3 Geant Armor - Accumulation Factor = 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 3.375, Resistance displayed is -237.5%
      • Example 2) 1 Geant Armor, 1 Viosel Armor, Sovereign Ward I - Accumulation Factor = 1.5 x 0.8 x 0.8 = 0.96, Resistance displayed is +4.0%

Accumulated Value

  • The accumulation values for each attack and the threshold for the onset of status effects are not clearly stated in or outside the game, so the details are unknown.
    You can make a deduction by altering your resistance with equipment and seeing how many hits it takes for the attack to occur.
    Based on the findings, the accumulated value of enemy attacks is set at a roughly fixed value.
    • For exmaple, all attacks of the enemies in the Aelio Region are constant (including Nex Aelio's major moves), and if 4 hits are taken with 0% resistance, the status effect will occur (Accumulation / Low)
    • On the other hand, the Accumulated Value for enemies in the Retem Region is set higher overall.
      • Svacurio and other elemental attacks are 3 hits. (Accumulation / Medium)
      • 2 hits are unconfirmed.
      • The stun from Dustyl Hammer's special attack is 1 hit. (Accumulation / High)
    • Assuming that the Accumulation Value of Accumulation / Low is 100, the threshold of the Status Effect occurring is estimated to be around 330.
    • Over time, the player's accumulated value will decrease.
Resistance Accumulation
Number of Hits
Number of Hits
Number of Hits
+20.0% x 0.8 1
0.0% x 1.0 4 3 1
-50.0% x 1.5 3 2 1
-102.5% x 2.025 1 1
-125.0% x 2.25 2 1 1
-237.5% x 3.375 1 1 1
  • Down Accumulation Values for Enemies
    The accumulation values set for each attack and the threshold at which down occurs are not explicitly stated in or outside the game, so the details are not fully researched yet.

Player Status Effects

When being struck by the corresponding attack, the Accumulation Value increases, and when it is fully accumulated, the status effect occurs.
When a player is affected by a status effect, various effects will be displayed, as well as an icon indicating the status effect on the player's HP gauge.
The duration of the effect will also be displayed in the character information.
There are currently 7 types of status effects that occur on the player's side.

Elemental Status Effect

When being struck by the elemental attack, the Accumulation Value increases, and when it is fully accumulated, the status effect occurs. These elemental status effects are Burn, Freeze, Shock, Blind, Panic, and Poison.Burn Resist (NGS)Freeze Resist (NGS)Shock Resist (NGS)Blind Resist (NGS)Panic Resist (NGS)Poison Resist (NGS)

  • Multiple effects will not overlap, and will be overwritten by later effects.
  • If the same effect overlaps, the level of it will increase by 1, up to 5 levels.
    The effect level is not displayed in the game, but it is written as I, II, III, IV, and V as in PSO2 Classic.

Burn Resist (NGS) Burn

Caused by an enemy's Fire Fire (NGS) element attack.
The player character starts burning and has their HP gradually reduced. Their damage dealt is also reduced.

Lv. Damage Taken Attack Decrease Interval Effect Duration
I 1.0% Max HP 0.95x Every 2 Seconds 21 seconds when granted
+2 seconds when overlapping
+31 seconds maximum
II 1.1% Max HP 0.94x
III 1.3% Max HP 0.93x
IV 1.4% Max HP 0.92x
V 1.5% Max HP 0.90x

The main enemies of Fire-based attacks are Lizard Fray and Nex Aelio.
Currently, there is no means to actively dispel the status effect, so the accumulated damage is rather absurd.
Unlike in PSO2 Classic, the fire spread effect has disappeared.
Going underwater will not dispel the effect.

Freeze Resist (NGS) Freeze

Caused by an enemy's Ice Ice (NGS) element attack.
The player character becomes frozen and becomes unable to act for a certain period of time.

Lv. Effect Ice Durability Effect Duration
I Frozen 3 (?) 7 seconds when granted
+5 seconds when overlapping
+7 seconds maximum

The main enemies of Ice-based attacks are Lizard Ice and Chiacurio.
The effect time is short, but has high risk due to the inability to do anything.

Shock Resist (NGS) Shock

Caused by an enemy's Lightning Lightning (NGS) element attack.
The player character becomes electrified and periodically gets staggered or knocked down.

Lv. Chance of Knockdown Flinch Interval Effect Duration
I 10% 6 seconds 15 seconds when granted
+6 seconds when overlapping
+27 seconds maximum
II 12% 5 seconds
III 14%
IV 14% 4 seconds
V 16%

This effect is disabled while effects that prevent knockback/flinching of certain PAs or skills are in use.
The main enemies of Lightning-based attacks are Lizard Thunder and Thunder Banser / Thunder Banshee.

Blind Resist (NGS) Blind

Caused by an enemy's Wind Wind (NGS) element attack.
Increases PP Consumption.

Lv. PP Consumption Effect Duration
I +10% 25 seconds when granted
+7 seconds when overlapping
+35 seconds maximum
II +15%
III +20%
IV +25%
V +30%

The main enemies of Wind-based attacks are Ard Banser / Ard Banshee.

Panic Resist (NGS) Panic

Caused by an enemy's Light Light (NGS) element attack.
A rainbow-colored effect appears on the player character, and swaps around the movement directions periodically.

Lv. Effect Change Interval Effect Duration
I The move input is
replaced by one of
↗ → ↘ ↓ ↙ ← ↖.
15 seconds 30 seconds when granted
+5 seconds when overlapping
+40 seconds maximum
II 10 seconds
IV 8 seconds
V 7 seconds

The input switching is randomly determined for each interval.
The main enemies of Light-based attacks are Evil Angelo.

Poison Resist (NGS) Poison

Caused by an enemy's Dark Dark (NGS) element attack.
The player character is poison and HP gradually decreases.

Lv. Damage Taken Interval Effect Duration
I 3.0% Max HP Every 3 Seconds 25 seconds when granted
+7 seconds when overlapping
+31 seconds maximum
II 3.5% Max HP
III 4.0% Max HP
IV 4.5% Max HP
V 5.0% Max HP

The main enemies of Dark-based attacks are Big Frogga.

Physical Status Effects (Temporary)

When struck are hit by a specific attack, the Accumulation Value increases, and when it is fully accumulated, the status effect occurs. The accumulated value can be reduced by Physical Down resistance.
Currently, the only physical status effect type is stun.

Environmental Status Effects

When the player is in certain regions with harsh environments, such as Rayjord Gorge in Kvaris, the player will be afflicted with an environmental status effect.
If the player does not have any resistances against a specific environmental status effect, they will start to receive periodical damage. The damage taken will depend on the amount of resistance they have against the environmental status effect, with more damage being taken the lower their resistance is.
Low Temperature (NGS), which can be obtained from Kvaris Quick Food bonuses, Region Mag bonuses, Boost items, and from Augments, can resist the low temperature status effects from Rayjord Gorge. Players may also be Frozen as a result of Low Temperature (NGS), although the frequency of freezes is affected by Freeze Resist (NGS).


Caused by an enemy's stun effect attack.
A star rotates over the player character's head, rendering them unable to act.

Lv. Effect Effect Duration
I Incapacitated 6 seconds when granted
+2 seconds when overlapping
+14 seconds maximum

The effect duration can be shortened by repeatedly rotating the direction input.
Can also be canceled by being attacked during the effect.
Receiving a stun attack during the effect will let the cancel be prioritized.
The main enemies of stun-based attacks are Lizard Fray / Lizard Ice / Lizard Thunder.

Special Status Effects Occurring on Enemies

Special Down

A special down state set for a specific enemy.
If certain conditions are met, the enemy will be unable to act for a long time and allow the chance to attack.
In addition to "Physical Down," "Elemental Down," and "BREAK" as described by the official explanation, "Reaction upon Part Destruction" and "Special Status Effect (Part Elemental Down)" are also set as special downs.

  • Some are caused by the accumulation of down values, and some are caused by dealing a certain amount of damage.
    In the case of down value accumulation, the effect of "All Down Accumulation Rate +%" from the Potential Inversion Unit is effective.
  • There are skills that activate the effect when the enemy is down, but the activation conditions differ for each skill.
Skill Physical
Elemental Down Special Down BREAK Part
Fighter (NGS) Fi "Defeat ○○" Y Y Y N N
Force (NGS) Fo "Eradication PP Gain" Y
Force (NGS) Fo "Technique Domination" ??
Techter (NGS) Te "Shifta Effect ○○" Y ?
Bouncer (NGS) Bo "Defeat PP Gain" Y Y Y N N
  • If a downed enemy meets another down condition, it basically overrides the down and does not go down anew.
    Once it comes back from a down, the next down will occur by dealing some damage.
    • However, the enemy Oruq may have a series of downs while down.
  • Some enemies may suspend their down even if the conditions are met during a particular action. In such cases, they will automatically go down after the action is completed.

A fall is also called a down, but is not included in this down.

Physical Down

Some enemies (mainly bosses, Dotts, etc.) can be triggered by continuing to attack a specific part of the body, stopping their actions for a certain amount of time.
When the down effect occurs, a long down motion basically occurs, but some enemies only have a short timed motion.

  • The target area that can be physically downed seems to generate a yellow ripple when it is attacked.
    When this happens, it will sound like a lightning strike and the enemy will see a yellow flashing effect.
  • The damage dealt by an attack is not related to the accumulated value, but the accumulated value is determined by the type of attack.

It can be divided into multiple types depending on the enemy.

  • Types with judgments on the whole body
    • Bujin, etc.
      There are cases where there is a judgement for one part of the whole body and for each part of the whole body.
  • Types with a specific part designated
    • Daityl Sword, Pettas Vera, Nex Aelio's "Legs", etc. In the case of large scale enemies, the legs are often the target.
    • Attacking any part of the body other than the designated area will not cause a physical down. Depending on the degree of resistance to attacks to areas other than the designated area, it may be difficult to inflict.
    • Depending on the enemy, multiple parts may be targeted. Oruq's wings, tails, etc.
  • Different types of accumulation judgment for each part.
    • Dotts judged separately on "left (front and back) foot" and "right (front and back) foot", while Nogleth are judged separately on "head" and "arm (front foot)".
    • Each of them accumulates a down value, and they can also generate physical downs in succession.

Elemental Down

Some enemies will accumulate a down value by continuing to attack them with their elemental weakness, and when the down value accumulates, it will take effect and stop their actions for a certain period of time.
The appearance differs depending on the enemy, but the same is true in that the attack movement is interrupted and stops for a few seconds.

  • When the elemental weakness of an enemy changes due to seasonal events, the down value can be accumulated according to the newly designated elemental weakness.
    • Even if it is the same enemy, if you use a different element than usual during a seasonal event, it will have a different motion than usual, which may affect the ease of hitting the enemy.
  • The damage dealt by an attack is not related to the accumulated value, but the accumulated value is determined by the type of attack.
  • The accumulated value required for elemental down increases with each down.
    • While it is easy to take advantage of special downs because they can occur on any part of the target, they can also occur at unintended times.

Part Elemental Down (Special Status Effect) (Tentative)

Applying a specific elemental attack to a specific part of the Enemy will accumulate a down value, and when the accumulation is complete, the effect will occur.
As long as the effect lasts, it is judged as a special down.
From the activation conditions of the skill, it seems to be a kind of elemental down.

  • Even if the elemental weakness changes due to seasonal events, the element corresponding to the status effect does not change.
    Attacks other than the elemental weakness do not accumulate down value, so elemental attacks will not cause status effects.
  • The effect varies from enemy to enemy.
    • Gororon's abdomen freezes from the ice element, making it more susceptible to damage.


A special down set for bosses in Urgent Quests. It is activated by lowering the down gauge.

Part Destruction Down (Tentative)

A special down that can be caused by destroying a specific part of some enemies (mainly bosses).
In addition to the long down motion, the short staggering motion is also set as a special down.

Other Special Down

Special down due to conditions other than the above.

  • Caused by inflicting 1% HP damage on Nogleth during its jumping attack.

Part Destruction

Certain parts of some enemies can be destroyed.

  • Any type of attack method or damage can destroy a part by dealing a certain amount of damage.
    • In addition to parts of the body such as the "chest armor" of Pettas Sword and the "claws" of Ard Banser.
    • Parts that are not considered part of the body, such as the "rock" of Za'udan Lore, are systematically treated as parts.
    • Enhanced Enemies' enhancers are treated as parts.
  • Basically, the HP (durability value) of a part is linked to the HP of the main body, but it may not be linked for some enemies.
    There is also a pseudo-interlocking pattern that deals a percentage of damage to the body when a part is destroyed.
    • Chest armor such as the Pettas Sword is interlocked.
    • The rocks of Za'udan are not interlocked.
    • Enhanced Enemies' enhancers are not linked, but they deal 40% more damage to the main body when the part is destroyed.
  • The effect of destroying a part depends on the enemy.
    • Destroying an Eldi Scythe's sickle reduces the damage of the sickle attack.
    • Destroying an Oruq's head exposes its weaknesses and causes a long down.
  • Enemy reactions that occur when a part is destroyed are set as special downs as described below.
  • Basically, during a special down, the durability value of the part does not drop to zero, so the part cannot be destroyed.