Urgent Quests are special Quests that can occur several times a day and can only be accepted during the time period it occurs. Urgent Quests occur on the hour and a unique notification of an upcoming Urgent Quest is shown at the top of the screen as 15 minutes before the Urgent Quest is available to be accepted.

Urgent quests occur in specific areas of the field and can be accepted through the World Map or directly through the mentioned area if the player is in the region while the Urgent Quest is active.

A certain Battle Power will be required to take part in Urgent Quests.

Aelio Region
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Command DOLLS Suppression Op
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Nex Vera Suppression Op
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Mining Rig Defense: Aelio
Retem Region
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Dustyl Vera Suppression Op
NGSUIMulti8Party.png Renus Vera Suppression Op