Mags are small devices that accompany the player in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. A feature called Active Sonar is installed in Mags, which points out undiscovered Cocoons, Towers, Ryuker Devices & Region Mags. Mags can also be setup to discover Materials like Fruits, Minerals and certain Item Containers through the use of the Active Sonar. Mag visibility can be hidden through the Main Menu.

Certain Mag Forms can have their appearances altered using Mag Kits. As an example, items like the N-Mag Color Coordination Kit can sync the color of your mag with the color of your worn outfit.

Mag Forms that originate from PSO2 can be used in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

List of NGS Mags

Preview Name Availability Marketable Implementation Date Notes
NGSUIMagFormTailsDoll.png Mag Form/Tails Doll Get your Tweet on! Campaign UIRestrictedBlue.png 10/20/21
NGSUIMagFormCalamar.png Mag Form/Calamar NGS Season 1 Mission Pass UIRestrictedBlue.png 10/13/21
NGSUIMagFormAutumnMinimo.png Mag Form/Autumn Minimo Seasonal Points Exchange Shop (Halloween Fiesta) UICheckMarkIcon.png 10/27/21
NGSUIMagFormAlliche.png Mag Form/Alliche NGS Season 2 Mission Pass UIRestrictedBlue.png 11/10/21
NGSUIMagFormDemoog.png Mag Form/Demoog NGS Season 3 Mission Pass UIRestrictedBlue.png 12/14/21
NGSUIMagFormWinterMinimo.png Mag Form/Winter Minimo Seasonal Points Exchange Shop (Winter Event) UICheckMarkIcon.png 1/12/22
NGSUIMagFormReRati.png Mag Form/Re-Rati NGS Season 4 Mission Pass UIRestrictedBlue.png 01/12/22
NGSUIMagFormNaderisMag.png Mag Form/Naderis Mag SG SG Scratch Tickets: Resolute Warrior UIRestrictedBlue.png 01/19/22