Loading Tips are tidbits containing useful information that are displayed in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis during loading screens and when the player is incapacitated.

Outside of loading screens, Loading Tips can also be seen from the Main Menu > System > Help > Useful Info.


Loading Tip
Advancing the story will grant you access to locked menu and shop functions.
After jumping with [Space], press and hold [Space] to soar through the air with Photon Glide.
If you take damage during combat, you can recover your HP using Restasigne from the Sub-Palette.
You can purchase Restasigne and Reversasigne from shops like those found in the City.

Beauty Salon

Loading Tip
Provided you don't exceed the cost limits, you can equip up to 12 accessories.
You can choose where on the body to place accessories and then finely tune their exact position.
You can easily check your character's physique with [Wear/Remove Outfit].
You can freely combine Basewear, Innerwear, and Outerwear to create your own Layered Wear.
You can use Voice Edit to give your character a low or high-pitched voice.