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Full Setwear (Simplified View)

This page lists all the Full Setwear available in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, displayed in a simplified view. This page serves as an alternative display to the existing Fashion listings for a more convenient and user-friendly way of accessing Full Setwear appearances and names.

UICheckMarkIcon.png denotes an item that can be listed on the Personal Shop and UIRestrictedBlue.png denotes an item that cannot be listed on the Personal Shop.

Information such as Acquisition Details and Implementation Dates have been removed on this page to reduce page load, but are still available on the original pages of each respective Fashion page. Images are displayed at their fullest size. If images are not displaying, this may be due to heavy site bandwidth, so please try using another browser, clearing the cache of this site, or referring to the original Fashion pages.

List of NGS Full Setwear

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