In New Genesis, ARKS ID acts as an ID card which displays your player profile. The ARKS ID displays basic information such as their Player ID Name, their Player ID Number, their Xbox Live Gamertag, their Recently Played Character, their comment window, and their selected Symbol Art / Stamp. The visibility of the ARKS Card can be toggled to be visible to the All Players, Friends Only, Alliance Members Only, Friends and Alliance Members, or Private.



Editing the ARKS ID will allow you to select up to 3 obtained Titles to be shown on the top of the window, as well as visibility options, comment space, and selecting a Symbol Art or Stamp to display.

Players can also customize a rendered snapshot of their character that will be displayed on the ARKS ID. Players can choose the pose, expression settings, camera angle, and backdrop settings of their character.


Backdrops act as the background that appear behind your rendered character's snapshot. Additional Backdrops can be unlocked after obtaining a certain amount of Title Points, which are earned from obtaining Titles.

Backdrop Name Use Conditions
Backdrop Default A.png Default A Unlocked by default
Backdrop Default B.png Default B Unlocked by default
Backdrop Clear Blue.png Clear Blue Unlocked by default
Backdrop Clear Red.png Clear Red Unlocked by default
Backdrop Smoky Blue.png Smoky Blue Unlocked by default
Backdrop Smoky Red.png Smoky Red Unlocked by default
Backdrop Neon Blue.png Neon Blue Unlocked by default
Backdrop Neon Red.png Neon Red Unlocked by default
Backdrop Neon Green.png Neon Green Unlocked by default
Backdrop Fancy Rappy.png Fancy Rappy Unlocked by default
Backdrop Halphana Plains Daytime A.png Halphana Plains (Daytime) A Unlocked by default
Backdrop Balflow Falls Daytime A.png Balflow Falls (Daytime) A Unlocked by default
Backdrop Halphia Lake Evening A.png Halphia Lake (Evening) A Total Title Points: 100pt
Backdrop Halphana Plains Evening A.png Halphana Plains (Evening) A Total Title Points: 200pt
Backdrop Balflow Falls Daytime B.png Balflow Falls (Daytime) B Total Title Points: 300pt
Backdrop Balflow Falls Night A.png Balflow Falls (Night) A Total Title Points: 400pt
Backdrop Halpha Daytime A.png Halpha (Daytime) A Total Title Points: 500pt
Backdrop Cape Keenlad Daytime A.png Cape Keenlad (Daytime) A Total Title Points: 550pt
Backdrop West Retem Daytime A.png West Retem (Daytime) A Total Title Points: 600pt
Backdrop Maqead Lower Level A.png Maqead Lower Level A Total Title Points: 650pt
Backdrop Retem Alnothe Night A.png Retem Alnothe (Night) A Total Title Points: 700pt
Backdrop Trinitas Daytime A.png Trinitas (Daytime) A Total Title Points: 750pt
Backdrop Oasis Night A.png Oasis (Night) A Total Title Points: 800pt
Backdrop Retem City Night A.png Retem City (Night) A Total Title Points: 850pt