A Trial is an interrupt event that may occur in the Exploration Sectors / Combat Sectors. As an example, there are trials for suppressing enemies.

NGS Emergency Trial T Markers (Trial Markers) will be displayed where a trial is occurring. A trial's time limit does not start until a player interacts with the trial's targets.

Generally one trial will occur at a time, but occasionally two different Emergency Trials will occur at the same time, known as a Chaos Trial. Each Trial will use a different colored T marker to distinguish itself and its targets.

Occasionally, one or two NPCs will appear in the trial as additional combatants.

Emergency Trials

Trial Area Targets Rewards Description
Enemy Suppression
Any Exploration or Combat Zone Small Enemies x6
Medium Enemies x2
1,000 N-Meseta Destroy the targeted enemies.
There is a chance that all the enemies in the Trial will be of the same kind, which turns the Trial name to <Enemy> Suppression. As an example, a Rappy Suppression Trial will spawn only Rappies.
Assembly Point Clearance
Any Combat Zone Medium Melee Enemies x2
Medium Ranged Enemies x3~4
Tendal x0~1 (non-target)
Beehive x0~2(non-target)
Boss x1
1,500 N-Meseta Clear out the Enemy Assembly Point.
Several Pillars will spawn at the trial location in one of several formations.
Ranged Enemies and Beehives will spawn atop pillars and will remain stationary when attacking.
A Tendal will be in the center of the air, passively healing all nearby DOLLS. Destroying the Tendal will cause it to explode and inflict damage to all nearby DOLLS around it.
Melee Enemies and the Boss spawn on the ground.
There will be a NPC announcement before the Assembly point spawns.
Intercept Doll Control Unit
Any Exploration or Combat Zone Small Dolls x6
Medium Dolls x2~3
Doll Control Unit x1~2
1,500 N-Meseta Destroy Doll Control Units and accompanying Dolls.
Control Units will create Updrafts from certain attacks, which can be used to access the core on top of the control unit.
Stella Pack Collection
Any Exploration or Combat Zone Small Enemies x6
Medium Enemies x2
1,500 N-Meseta
NGS Mineral Icon Monotite x1-2
NGS Mineral Icon Dualomite x1-2
NGS Mineral Icon Trinite x1-2
NGS Mineral Icon Tetracite x1-2
Collect a Stella Pack that has fallen from the sky after killing the enemies that protect it.
There will be an NPC announcement prior to its landing and a blue circle will appear on the minimap marking its landing location before the Stella Pack and Enemies spawn.
Falling Stella Packs will inflict massive damage to any enemies or players that are caught underneath it.
Tetracite can be found in Stella Packs from the Retem Region.
Transport Truck Defense
Any Exploration or Combat Zone Transport Truck (Ally)
Wave 1: Small Enemies x6
Wave 2: Medium Enemies x6
Wave 3: Boss x1, Small/Medium Enemies x4
1,500 N-Meseta Defend a transport truck from 3 waves of enemies.
Trial enemies will initially prioritize the truck.
Trial will initially start with only the truck spawned.
The first wave will spawn with an NPC announcement. Each additional wave will spawn after a short pause once the previous wave has been killed.
Storm Zone Enemy Suppression
Any Retem Region Exploration or Combat Zone Small/Medium Enemies x4
Boss x1
1,500 N-Meseta Defeat all the enemies in the area. Moving tornadoes can be found around the Trial area, which act like a physical object that blocks certain attacks and will hurt the player if touched. Blastasigne can be found floating alongside the tornadoes, which instantly fill a player's Photon Blast gauge upon collection. Use the Blastasigne to your advantage and defeat the enemies.
Transorve Destruction
Any Retem Region Exploration or Combat Zone Transorve x3
Small/Medium Enemies x3
Boss x1
1,500 N-Meseta Defeat all the enemies and the Transorves. Transorves are mysterious objects that continuously spawns DOLLS around it. Transorves are protected by a shield and cannot be damaged, until it begins spawning DOLLS. When DOLLS begin to spawn, the Transorve opens, which allows the Transorve to be damaged. Transorves will close after a brief period, and will continue to spawn enemies unless defeated.
There is a rare chance that the enemies spawned by the Trial and Transorves will only be Rappies or Rare Enemy variants, like Silver enemies.